Posted on October 15, 2007

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Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 Ron Paul Poll 22:18:53
Ron Paul Can Win 22:18:55
Introducing the Paul Mall 14:49:45
Granny Warrior Nascar Update 12:23:57
Where are the Other Candidates' Supporters? 12:18:01
Local News Coverage Ron Paul March - Austin, TX - 10/13/07 12:00:04
Texas Resources Redirect 11:16:22
Ron Paul Wins NV Straw Poll 10:01:00
Paul pleases 'paleos' 02:16:35
Ron Paul at Grand Central Station 12:23:59
Ron Paul: A New Hope 22:18:57
Ways to Promote Ron Paul 12:24:59
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A chart about meetup group members per candidate 23:53:29
Here's the real "top-tier" 23:51:31
Everyone but Ron Paul Mentioned 23:03:25
The Washington Briefing, Oct 19-21, Largest Meeting of Social Conservatives 22:37:44
David Horowitz's pub slanders Dr. Paul 21:55:36
Shall we be Taxed to Damn Ourselves 20:14:47
Ron Paul may be within Striking Distance of the GOP Nomination 20:11:40
Cool video and idea on youtube 20:00:46
Why I will vote for Dr Paul. 19:46:50
Is there a register of all the supporters of Ron Paul? 17:04:54
Handouts for restaurants: Tax Free Tips Act 16:59:38
Why hasn't "Official" picked up on this 16:30:44
URGENT ACTION! Family Values Voters, Register to vote in FRC Action Straw Poll 16:18:52
Raise $1 Million by Midnight? 15:36:21
CBS news Says "Paul isn't using the Internet. The Internet is using him" 15:11:08
Let's Hit 1 Million by Midnight! 14:57:46 Is Now Configurable 14:48:35
Ron Paul Makes a Kid's Day (Video) 13:55:08
DIGG THE PHILADELPHIA RALLY!!!!! DIGG DEEP! No $$$ needed. :-) 13:19:49
Get on it folks... 13:14:07
CNBC's Harwood Responds again to our Emails 13:03:26
Remember to email photo today!! 12:55:03
Boston Globe Article Claims False Rudy Rebuke of Romney 12:34:16
New York: Surveillance City 12:24:06
So when are the dud Republican candidates going to drop out? 11:31:00
NBC Nightly News and Women Voters 11:29:01
Ron Paul Pub Crawl 11:02:02
Tyler, Texas Rally and Walk for Ron Paul 13 October 10:43:32
Another Poll with Ron at 91% .. only 11 votes .. vote here! 10:19:56
Why John McCain Can't be Elected President 09:34:44
Former IRS Agent Joe Banister and Ron Paul On CNBC -- 2004 08:51:50
Another taser death 06:06:36
Life is like a box a chocolate: My idea to raise money for Ron Paul and gain awareness 04:22:33
We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For 03:01:07
Message of Freedom Video, Check it out! 02:34:54
New Retro Video: Ron Paul - The Different Story 01:59:15