Posted on October 13, 2007

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Steve Dore's New Fed Reserve Song 12:17:55
Ron Paul in New York City 10/13/2007, CNN Coverage 23:00:17
Cold, Rain and Snow 22:59:38
We Rocked NYC at the Grand Hyatt New York 12:43:06
MP3 Audio: Robert A. Taft Club Speech (36 min) 12:17:49
My own Youtube video 01:49:21
Photos from NYC HQ’s Rockin’ 4 Ron Paul Party 10/12/07 01:47:06
Iraq: "A Nightmare with No End in Sight" 00:28:00
Open Letter to Allen Wastler, Managing Editor, 00:29:00
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Is it just me? or is... 23:28:19
Portsmouth, NH Market Square Rally Saturday October 27 1:00-4:00 P.M. 22:53:23
Obama vs. Ron Paul on myspace 22:16:56
Broadening the support base for Ron Paul 19:40:30
College Republicans? 18:05:14
Campaiging Idea: Ron Paul mailbox blitz 17:58:55
Ron Paul on CNN Newsroom - Today @ 5:39PM 16:29:09
"Hope across America" 16:23:28
Disagreement within CNBC about the properness of taking down the poll. 16:20:45
Catholics for Ron Paul 16:13:39
Intrade: Put a fork in Thompson! RP is skyrocketing! Get the word out! 14:51:08
We can all contribute 14:14:32
I am NOT putting the cart before the horse-- 14:01:41
One of the most positive articles I've read about Mr. Paul yet. 13:24:30
Help Get Ron Paul Ads on TV in New Hampshire 12:43:27
Tommy Thompson Endorses Giuliani 09:36:16
Full Michigan Ann Arbor Rally Ron Paul's Speech 09:09:04
Ron Paul in the Economist 09:02:20
New Idea for free advertisement to masses 08:00:35
"I will debate anyone, anywhere, anytime" - Our RP! 07:02:17
Interesting vid of Iraq circa 1990 07:00:23
Nation Wide Ron Paul Media Petition. 03:56:33
Yahoo and Gmail blocking this website 03:11:52
Free Campaign Monitoring Software Tool 03:10:40
The Absolute Truth About 08 Candidates Popularity The Mainstream Media Hope You Never See 03:06:53
Ron Paul Petition To Mainstream Media To Verify Support 03:03:34
YouTube Video: Ron Paul on PBS NewsHour 10-12-2007 02:32:49
please digg Pro Paul news show 01:55:33