Posted on October 11, 2007

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Hocus, Pocus; VOTUS, POTUS 18:30:33
The TV Media: A Nest of Vipers 16:39:31
Ron Paul on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Tonight 11:04:26
Even Keith Olbermann is Bought and Paid For 10:58:11
USA Today on Ron Paul's Internet Success 10:30:32
Voices of America Support Ron Paul on C-SPAN 10:14:54
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Almost the # 1 favorite video on youtube today! 23:56:56
Washington Straw Poll Results 23:51:23
Rupert Murdoch: Senator (Ron Paul) in 'fake online campaign' 23:29:53
Seriously Funny 23:11:43
Candidate Match Game 22:59:11
Personal Anecdote 22:57:21
Really annoyed! 22:27:43
Ron Paul a new hope 22:11:03
Ron Paul composure 21:27:32
Ron Paul speaking live 20:49:08
Ron Paul up 3.7 on intrade! 20:32:27
Ron Paul Fancast - Episode #3 is available 20:11:41
deleted 20:10:04
CNBC Responds to Poll Removal After GOP Debate 19:54:52
Did You Say Soros? 19:52:37
Stop Anti-Paul Propaganda 18:11:05
Seymour Greene 18:10:03
Rudy BOOOed in Yankee Stadium! 17:38:27
The "pocket" Constitution: Handouts to educate the Revolution 17:19:35
Commander In Chief 17:15:18
Great 1-minute Introductory Video to Ron Paul 16:57:04
We're over 48 hours ahead of last week! 16:46:35
Universal Retirement Care 15:51:03
After the Election 15:13:20
South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford to endorse Rudy? 14:46:04
How to Win the War on Terror 13:39:30
Philly Rally UN-official website is live and raring to go! 13:31:53
Anti-Ron Paul Bias @ CNBC Debate 13:30:19
We need to calm down... 12:49:27
Gandhi's stage 3 in spades - Important ! 12:15:46
National Ledger talking about Ron Paul and the Debates 11:44:12
Ron Paul: I would lose all credibility with an endorsement from President Bush 11:07:50
Congressional Democrats Want To Impose Tax on Internet 11:07:14
Ron Support Widening - C-SPAN 09:27:11
117k Yesterday! Can we do equal if not better today? 09:05:13
Trillion Dollar Tax Bill Proposed 08:52:17
More high tech ways to invade our privacy 08:08:15
Amazing Video - Ron Paul: A New Hope 06:08:09