Posted on October 22, 2007

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Steve Dore - Sweet Liberty Victory Theme 23:21:23
Talkin' About a Revolution with Ron Paul 23:14:51
Remember Our Mission - Honor our Leader! 22:52:23
Ellen Ratner: Liberal & Proud & Rooting for Ron Paul! 12:29:44
Remember the 5th of November 00:53:11
The Power of Focused Intention 00:45:36
Fox News Post Debate Wrap 22:53:23
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Penn and Teller Defend Ron Paul vs. Luntz and Fox News 23:50:09
"Foot in the Door" tactic for money raising 23:45:15
Action Alert 23:31:53
Poll - Who is the real conservative? 23:28:47
Good news!! Still 2 1/2 hrs till midnight on the west coast to hit the goal 23:06:43
CNN -- RP Military Donations 22:52:24
Supporting the Nominee 22:51:05
Marketing Ron Paul at school 22:00:27
Red State Bans Ron Paul comments 21:51:15
Seattle Rally at Hillary Event 21:42:23
I can't find the FAUX post-debate interview on youtube???? 21:25:04
Fox debate satire, what do you think 21:13:35
What the debate really says about the state of the republican party. 20:50:00
Ron Paul - More Punch in Your Replies 20:44:35
Christians for Paul Poll 20:20:33
I NEED TO VENT! AAARGH!!! 20:20:07
Why the GOP Must Nominate Ron Paul 20:19:21
Please help Ron Paul win New Hampshire 20:14:18
Fred keeps slipping 20:05:31
My Email to all friends and family hopefully will spread 19:59:41
Primaries: State by State by Ron Paul Supporters 19:45:56
I've noticed something... 19:39:40
Alarmists, Naysayers and the Ron Paul Revolution 19:36:27
I'm a huge fan of Link T.V. 19:33:43
Ron Paul May Very Well Win in New Hampshire! 19:18:29
ONLY 4 HOURS 55 MINUTES LEFT!!! 19:05:18
Today's News 18:40:38
AOL most conservative poll 18:39:30
Great Libertarian Inspirational Speech 18:33:14
New Ron Paul Social Networking Site! 18:32:49
Donate! We Are Running Out Of Time!!! 18:19:46
Ron Paul Road Trip: The Idea 18:16:00
RNC to Punish States for early Primary 18:13:41
Quick!!! 18:05:59
Vote on News Radio 1190 KEX Presidential Straw Poll 18:01:45
Atypical RepubliCAIN 17:51:11
Did Dr. Paul drop out... 17:49:57
New poll 17:39:03
Giuliani's number one fan 17:22:25
Firefox Extension - Ron Paul Q4 Donation Total! 17:15:03
NPR ups Huckabee to 1st tier 17:07:40
Next GOP debate? 16:54:20
the first online social network dedicated to ron paul......check it out 16:38:02
Hope For America Can Sometimes Be Messy 16:36:26
David Brody interview. 16:29:28
President Bush asks for $46 Billion More for Iraq War 15:58:56
New Poll to vote in 15:47:33
Any word on the Ron Paul TV ads? 15:38:20
Fred Thompson, The Natural Sleep Aid(TM)* 15:28:23
Calling all Nov 5th supporters! 15:10:45
We can use this to our benifit. 15:07:30
Poll Results Screenshot - Ron Paul 34% 15:05:22
Why is Tom Hartmen 95% against Ron Paul? 15:01:52
Are Frank Luntz's focus groups a fraud? 14:49:41
ok guys this is heard of myspace....but now its time for 14:41:10
Please Help the Radio Ad Goal 14:02:49
We are doing exactly what THEY want. 13:59:19
Call To Arms! 13:59:09
WND polls results so far 13:35:32
Flood iowa with huckabee illegal immigration actions and stupid comments 13:31:02
Where our Revolution is going 13:26:48
Vote WorldnetDaily Poll 13:25:12
New Poll at WND 13:16:15
An article by the guy who called Ron Paul "Certifiably Insane" in last nights debate. 13:15:33
Facism and the struggle of our times 13:06:10
What we can do right now -Delegate 12:53:34
Does anybody know anything about Unity '08 12:41:13
family research council billing system rejected a lot of voters 12:40:56
Republican Party split? 12:36:00
Reasons Why Dr. Paul was Booed!!! 12:28:03
Rooting for Ron 12:26:34
All Ron Paul supporters please read this!!! 12:17:20
The infiltration has begun 11:47:55
How the world would view a vote for Dr. Paul 11:35:17
MSNBC interactive poll - Candidates and issues matrix 11:33:40
O'Reilly calls RP a 'pinhead' 10:26:50
Hillarious Spoof Article on Mr. "CI" from last night 10:02:59
Video Highlights of Debate 10:00:30
This is a war............ 09:58:43
Ron Paul Supporters Inspire Me 09:36:15
Ron Paul fundraiser at Max's Place, Bloomington, IN 09:35:50
Digg It! 08:28:37
The Brody File - GREAT RP interviews 08:14:03
Liberty or Empire? Prescient Patrick Henry speech. 07:54:04
URGENT!! Today is Last Day for Broadcast Freedom URGENT!! 07:23:21
Oh!myGod "The NWO" 04:23:15
Ron Paul Halloween Candy? 02:58:15
Create the Debate 02:56:25
First-hand account from Mr. "Certifiably Insane" 02:55:45
21st Century Terror 02:43:25
We've Been Saying it, Do We Mean It? 02:21:48
Changing Tactics on response emails to "Blackout Media" 01:59:15
Great Write-Up !!! Get this read! 01:24:43
Pro-Life Catholics Post Brownback 01:17:32
New York Post Ron Paul Blackout (link) 01:14:10
Do you have to donate tons of money to support Ron Paul? 00:56:56
Calling all homeschoolers! 00:56:15
Catholics & Ron Paul & PDF 00:43:25
Donation Tally 00:23:38
The Future 00:22:19
Follow the dollar - USD 00:14:28
We want Independence, Not Revolution 00:12:28
Unbelievable blog on news site about RP signs 00:11:57