Posted on October 21, 2007

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Questions for The Republican Jewish Coalition 11:55:05
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Donate eight to liberate before it's too late. 23:49:40
List of Fox advertisers? 23:47:06
Booooo 23:43:02
FOX News after debate story. You'll be p/o! 23:33:18
Band Wagon 23:32:55
Vote for RP Now... 23:31:12
Don't Be Afraid To Donate 23:30:04
Ron Paul Appreciation Thread 23:26:17
Ron Paul Bomblet! 23:06:30
Fox News Bias 23:05:32
MSNBC 23:02:56
Fred Thompson said "um" 78 times tonight 23:01:59 back online 22:59:33
I Thought... 22:52:27
I Thought... 22:52:20
Does Anyone Know Whats Going On ? 22:49:33
Where is person count on dailyp? 22:48:02
Time to roll up your sleeves! Money bomb part 2 must start now! Attack 22:37:56
Candidate Times 22:36:54
Ron Paul Fox News Multiple Vote Response 22:35:13 crashed? 22:32:58
Why are DP Forum Pages Blank? 22:14:10
Keep texting 21:53:02
War , It is our right?!!!! 21:48:34
Interesting but I think it will backfire 21:41:40
Are these people actors?! 21:35:34
Post debate voting.. 21:31:25
Giuliani needs a geography lesson... 21:29:42
Fox News.. Holy.. Shit.. (sorry to swear) 21:29:38
Staged Debate 21:28:10
movng forward.... 21:24:35
It's Starting... 21:18:55
Is This Country Hopeless 21:04:58
Just Let Ron Paul Speak! 20:55:00
Rudy CRAZY wants to blow up NY Schools!! 20:47:36
"giant douche" or a "turd sandwich" 20:09:52
Sunday Night Football or hear Dr. Paul speak 19:59:38
Did you hear that guy? 19:52:41
Another hint of war with Iran 19:50:39
FNC Debate Phone Poll 19:49:54
where is Ron Paul on FAUXNEWSPAGE? 19:44:30
FOX Pre-debate Smear 19:44:15
5th of November 19:36:40
TRICK OR TREAT ?!!!! 19:06:32
Dalai Lama, Blowback, and Dr No 18:20:17
Albany Ron Paul Signwave... Great video 18:00:12
Paul stiil not top tier 17:40:01
Ron Paul Scores 100% on Freedom Index 17:35:07
Political cartoons in newspapers 17:25:38
Enter to win a copy of Ron Paul's book -- free! 17:13:39
Political Spoofs--Ron Paul vs the others 17:11:12
Christians for Ron Paul 16:42:38
Michael Bloomberg may run for the presidency. How can we use this to our advantage? 16:39:05
DE party change deadline in 10 days! 16:38:33
Off Topic -- American Government Simulation 16:26:25
CNN Photo Selection of Ron 16:08:01
An Israeli on Ron Paul and Israel 16:02:47
My challenge to you all! Help Ron Paul win New Hampshire by joining Operation New Hampshire and me. 15:50:24
DONATE November 5th PLEDGE.. 15:01:27
Ron Paul Fancast - Episode #4 is online 14:56:42
Poll: How will Ron Paul supporters vote if he is not nominated by the Republican Party? 14:42:45
Related Topic - Gold 14:33:28
Fox Debate? 13:55:11
something you should watch BEFORE the FOXNEWS GOP DEBATE 13:12:20
Daily Paul Sunday Money Bomb - Donate today to Broadcast Freedom or we will not hit the goals assigned 13:07:34
MUST SEE VIDEO: Garry Kasparov explains how Bush's Policies Hinder the Spread of Freedom Around World 13:05:52
Ron Paul to be in Concord, NH Oct, 23! 13:03:31
"Fed-up voters rally to Ron Paul" 12:32:26
America's Forgotten War against central banks 12:31:35
Great News or just my Imagination? Either way it's a call to action. 12:11:49
Should new TV & radio ads have Ron Paul giving his own message? 12:11:24
Dr. Paul's 12 Step Program for Restoring America 11:58:20
BabyBoomers for Ron Paul... 11:48:05
Miami Newspaper Online Poll!! Dr. Paul not winning! 11:47:52
Chicago Sweeps The Streets Big Brother Style 11:17:00
Another Newspaper Article ignoring Ron Paul 11:13:19
Put this Paulite on Full-Time Staff 11:02:47
What do Ron Paul and Fiona Apple have in common? 10:45:38
Radio ad stations? 08:40:05
Ron Paul Promotional Products & Sources 07:22:25
Election Strategy - Plan A - NOMINATE = DELEGATE 07:08:43
Paid to join FRC, vote in the straw poll? Demand a refund. 04:45:21
(New Bulletin @ Are they moving up the primaries because of Ron Paul? 04:14:00
Donate all you can to Ron Paul or else! 03:34:40
"Paul campaign fueled by Web cash and savvy" 03:05:28
Dr. Paul trails Hillary by 10 percent in latest poll 01:41:22
Come on people. 01:05:25
All Right Folks 00:39:39
Poll: Who do you think should be our next president? 00:12:49
Pledges do work! 00:00:43