Posted on October 14, 2007

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Washington Post article with NH supporters 23:14:52
Can The Political System Be Fixed? 15:16:50
Why You Should Take a Walk - For Paul 03:19:35
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The Rising Influence of the Ron Paul Revolution 23:44:25
Are We There Yet? 23:32:50
The money will come 22:06:37
Buying from Ron Paul Store 21:37:30
My video for Ron Paul 21:36:39
URGENT - Turn your cable TV into cash for Dr. Paul 21:36:06
Rally and Walk for Ron Paul in Tyler, Texas 21:13:57
Devvy on Dobson on Paul 20:59:47
Who would be RP's VP? 20:59:07
Our October fund raising problem and a solution. 20:39:54
CNN Headline News provides more coverage to Ron Paul than other candidates 20:33:40
Is it time for Ron Paul to go after Rudy G 18:30:09
Ron Paul at Grand Central Station FULL VIDEO 17:50:49
Free Ron Paul Logos and Graphics for the Web. 17:35:21
Amazing LewRockwell post 17:33:47
FEC website: Filings due tomorrow 17:12:58 website stinks 17:01:25
Ron Paul wins the GOP Nevada presidential straw poll 15:17:36
Only 17 Days Left ...Way Behind Please Donate 14:34:33
Ron Paul Has More than 1,000 Meetup groups 14:10:16
Zeal For Truth analysis of CNBC Debate 13:06:25
C-Span live coverage 12:53:30
Tim Russet Asks Ron Paul Fans not to email blast him 12:34:02
president of the people 12:22:41
A suggestion for the Ron Paul "Official Site" 11:40:09
Republican National Committee Places Paul Among Top Tier 10:52:18
Unbelievable That People Actually Think Like This 09:05:58
Hard to say but... 04:52:01
Spread the message; contact your local media. 04:08:25
Hopefully someone else thought of this..... 01:56:47 reveals that more than 69 democrats face possible disciplinary actions for corruption! 01:34:08