Posted on October 16, 2007

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Why You Should Give 21:53:36
Ron Paul on Fox Business Channel 21:33:47
Religious community can and should support Ron Paul 17:00:45
Ron Paul NASCAR Race Fans Head to Martinsville, VA This Weekend 13:40:24
Ron Paul Revolution BIG Interstate Billboards 12:18:31
USC Student Video 12:04:44
Ron NOW INCLUDED in MSNBC Presidential Energy Forum in Houston 11:19:21
Fundraising Video 01:05:29
Already Reached Your $2300 Donation Limit? 01:05:30
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20K by midnight meets 1 MILLION .. can we make that? 21:56:16
Paul supporters classified as Racist Western White Men 21:47:46
Turning $8 into $12 million 19:26:40
Any Ideas On The Ron Paul Press Conference Tomorrow? 19:15:59
CNBC Learns not to mess with us: AMAZING video 19:09:10
Hillary Busted!!Must see! 19:05:03
Christmas Presents 18:37:37
Ronald Reagan on Ron Paul 18:26:19
John Mayer defends Ron PAUL to "Apple commercial Guy" Justin Long 18:08:48
Where is MoveOn's Support 18:03:43
Calling all $100 supporters! 17:58:24
Ron Paul talks about Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly 17:50:17
Ron Paul Press Conference TOMORROW 17:47:54
I Know What I'm Wearing for Halloween 17:40:09
Ron Paul Supporters Speak out on 'The Brody File' 17:07:25
Now that we own the information. 16:44:00
"RON PAUL NATION" Map 16:28:16
Ron Paul receives the most military donations among Republicans AGAIN in Q3 16:05:01
New Ron Paul DVD Idea 16:02:23
Hilarious Ron Paul Q&A 15:59:42
More Ground to Cover 15:51:57
John Mayer: "Ron Paul knows the Consitution...I'm with him" 15:50:02
Why not Wyoming? 15:44:39
Awesome video 15:23:57
Ron Paul will be on Jay leno 15:13:41
Third Quarter Campaign updates 14:52:18
Intrade: McCain surging, Thompson falling 14:36:01
New Campaign Slogan ? 14:28:58
CNBC Learns not to mess with Ron Paul Supporters 14:27:09
700 Club feature coming up 13:57:56
The Ultimate Poll 13:52:12
Careful of hypocrisy 13:42:44
He's starting to be included.. 13:26:00
Ron Paul raised more money in Washington and 6 other states than the "frontrunners" in the 3rd quarter 13:04:29
10-16 Press Release 12:59:44
Ron Paul on Energy and the Environment 12:57:37
Dr. Paul on environmental issues in Grist magazine (2 articles) 12:30:52
John Harwood 11:57:16
Ron Paul's Myspace has 70000 friends. 11:48:58
Fred Thompson Facebook Leader Now Supports Ron Paul 11:35:12
Peace Sells, But Who's Buying? 11:16:57
October (Fundraising) Failure is not an option 10:52:23
Spot on revolution song 10:46:40
Don't get too Giddy over CNN 10:28:37
Letterman News? 09:44:23
October 19: Washington Briefing & Straw Poll 06:53:59
October 19: Washington Briefing & Straw Poll 06:52:58
Morning Joe 10-16 & John Harwood from cnbc... 06:47:27
ANGRY TIME!! - True Reason for Ron Paul's Low "Scientific" Polls 06:10:10
Ron Paul received more donations than the leading Republicans in 7 states during the third quarter. 03:08:09
Ron Paul: Most Military Contributions in Q3 02:41:03
Paper Ballots Ron Has A Chance, Electronic Ballots Not A Chance 01:16:57
A refusal to give $8 to Ron Paul!? 00:49:16
Q3 fundraising stats now out, and Paul looks better than ever! 00:16:35
Ron Paul May Be Within Striking Distance Of The GOP Nomination!! 00:04:34