Posted on October 10, 2007

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Why Blacks & People of Color Should Support Ron Paul 23:37:54
Granny Warriors Nascar Flyover 22:40:53
He's Coming...Ron Paul in NYC THIS WEEKEND! 20:38:54
Glenn Beck Nonsense-Talking 18:29:06
Washington Post Coverage of Ron Paul Supporters 17:48:11
John Fund is WRONG 15:43:13
Ron Paul on MSNBC - Abrams/Carlson 22:41:53
Ron Paul on CNN - Cafferty & Blitzer 14:19:15
Can We Reach $3,000,000? 14:11:17
Mega-RP Rally in Philadelphia! Oh Yeah! Nov 10 23:48:54
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FINALLY! USAToday Prints a Decent Story about Ron Paul! (LINK) 23:50:54
graphs of members and groups! 23:43:45
Ron Paul support is WORLDWIDE! (link) 23:05:59
Ron Paul on C-SPAN - The Revolution is working! 22:59:55
check out free talk live- from NH! 22:55:33
New Video Exposes Journalistic Bias- We Hold These Truths-Poll Disappears 22:27:26
Paulite to the core 21:44:26
Video, YouTube: Ron Paul on MSNBC Tucker Carlson 10/10/2007 21:32:51
Ron Paul cd-roms / vids - are they available? 20:43:17
Keith Olbermann says 'all 8 contenders in favor of Iran war' 20:21:28
Arbitrage Paul 20:16:17 Ron Paul ad 19:45:11
Ron Paul's gaff 19:33:01
Ron Paul wins Oval office 19:19:45
Is today the first $100k+ day of the quarter? 19:03:39
On Tucker 18:58:52
Maybe Ron *can* make money outta thin air? 18:25:43
150K a Day to 4 MILLION 18:17:27
Mr. Paul's slogan Stale? 17:27:16
The Best Way To Raise More Money for Ron Paul: Create Supporters! 17:07:42
Video: Ron Paul CSPAN Washington Journal Caller Favorite 10/10/07 16:54:24
now you see it - now you dunt 16:25:48
Brownback would run with Giuliani 16:19:15
Video: True Patriots Like Ron Paul 16:14:31
Updated Video: Ron Paul Killed The Radio Star 16:13:05
Video: The Ron Paul Laptop Brigade 16:11:13
Why would I even want to vote for Ron Paul? 16:09:43
Debate and Rally (Paullapalooza) in Orlando, FL - OCT 21st 15:49:18
Donation Clarification Please 15:10:46
Ron Paul in a poll slump! Updated and ignore this post! 14:38:19
Let's Make it a Ron Paul Christmas 14:12:39
A little levity... 14:05:53
Excellent Opportunity - Michigan! 13:58:17
Ron Paul on on Tucker Carlson Show Today! 13:49:07
What in the world is "fiat" money or currency? 13:15:56
2nd amendment award 13:12:03
Donor numbers in 3rd quarter 13:11:27
Worldwide Revolution. 12:16:28
Will Huckabee sell out by "Legitimizing" Giuliani? 09:29:04
Going After Rudy on 911 08:55:39
The establishment is starting to see Ron Paul as a serious contender 04:39:26
Videos Poll pics and after debate Rally speech 10-9-07 04:21:59
Slipping way behind... 04:03:58
English Paper on why Ron Paul good at his job (Congressperson) 03:45:48
Anti-war group releases Ron Paul ad: 02:58:52
CALLING ALL PROGRAMMERS! (update) 02:12:12
Chris Matthews RP Support Video here! 01:25:33
Ron Paul rally at University of Michigan draws 2500. 01:21:26
Polls 01:17:53
Here are the states we need extra effort in! 01:00:13
I need some ammo... 00:53:16
Where was the honorable reverend Alan Keyes tonight? 00:50:07
Ron Paul Quotes To Recharge My Fellow Patriots 00:48:08
A little post debtate realism 00:35:16
They already buried the Chris Matthews RP Support Vid 00:16:44
University of Michigan rally after debate.. 00:16:25
Controversies of Rudy Giuliani 00:15:24
Chris Matthews post debate show. 00:05:50