Posted on October 18, 2007

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Debate Reminder - October 21 at 8:00 PM ET 20:06:29
Ron Paul Is Opening The Door 19:32:14
Who do you trust to pay down the national debt? I trust Ron Paul 19:29:41
Unpaid Paul Bloggers Thwart Paid-For Hillary Bloggers 18:34:14
Ron Paul Garners 41% All Traffic Going to a Republican Candidate's Site! 16:12:23
Third Nationwide Rally - Oct 27/28 15:25:34
Open Thread: What is Driving the Amazing Growth? 13:02:20
It's Official: Ron Paul Leads in Military Donations 10:47:13
The Media is Learning 00:10:02
Message from Ron Paul 00:03:41
The Ron Paul Money Bomb 02:08:25
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donate within 30 min 23:34:40
Why Iraq anyway? 23:33:33
Huckabee Says: Abolish The IRS! 22:54:50
I hope this photo is real 22:32:56
GOP candidates turn down Sioux City forum 21:35:52
week end travels 21:03:16
Guilliani's Foreign Policy Advisors 20:56:22
ABCs Poll About Ron Paul Great question! 20:49:58
direct or bill payer 20:09:04
Ron Paul's new bill to restore constitution 20:08:57
...amount of money raised?Ron Paul now top tier 19:45:07
RP Meeting with David Walker 18:59:25
Mike Huckabee--Wishy Washy Republican 18:53:29
The revolution is spreading! 18:53:16
Brownback bows out of GOP race 18:46:59
Ron Paul received more donations than the leading Republicans in 12 states during the third quarter. 18:29:12
A successful pledge! Come join us every Friday by signing up to donate $25.00 or more each Freedom Friday. 18:27:45
RP story on Tucker right now! 18:12:24
Tucker talks about ron pauls fundraising now! urgent! 18:12:11
BROWNBACK to Withdraw From GOP race 18:02:11
Free Market News Network 17:56:01
Establishment Media Finally Admits Ron Paul Is Top Tier Candidate 17:41:29
CALL TO ACTION! Digg up the 5th of November website here! 17:07:18
Monetary Policy Video from 1983 16:56:05
illegal immigration 16:46:49
Emailing Sherri Shepherd from the View to get Ron Paul on the show 16:15:33
Use free classified ads to promote Ron! 16:12:33
A YouTube everyone should see 16:12:13
BOOBIES for Ron Paul on College Humor 15:49:05
Huckabee's Neocon Agenda 15:47:45
South Dakota Ron Paul 2nd Amendment Ad! 15:07:52
Can we make $200k today? 15:01:35
ABC News story, with poll 14:36:52
U.S. Dollar Has Fallen And Can't Get Up 14:32:05
Congressman Lewis T. McFadden's legendary speech. 14:26:42
IMO Liberties biggest threat. 14:24:49
Conan O'Brien Calls For Ron Paul To Resign 14:24:25
Look up who your neighbors donated to 14:02:24
Who's the Only GOP Candidate Attending the Arab-American National Leadership Conference? 13:59:31
Fundraising question 13:57:56
Have Always Valued and Appreciated his positions! 13:57:45
Silver Bear Cafe is a friend 13:16:35
Value Voters Summit + Straw Poll 13:15:30
FOX news turnabout? 12:59:43
Urge Brownback to endorse Ron Paul 12:56:09
Arnold Schwarzenegger 12:43:37
Fundraising Ideas 12:41:38
Executive VP of CATO Institute supports Ron Paul 12:41:16 has Leno Tickets for Oct. 30! 12:31:26
Ron Paul has mandate for equal time during Fox News debate 12:05:23
Pulse Poll on Democracy for America-VOTE! 11:59:09
Donor to Ron Paul list his occupation as Tax Slave 11:58:34
Empty Your Pockets for Ron Paul 11:54:10
Internet Poll on Drudge 11:42:04
Romney: Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire 11:40:16
E-mail Mallard Fillmore 11:33:20
Brownback will drop out 11:32:09
New forum category? 11:23:19
Bill HR3835 11:21:40
The Billo Reilly Radio Show 10:48:38
Support the 100 million pledge! 10:12:35
NBC Clip RE:blowback....great clip 10:08:27
Brownback to drop out Friday 10:03:53
The data shows Ron Paul was right about airport security 10:00:36
The Coolest Campaign Idea I've Heard Yet! 09:59:42
Preemptive Money Bombing for the Jay Leno Show Exposure 09:58:29
USA Today and Ron Paul 09:24:22
Ron Paul and Homeschoolers 09:15:17
"Blowback" Just Like Ron Paul Said 09:13:02
Demonstrate Your Support For Ron Now - Read His Latest Appeal & Donate Today 09:07:14
Guerrilla Marketing 09:05:23
Have a Look at this Interesting Fact 08:05:26
Dick Cheney and Wyoming Primary 07:42:14
Question about Colbert? 05:41:12
Forget About O'Reilly and FNC corporate dweebs 05:31:33
Stephen Colbert vs. Ron Paul 05:06:11
Ron's latest bill American Freedom Agenda Act to fight patriot act 04:44:53
An idea 03:26:14 !!! 02:59:15
Retirement Living Interview 02:59:09
MSNBC topic matrix 02:51:18
Donate Now and 01:52:17
Apparently Olbermann can now be e-mailed again 01:35:07
New high quality DVD 01:06:54
Thirsty Thursday - A Liberty Happy Hour 01:05:10
I want 10 Patriots to match my donation tonight 00:56:21
Kudlow and Co 10-17-07 video Don Luskin supports Ron Paul *again* 00:08:50