Posted on October 19, 2007

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A Landslide for Ron Paul! 23:39:14
One Brother in Pulpit, Another Seeks White House 21:55:47
Ron Paul on NBC Nightly News 21:48:32
Dr. Ron Paul - "Father of the Second American Revolution" 18:56:56
URGENT CALL TO ACTION: American Values Straw Poll - Ends Saturday at NOON EST 13:31:48
Ron Paul Launches Radio Ad! 11:06:33
Ron Paul for President 09:50:51
A Nonsupporter who should be 06:26:15
Ron Paul's Cool Donors 04:32:49
Ron Paul files in NY 04:10:15
Naomi Wolf Praises Ron Paul, Part II 00:19:41
Naomi Wolf Praises Ron Paul, Part I 00:23:05
Ron Paul Introduces the American Freedom Agenda Act 09:52:51
Ron Paul Rockfest - Atlanta GA - Oct 25 13:31:50
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Poll: Who would you vote for in 2008 for President? Stephen Colbert or Ron Paul? 23:49:12
the cult of paul 23:18:17
XM Sat Radio's POTUS 08 channel 130 22:54:47
just for laughs 22:43:09
TIME Article on Libertarianism 22:38:38
Contrast Candidate MeetUp Maps... Visual makes all the difference. 22:27:41
Hillary Video 22:24:14
How To Make An Angry American 21:41:34
The Sex Pistols on Leno the same night as Ron Paul 20:53:41
Use the world to promote Ron Paul 20:36:19
Ron Paul On NBC News 20:23:52
i absolutely hate chris matthews! 20:06:21
A buck and change a day to keep big government away! 19:53:29
Can we get another 25K tonight to make it 450K ? 19:44:33
Finally, Action! Ron Paul Introduces Bill to Defend Constitution! 19:28:57
CBS News 19:01:23
NBC segment NOT GOOD For Ron Paul 18:59:45
NBC news now... Great story on Dr. Paul and his supporters 18:41:17
New Poll Show Ron Paul Gain in New Hampshire 18:25:39
Philadelphia Rally video 18:18:42
New story on about Dr. nice 18:13:13
Today/Tonight (10/19) NBC nightly news with Brian Williams 17:58:17
GOP Debate from USA Daily 17:23:33
Recommendation 16:06:59
Ron Paul ad - FANTASTIC IDEA! 15:58:22
Ron Paul currently losing to Giuliani Clinton, et al. *POLL* 15:57:49
Ron Paul Discussed on this Week in Tech podcast 15:50:47
think media bias is a figment of your imagination? 15:45:32
All-America Walk Photos and Video Needed ASAP! 15:37:53
The Best of Ron Paul Volume TWO RELEASE!!! N-Joy 15:21:09
Ron Paul barely beats Hillary in Kansas 15:20:00
Intrade: Paul vs Thompson 15:09:30
Poll: What Republican candidate do you believe suites the Religious Right needs? 14:56:56
BBC article - 2008 Main Contenders, RP slighted again. 14:50:32
These people scare me ! 14:20:42
Ron on TV in 5 minutes 14:19:14
How Hilary raises Millions... 14:12:43
Ron Paul : Cruising Las Vegas Strip 13:19:16
Ron Paul Radio - Please tune in and listen! 13:04:56
November the 5th- Support HR 3835 "American Freedom Agenda Act 2007" 13:00:32
Vote in the "Values Voter" Straw Poll NOW for $1.00: Here's How 12:51:24
Advertising ideas for us 12:37:26
Romney camp stacking the Values Voter straw-poll 12:37:19
ABC poll about Ron Paul 12:32:58
Vote for Ron Paul TODAY! 12:25:59
American Family Ass. No RON PAUL?????!!!!!!! 12:14:32
Another look at the future 12:13:11
My Monologue for Today and why I support Ron Paul 11:56:10
Ron Paul Live on CSPAN 11:51:05
More Hillary Funny fundraising Business 11:17:43
Kaiser Foundation interview w/ RP concerning Health Care (video) 11:04:30
News Article: Ron Paul v. Hillary Clinton 10:54:39
Grassroots Christian Right Movement 10:52:01
Only Ron Paul Can Unite This Country 10:33:14
Ideas for distributing promotional materials 10:28:27
Please - let's not cause media blowback 10:26:38
eBay code is RP08 10:19:26
meetup call 10:14:53
Money bomb this Saturday! 09:45:20 deleting comments on their Ron Paul story 09:37:47
CNN Article, with NO mention of Ron Paul anywhere. 08:39:25
Are there any Ron Paul Money Bombs Going off today? 08:25:41
Making You tube video for baby boomers and seniors using young adults and children 08:02:51
Let's Recruit Gore Vidal et al 07:32:02
Getting Dr. Mercola to advertise November 5 07:03:10
Ron Paul Day - 5 November 06:06:08
Idea for a video for Ron Paul 04:24:40
Miami police mace students 02:42:57
Buy gold, silver, copper for Ron Paul 02:03:04
Paul not for president - Pittsburgh Tribune 01:58:21
My post on FreeRepublic earlier today 01:12:31
ABC Match o Matic 00:37:43
Hillary is busting out and Obama gets cheeky. 00:18:26 - Ron Paul Is a Protest Candidate - MUST READ! 00:12:11
A serious discussion about affordable, timely, and consistent donations. 00:03:10