Posted on October 2, 2007

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Hope, History, and Hard Work 20:35:04
This could get Ron attention in a BIG way. 18:36:12
Our goal is to win. We have 96 days, maybe less. We have one shot. 15:39:35
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The Cost Of The War 23:49:01 "Ron Paul Betting Odds Could be Impacted by New Voting Rules": 22:52:13
Found a poll at 22:47:44
Ron Paul Campaign hits an amazing 50,000 Meetup Members 22:34:10
4 Million in Oct - Realistic Strategy 22:29:43
Ron Paul Rap Video (Illustrated) Full Length Version!!! 22:02:17
***PLEASE READ - changes in primary rules could hurt Ron's chances! 21:58:34
Question About Voter Registration 21:46:23
Threadless t-shirts, invade shall we? 21:36:58
25 Million untapped voters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 21:21:47
Poll 20:41:57
This group should be contacted about Ron Paul. 20:37:02
Socialistic Policy Well-Financed 20:30:57
new ticker set for 12 Million. 19:50:30
NEW Front page and Money Goals! 19:31:10
Why the GOP Must Nominate Ron Paul 19:15:36
Democrats Continue to Outraise Republicans; Ron Paul Exception 19:10:13
Another Poll with Thompson winning! 19:06:22
CNN coverage 19:06:10
Killer Campaign Idea? 17:55:21
Reguarding 17:11:44
You need to register to vote NOW! 17:03:14
Daily Kos' Presidential Race 15:42:26
Volunteers get BIGGER and BETTER Ideas Everyday! 15:22:35
ATTENTION: RP's 3rd Quarter #'s reported on WSJ "Correctly?" 15:05:11
Deadlines for re-registering to the Republican Party 14:59:23
The "Ron Paul" Nation 14:42:32
October is the most important month for Ron Paul fundraising 14:24:29
Ron Paul on Steve Gill's Radio Show Wednesday 14:15:21
HOT ARTICLE! Ron Paul's response to Forbes. RP & Comparison to all other candidates. 13:45:22
Why the GOP must nomninate Ron Paul 13:40:02
FOXNews: Ron Paul, Friend of the Taxpayer 12:53:52
A Journal of Liberty 12:21:25
Rand Paul Interview Today 12:21:02
Forbes Magazine Calls Ron Paul "Left Wing" 12:20:54
Seize the Day - Change Congress 12:20:06
Quebec And Global Warming Tax 10:27:26
Defending the American Dream Summit in DC 10:16:16
Unseen RP vid on Iran 10:07:09
Different, but not too Different 09:25:25
Fair coverage in today's Forbes 09:20:05
WSJ article about 3rd Quarter! 09:17:43
Paul For One and One For Paul 09:10:12
Christian Warmongers? 08:37:18
How to end the IRAQ war! 08:37:09
How Much is the Iraqi War costing? 08:09:25
UPDATE!! New Hampshire WMUR TV. Lame response to Ron Paul Rally NON-coverage. 02:58:36
IDEA: Letter writing campaign to Richard Viguerie and James Dobson 01:00:02
MSM Breakout! PAUL ‘REVOLUTION’ RALLY DRAWS 800 00:20:33
A prayer for our country and Ron Paul 00:12:03
FUND RAISING - Guess WHO wasn't mentioned in the NYT today? 00:06:43
Looks like Tancredo has to get a loan to keep going 00:03:06