Posted on October 7, 2007

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Ron Paul's Kentucky Ties 23:44:17
Only Ron Paul can beat Hillary 21:30:12
NYC Meetup's "Secret Weapon" in Union Square 10:07:46
Ron Paul Fundraising - keep it going 06:21:19
Ron Paul Christmas / Holiday Gift Cards 03:10:46
Ron Paul on Border Security & Immigration Reform 00:26:38
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The Road To Serfdom 23:49:09
WBKO, Bowling Green, Ky. Rand Paul Interview 23:47:49
Ron Paul pens 23:30:50
A Nation of Sheep. We've got to read this book... 23:08:07
"Freedom is Popular!" as new slogan/brand 22:43:59
City passes Orwellian camera law 22:25:58
Finally figured out what the "Polls" are and I'm ANGRY! 22:16:52
deleted 21:33:12
Video of Ron Paul in Cincinnati Area on October 6, 2007 21:10:46
Foreign Policy Think Tank Justifies Paul's Position 20:55:03
Unlike others Ron Pauls hands are clean 20:39:06
Ready made audiences near you 20:31:08
30,000 YouTube Subscribers! 20:28:13
World Sport Exchange odds get better for Ron Paul 20:18:23
We Say Yes to Dr. No 19:42:47
U.N. And Fraud 17:59:02
Ron Paul wins top 10 in Prestigious PoliticsOnline and World E-Gov Forum competition 17:50:22
Ron Paul Suport in Georgia 17:48:30
Billboards - chipping in 17:17:57
New October web fundraising goal - 2 Million 17:13:18
doc, stop acting like a child 16:50:13
Ron Paul had 70-75K individual donors in Q3? 16:38:44
CBS News needs our help 16:35:09
2008 Presidential Candidates + Jeopardy! = Hilarity 16:21:51
50,000 Meetup members? Not even close. Try 5,000 16:19:38
Is Dr. Paul dismantling the GOP? 16:14:34
2008 Horse Race Poll 15:26:02
Ron Paul at U-M 15:01:01
MeetUp Groups Recycle Can Drive 13:25:39
Could Ron Paul improve chances moving to N. H.? 12:47:36 12:32:39
You can sit on your computer all day, or you can campaign 12:22:35
$12 Million Dollar Great American eBay Yard Sale for Ron Paul 12:19:26
Where are those 500,000 donors? 11:54:21
Great article in the Orange County (CA) Register 11:46:46
Romney Style Money Snarkathon 11:29:58
ATTN PROGRAMMERS - a call to arms 09:36:01
Health Care for Children 09:06:46
U.S. WWII Soldiers who Interrogated Nazis Denounce Iraq War and "Interrogation Tactics" 08:45:43
Who's house? 08:26:08
Ron Paul (Ron Ball) 08:13:49
Let's get RP on "The View" 06:59:43
Ron Paul "Crazy" 383,000 hits in Google. 06:58:48
Call to Arms: Not just a poll...a horserace...and Ron Paul is losing badly! 03:53:22
deleted 03:12:31
Support freedom and help Ron Paul raise 100k on Sunday. We start the day off with $314k raised as of 12am PST 03:04:30
Ron Paul #1 article on CBSNEWS.COM 02:55:34