Posted on September 12, 2007

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Video of Ron Paul at USC 23:39:49
Ron Paul for President 2.0 in Time Magazine Online 19:45:35
TommyCam Screenshot of the Ron Paul Rally at USC 19:35:24
The Guest List Is Growing 18:21:42
Ron Paul in the Seattle P-I: GOP's Ron Paul Wants All Troops Home 16:14:10
Is America Safer? Petraeus Concedes, "I don't know." 15:38:38
Ron Paul Interview on LA Talk Radio KFI 640 AM 11:43:43
My Friend Larry 11:41:49
Reviving the Constitution -- Mr. Paul goes to Washington 11:34:12
Ron Paul Killed the Radio Star 11:15:50
Ron Paul Arrives at LAX 9/11/2007 00:32:56
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Jersey City Hoboken MeetUp Group NEW 23:42:09
USC Rally Impressions 23:29:12
Video: The Freedom Contagion 22:39:06
Ron Paul--A Serious Threat to Hillary Clinton in a General Election 22:23:24
Run, Newt, Run!!! 21:44:59
New hampshire - Conventional poll above 5% 19:40:58
Antiwar march - concerns? 19:26:35
More than 400 of that website visitors posting comments calling for Ron Paul to be the next USA president! 17:20:56
The Mainstream Is Desperate! 15:38:02
The link... 15:25:44
Welcome to Germany! 15:24:12
Colbert/Huckabee and Honor link 13:15:25
What are we doing? 12:50:10
Famous Economist Dies 12:12:11
Credit Bubbles - Create Excess Demand AND Supply 10:43:48
Sign up for account 10:39:03
Ron Paul Killed the Radio Star 09:16:29
My first video... Ron Paul: Not for Sale 09:14:51
Truck Stop Politics 07:00:19
Appaling 06:33:48
Garage Sale for Liberty 00:44:28
Series of Dr.Paul speeches Televised 00:22:06