Posted on October 23, 2007

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October 27 Nationwide Peace Rally and March 23:27:50
Granny Warrior NASCAR Update 23:07:23
Ron Paul Campaign Update 16:18:17 11:36:29
Neocons Surge Against Anti-War Movement 10:44:56
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It's Happening: RFID Tagging Children In School! 23:55:08
Screw Red! 23:48:51
Remember our Mission...Lets use our real names! 23:46:54
Clinton, Paul Win Top Missouri Ballot Spots 22:58:34
My, My, how we have grown...Thank's Mitt 22:42:51
New Ron Paul Money Bomb for 10/30! Jay Leno day! 22:28:48
"Young people" and older people 22:01:35 Support on Digg 21:54:32
Who is the most egocentric of the Republican candidates (word frequency count) 21:47:47
Ron Paul Vs.Fox And The Murdoch Connection 21:35:36 21:28:47
Boots on the ground in Iowa 21:12:26
Ron Paul ad on Drudge Report Now Because of You! 21:06:07
Paul wins top spot on Missouri ballot 20:46:10
Soldier In Iraq Explains Foreign Policy 20:18:23
Google Ads for Ron Paul that will appear on other candidates website pages 20:10:12
Iran seen to need 3-8 yrs to produce bomb 20:04:40
I just had to do it 20:02:40
Ron Paul leads Hillary in Poll among 40 year olds 19:49:12
Today's fundraising 19:42:45
Ron Paul wins Christian presidential poll 19:29:14
Dr. Paul! California is Burning! 19:26:06
How to change a topic 19:23:06
World Series and Ron Paul 19:16:38
The ignoring and ridiculing is over: the attacks have started 19:14:58
Ron Paul on NH Ballot 19:14:11
next stage of campaign? 18:44:26
Great Response from IVA 18:16:19
Could a vote for Ron Paul be the best vote for the environment? 18:07:37
Mass Oprah Emailing for this Thursday Oct 25 17:58:19
Texas NASCAR Help Needed ASAP 17:44:21
Mass Email to Oprah on one day 17:42:47
Email I just recieved from the Idaho Values Alliance 17:36:11
Email every talk show 17:24:47
The Power of Paul 17:04:11
Do you need a quick chuckle?? 16:45:22
Frank Luntz LOL 16:33:56
Dr. Paul on Good Morning America! 16:31:15
Ron Paul NH Headquarters opening event success! 16:10:54
CODE PINK protests Oct 27 16:05:48
DFA online poll - Write in Ron Paul 15:46:01
We must begin working on the Elderly, RON PAUL FOR THE TROOPS 15:35:07
Watch me disappear! 15:33:53
Ballot Access? 15:25:53
New Ron Paul Demographic -- BODYBUILDERS! 15:24:16
best post on RedState - this is what we're up against 14:44:08
A Prescient Prediction in Late 2001 by David Nolan 14:34:04
Paul excluded from Poll 14:32:06
Frank Luntz - Fox news and polls revealed. 14:31:35
So is he a 'Real Republican'? 14:22:31
Can't stop laughing!!!! 13:56:23
Hillary goes after the Zombie vote 13:43:39
Accused of "Blame America First"? Try this! 13:41:00
I don't think I've ever felt more insulted 13:30:46
Neocon new mantra Ron Paul is Insane 13:29:36
Hrmmm...Coincidence??? Better watch your speed when driving 13:07:34
Ron Paul 'o8: He's the only one with a Real platform. 13:02:39
Ron Paul and Self Defense 12:55:32
Isaiah 43: 18-19 Mercy Me Hold Fast song video 12:55:32
To everything Turn, Turn, Turn the Byrds 12:54:24
Halloween 12:51:15
"Booby-Trapped Links" 12:40:47
Nov. 10th Rally Officially announced by RP Campaign 12:35:08
Ron Paul Election Survey 12:23:30
I sense infiltration.... 12:13:34
DIGG Ron Paul... 12:13:29
Just thought I would share the headlines of stories when I Googled Ron Paul and then clicked on News. 12:10:34
Spiritual Motivation...even for a not so spiritual person like me 12:00:12
The establishment Plan to stop Ron Paul 11:19:35
Faux News Debate: Hitler vs Mother Theresa 11:00:06
Mancow Loves Ron Paul 10:45:42
LOL! All You Need to Know About the Faux News Debate 10:32:57
Huckabees a fiscal conservative yeah right 10:25:36
The Ron Paul Presidency 10:00:54
Selling Ron Paul.s message inexpensively 09:56:18
Website Analysis of 09:32:40
An email I wrote - feel free to use if you want. 09:07:28
Question for Sean Hannity 08:43:04
Interesting Ron Paul Stats 08:41:40
deleted 08:27:52
Dr. Paul to be at official NH campaign HQ opening today! 07:44:42
Interview with Ron Paul about his presidential platform on energy/environment 07:33:15
polls, polls and more polls 06:07:41
Early predictions on the Caucus's and primaries 06:02:15
Little Green Footballs removes Ron Paul from their GOP Poll 05:47:18
Only Candidate who understands dangers of Codex Alimantarius 05:35:38
How Bush bankrupted the future 02:55:58
To Every Ron Paul / Freedom Supporter 02:51:04
Ron Paul may win New Hampshire says Real Clear Politics 02:49:47
Putting our tails between our legs and running out of Iraq 02:13:03
Operation Live Free or Die 01:52:13
Blast the media 01:44:59
Great flyer for waiters, waitresses, hotel employees, coffeeshop workers, etc 01:27:00
Ron Paul leads Hillary Clinton 47% to 44% Among 40-49 age group 00:51:10
NO Money Bomb This Week????? 00:44:57
CPAC in February (The Conservative Political Action Committee) 00:28:47
Motives behind acquiring The Wall Street Journal 00:20:35
Ron Paul: the Constitution builds no Wall!? 00:08:43