Posted on October 17, 2007

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Press Conference - Fundraising of Ron Paul 17:39:16
Ron Paul Confirmed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno - 10/30/07 14:04:56
Ron Paul on Fox and Friends Interview 10/17/2007 12:41:37
Too Much Traffic! 12:12:37
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Ron Paul People Poll 23:51:37
"88 Dems + 1 Rep" SAID NO MORE WAR FUNDING!!! 23:48:33
$1,000,000,000,000 23:36:58
Brownback fails to register for Utah Primary 22:57:34
Mike Huckabee and his band to play in Clear Lake Iowa 22:50:33
Congressional Gold Medal awarded to Dalai Lama - Lone Voice of Opposition... 22:39:20
Anyone know election law? 22:33:18
Greenspan Strongly Believes We Did Well Between 1870-1914 on Gold Standard 21:30:50
Giuliani can't help but go Bankrupt! 21:18:36
Email Bill O'Reilly; he just called Ron Paul a pinhead 21:18:02
new website 21:15:11
IMF: American Dollar Is Over-Valued 21:09:29
Map of where Ron Paul is getting his money 21:09:24
Challenge question 21:07:01
Should we Petition John Mayer for Ron Paul Support? 21:05:01
What If Rudy Got Elected? 21:01:32
Only 11% are aware of Ron Paul 20:51:41
If you have a website/blog - please LINK the Philly Rally website! 20:03:24
$3 BILLION for Ron Paul! 19:31:31
John Mayer Supports Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19:21:46
deleted 19:19:04
Dr. Paul Introduces American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007 HR3835 19:15:16
Broadcast media outlets slowly realizing the massive grass roots support for Ron Paul 19:06:34
Ron Paul Supporters Force Odds to be Slashed Further 19:03:43
National Ledger 18:52:23
Ron Paul's View of Blowback Vindicated 18:09:15
Wall Street Journal on Ron Paul contributors 17:33:19
Iowa Caucus set for Jan 3 17:01:57
Traffic Rank Update 17:01:15
FEC numbers may not be right 16:50:51
19,519,539 Voted in the 2000 (R) Primary 16:42:51
Ron Paul Signs not allowed in Florida 16:38:51
Fundraising-Meetup Groups- Hold A (Boston) TeaParty For Liberty! 16:26:38
Another Ron Paul Girl 16:26:13 - Great stories in support of Ron Paul 16:22:17
Fundraising Idea....Early Inheritance?! 16:08:28
interesting google search result 15:46:28
The Ron Paul Fundraising 15:30:37
Electoral College and Primaries - the only way to win. 14:57:49
The 5th Of November For Ron Paul! 14:52:53
Crude blasts to $89. a barrel 14:44:27
RP low "scientific" Polls & Yellow Journalism 14:42:03
RP press conference info 14:32:07
Must see new video of the NY State Capitol Rally with RP supporters speeches 14:31:49
Is the Ron Paul fundraiser campaign insane? 14:22:01
Bags O' Money 14:07:49
My letter to Chris Mathews (And you can Colbertify that) 13:42:56
Ways to increase participation at rallies 13:28:01
McCain the only candidate with military background? 13:19:04
Washington Times 12:46:35
2008 CHRISTMAS CARDS 12:34:53
Remember November the 5th 12:14:23
Michael Nystrom 11:59:27