Posted on October 3, 2007

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Rand Paul on the David Allen Show 15:02:46
CNN Reports Ron Paul Raises $5mil in Q3 14:36:59
Play it safe - Register Republican Now! 07:55:28
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Fundraising 23:51:22
Are 23:31:39
SOS Voter Registration Emergency 22:47:18
Ron Paul on ABC News Today 22:26:06
McCain says money not that important 21:56:29
Give supporters the microphone! 21:44:21
Q4 Funding Total Updates 21:41:34
youtube, A cheap way to promote RP 21:38:00
A Ron Paul Victory Assured 21:25:27
They Make Me So Mad 20:55:49
Republican Prez canidate in a chatroom Humor! 19:54:44
I need a lawyer 19:53:36
Is Dr. Paul's book in your local library? 19:49:56
Forbes Article on Ron Paul's Q3 Fundraising 19:49:37
Great Press: PR Roundup on the "Five MILLION Dollar Man" 19:32:59
ABC News on Ron Paul Campaign 19:31:19
Cash on hand for the Paul campaign is $5,300,000. WHAT? 19:28:07
Iowa Campaign Director Interview 19:25:07
Positve Ron Paul section on SItuation Room 19:14:38
The Importance of YouTube - and why Obama cannot possibly have over 11 million channel views 19:13:06
Arrested for reading the Constitution 19:02:37
heres an idea 18:54:44
Intrade Numbers... Looking Very Good 18:28:32
Ron Paul Now on Top of Google News 18:19:25
Ron Paul Endorses Free State Project 18:11:36
Stephanopoulos is Such a Turd 18:09:36
Let's ride this $5 million publicity train people!!! 17:36:13
$5 Million?! I think a WHOLE LOT MORE! 17:16:37
Ron Paul Contributions et al 17:14:16
Rueters Release Now on Yahoo News 16:52:45
Scoop! Ron Paul's new campaign song. You'll be hearing this a lot. 16:29:16
$25,000,000 For Ron Paul 16:27:59
Ron Paul has a realistic chance 16:20:13
The Ron Paul $10,000,000.00 in free advertising starting to come in 16:14:45
Wolf Blitzer to discuss Ron Paul's 3rd quarter fundraising today. 16:12:26
Ron Paul Campaign Finances on Situation Room w/Blitzer in 2 min 16:11:42
$40 average donation 16:11:27
Paul Ranks 1st Among Republicans in Internet Traffic 15:43:19
HomePage of Reuters 15:32:03
Grassroots Challenge 15:23:57
140k per day 15:13:03
127,000 Contributers for the Quarter 14:56:26
News story is up on drudge report now 14:29:10
Ron Paul Contributions 14:25:36 Down? 14:20:12
Thank goodness that the Revolutionaries are good tippers 14:10:33
How to register as a Republican? 13:48:02
$5 Million raised in the last quarter 13:31:30
Just Posted: Ron Paul -> $5,080,000 13:29:02
HOT! Taxing Internet Usage 13:24:21
Ron Paul pushed on CNN by Charles Goyette 13:08:54
Clinton Down With Torture 13:02:17
One party, Two names 12:47:32
Poll: Dennis Kucinich gaining on Ron Ron Paul momentum! 12:30:31
Will Ron take Advantage of the Disheartened D's 12:27:03
Ticker on not working! 11:48:27
Does anybody have any ideas as to why the campaign will not release the third quarter totals yet? Is there some strategy? 11:22:55
Getting attention! 11:12:06
deleted 10:50:44
Ron Paul, $20 million? 10:46:58
Doug Brandow Article - good Info 10:27:59
Ron Paul needs just 1 awesome video to melt everybody's heart 10:12:41
Graphic software to blow up LARGE Ron Paul images for your Banners or even make Banners 10:09:56
Paul interview on Steve Gill rescheduled 09:27:59
3th Quarter Report 08:58:46
Article on Pajamas Media Poll 08:54:33
Trying to grasp the Ron Paul phenomenon... 08:18:42
On Sheep, wolves and Sheepdogs; a libertarian response. 08:02:46
"Clinton, Guiliani tops with NJ voters in presidential chase" * RP wins NJ Straw Poll? 07:28:40
New Video 07:15:40
Ron Paul excluded from Jewish debate! 05:30:46
Digg this powerful video of RP! 05:06:28
Knock KNOCK begins today! 04:19:28
Knock KNOCK begins today! 04:15:14
Committing to Plan B 02:38:16
Arrested for reading the constitution 02:08:08