Posted on September 27, 2007

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Tax Free Tips Act Introduced by Ron Paul 23:26:30
Voter Integrity, Texas Style 23:10:19
Ron Paul Supporters "Spam" Campaign with $500,000 in 3 days 17:56:43
Ron Paul Front Page Boston Globe Story 9/27/07 10:56:12
Surveillance Society USA 10:24:36
Ron Paul NYC Meetup Group Locked and Loaded at the NRA Dinner 09:58:41
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Politicians are stealing Ron Paul's talking point's. 23:34:53 use 22:42:44
PBS Debate 21:46:50
The most profound 7+ minute case for Gold (1983 debate excerpt) Ron Paul debates Federal Reserve Gov. Charles Partee 20:05:51
Ron Paul campaign = "The Little Train That Could" 18:58:37
Congrats to John Edwards! 17:41:52
a poem about Ron Paul revolution... 16:52:35
In a perfect which taxes would Ron leave in place or substitute? 15:49:04
Fun To Watch 14:38:19
Top 3 Democratic Candidates Back Down from returning troops 13:33:26
From the mouths of babes . . . 12:32:19
Ron Introduces the Tax Free Tips Act 11:52:54
Why are Ron Paul Detractors so Frightened? 11:41:53
Police state should be debate theme tonight 10:31:55
"Tax-Free Tips" Act introduced by Ron Paul 10:00:07
liberty paper idea 09:56:10
Boston Globe Declares "Paul's Their All" 09:34:25
Giuliani is a cross dresser 09:23:21
GOP Rivals 08:38:54
Why did Dr Paul vote YEA to condemn MoveOn and praise Gen. Petraeus? 06:45:47
Thoughts on how much Dr. Paul has raised. 04:47:53
NewsMax Republican Internet Poll 03:23:44
"The View" and Ron Paul 02:32:07
10,000 donations by the 30th 01:52:47
How you can donate more than $2300 01:12:23
A Golden Opportunity Has Just Fallen Into Our Laps 00:40:21
Rudy Giuliani Constitutionally Ineligible To Be President 00:21:30
Good News! New Poll from New Hampshire shows RP picking up steam and many voters have not made up their mind 00:16:47