Posted on October 1, 2007

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Judge Andrew Napolitano on Ron Paul 19:53:13
Message from Jim Forsythe, Ron Paul supporter in NH 19:49:06
Four Titanics and One Iceberg - Ron Paul? 16:43:56
I Breed Prize-winning Clams. 15:28:42
David Letterman Endorsed Ron in 1988 15:20:55
Ron Paul and the NH Media... 14:55:09
RP's Amazing Fundraising and Rally Recognized by MSNBC 14:36:13
Don't Waste Your Vote! 12:59:43
Next GOP Debate: Tuesday, October 9th Dearborn Michigan 10:24:03
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Ron Paul supported Ronald Reagan 23:43:13
How to market Ron Paul! Meetup groups and member can put up 1,000 billboards nationwide 23:40:11
A shout out to Steve Dore 23:24:41
"If It weren't for Ron Paul, I wouldn't be Alive Today." 23:19:57
Spreading the word to the smaller parts of town... 23:12:36
Ron Paul Campaign to announce contributions total by end of week 22:39:21
Largest Political Blog in Louisiana Endorses Ron Paul 22:18:04
In Wiki-Politics, Ron Paul Leads the Field 21:25:48
Ok I have an idea for a RP first national TV commercial 21:03:23
MSM promotes Dr. Paul from "long-shot" to "dark horse" 20:27:21
Ron Paul's campaign need to run fundraising games all throughout the 4th quarter on his website. 20:02:50
Contributions come in many forms.... 20:02:24
100,000 x $1000 = $100m 4th Quarter 19:18:38
NYC Mayor: Surveillance A Necessity? 18:14:17
Misunderestimating Ron Paul's Support 17:20:39
Conservatives consider 3rd-party Run 17:13:49
Help Ron Paul raise $100 million for the 4th Quarter 17:11:45
Shocking, do they not know who Ron Paul is 17:07:04
2nd Nationwide Rally - Oct 13/14 17:05:28
Why isn't Ron Paul speaking to the Value Voters Summit? 16:58:59
Obama takes in $20M 3rd Qt - 350,000 Supporters 16:57:50
Important Reminder 16:51:19
Leaving Iraq Speech/Video Suggestion 16:46:06
A New World Order. America WILL Forfeit It's Sovereignty! (LINK) 14:52:57
Candidate Calculator--Do You Know Yourself 14:42:01
Mccain will report 5 million raised for quarter and has 2 million in debt. 14:40:30
Ron Paul And Homeschooling 14:11:58
Will the evil lure of raising big money ruin this campaign? 13:48:30
My New Ron Paul Clothing Line.... No SERIOUSLY! 13:45:06
New Name you may like 13:37:29
BLATANT anti-Paul New Hampshire TV Media! 13:28:35
Excellent Piece on MSNBC (link) 12:34:00
You can't trust Mitt: The Video 12:15:56
When things start getting tough 11:31:26
WOW!! Check out redstate!!! 11:17:29
Outdoor advertising (billboards, etc.) 11:16:59
When will the results be in? 10:46:37
Photos from the "1st Nationwide Rally/Paint the Town Ron" Event 10:42:18
$10 Million Great American eBay Yard Sale for Ron Paul??? 07:27:57
Hear, Hear by Peggy Noonan 05:39:05
Christian right is split over GOP field----- ok.... and.... Did you know that Ron Paul... 04:33:13
Bolton is crazy 03:22:13
How to boost Alexa ranking & keep donation momentum 02:36:49
A must watch video of Dick Cheney! Please share this with everyone you know! 01:41:59
Take a tip from Giuliani? 01:25:55
O.K. Senator Says NAFTA Highway Stops @ The Oklahoma Border! 01:16:49
Is mass mailings or direct mailings an option? 00:45:06 00:14:24
Thanks to all of the people who made the 14,049 donations for a total of $1,19662.15 00:01:28