Posted on October 12, 2007

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Ron Paul in Nashville 10/06/2007 23:44:59
Google is Giving Away $2000 for Every $1000 Spent on Audio Ads 23:14:08
Ron Paul Commercial Filming in NYC Seeks Volunteers 23:07:26
Ron Paul on PBS News Hour 10-12-2007 22:59:06
Military Support for Ron Paul Growing Fast - VETS SIGN UP! 20:32:24
Philadelphia Rally YouTube Contest! 14:06:11
A Review of an "Open Letter to the Ron Paul Faithful" 11:42:17
Anti-War Group Releases Ron Paul Ad 10:28:17
NY Times: In Debate, Hedge Funds Take Some Hits 10:13:18
19 For Liberty, Not Security 09:53:02
Ilana Mercer - Ron Paul is right for everyone 04:02:52
Sore Losers at CNBC Still Think We Are 'Spammers' 01:34:29
Ron Paul: R.O.C.K. in N.Y.C. 00:46:48
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(VIDEO) Ron Paul: Battle For The Republic 23:41:53
YouTube Video of Washington Journal Interview on CSPAN 10-12-2007 - 3 parts 22:55:09
US demands air passengers ask its permission to fly 21:14:27
Tucker Carlson and Joy Behar on Bill Maher tonight.. 20:56:52
New York City? 19:42:43
Ron Paul's Q&A with Washington Post Readers 19:31:02
Response to all Naysayers - you wanna bet? 19:24:15
New petition to validate the support for Ron Paul. (To be sent to CNBC) 19:12:15
Updates to 18:54:51
PBS 18:34:02
CNBC plays good cop bad cop 18:05:04
Spread it around 17:34:48
CALLING ALL PROGRAMMERS! - new info 17:29:06
It's the little things 17:21:09
Ron Paul on CSPAN2 9pm ET 17:15:22
Ron Paul Viral Marketing Success 16:14:59
Ron Paul on SPEED 16:00:33
Where the Religious Right is Wrong 15:02:46
Marching for Ron Paul in Arizona Sat Oct 13th! 14:51:02
Why Ron Paul Should Refuse Matching Funds 14:38:33
National Burn A U.N. Flag Day - Oct. 24th. -- ACT! REPOST! 14:35:41
Ron Paul Commercial filming in New York City- get involved 14:28:47
URGENT: Chicago Event 11am 10/13 - NBC News Coverage 14:20:07
Urgent:NBC Nightly News tomorrow in Chicago to cover RP rally, You need to be there! 14:11:22
poll 13:48:05
Food for thought: Are we safer yet? 13:40:36
Bush Giving U.S. Sovereignty to U.N. 13:14:52
Endorsement 13:06:59
Just think what 4 million would do! 12:51:23
Ron Paul Speech to Taft Organization on C-Span at 9 pm EST 12:24:46
Peace a chance 12:20:19
McCain is the "top rival" 12:08:53
Kicking ass and taking names in fundraising effort. 12:07:55
Imagine 09:47:57
Snail Mail & Vinegar -v- Honey 09:36:27
Ron Paul on C-Span Washington Journal right now. 09:34:50
RP's Video Going Viral, Make it Sensational 09:02:24
Commercials? 06:59:31
Media Polls do not reflect 04:05:40
Time to revisit shows? 03:59:46
Ron Paul Defying the Odds! 03:52:02
Freedom Fridays: Join the $25 or more pledge drive 02:59:19
Mega Rallies 02:34:35
OK. Lets say we have a President Paul... 00:17:11
This Washington Post article will anger you (regarding debate) 00:12:10
I'm Throwing Down The Gauntlet To Code Enforcement! 00:02:07