Posted on September 20, 2007

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Valueless Voter's Debate if Huckabee Doesn't Clarify. 10:54:39
Message from Ron Paul 22:55:42
Video Worth Watching from the Values Voters Debate 22:37:02
Fill the Quill - Mission Accomplished! 22:25:00
Bernanke Side-Steps Ron Paul's Question 15:56:41
Michael Anthony Peroutka Endorses Ron Paul 10:53:39
Naomi Wolf on Colbert Report: Fascism in 10 Easy Steps 10:55:39
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Help get Dr. Paul on larry king live. Why not? 22:48:00
Gop Straw pol removes paul, paul wins, replaces with none, paul wins, removes none, and replaces RP with 0% with no vote option. 21:12:06
Alabama Voters Supporting Fred? 19:41:30
Michael Scheuer: Osama Still a Threat 19:03:06
Newsmax Poll - Please Respond! 16:25:15
My First YouTube Video 15:48:33
Giuliani most well known American? 14:15:37
Just a warning to all online Ron Paul supporters. 14:12:27
Petition for Ron Paul to get MSM attention 14:05:24
Petition for Raul Paul MSM Support - please sign! 14:04:41
Anyone noticed Dr Paul is getting alot more support lately? 13:26:24
TODAY: Live from the South Carolina Palmetto Stump and Straw Poll! 12:53:06
Promote Ron Paul Everywhere - Check out this new idea 12:52:59
TODAY: Live from the South Carolina Palmetto Stump and Straw Poll! 12:52:22
Ron Paul - Government Vaccinations; Bad policy, bad medicine 12:37:19
Ron PAUL excluded from debate , call to action 12:20:43
Canadian Dollar now worth more than the US Dollar 11:03:47
Even Christians need to be educated on proper role of FEDERAL government 10:05:30
Free Market Hall of Fame Poll: Vote for Ron & Lew 09:17:09
Gold up, Civil Liberties down 03:07:18
Vote in Survey for President 03:04:46
Giuliani says NATO should admit Israel, Japan, +++ 02:00:08
WTF! Laura Ingraham 9/19/07 saying something nice about Ron Paul! 00:47:40
Full 2008 debate schedule from DNC and GOP 00:28:23
The unbeatable anti war argument 00:26:53
Giuliani: I'm probably one of the four or five best known Americans in the world 00:24:04