Posted on October 24, 2007

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Meetups! - Join the GOP! 16:11:08
Orlando 10/21 Post Debate Speech 14:02:51
MP3 | WDET Detroit Public Radio & MSNBC Interviews 12:16:19
Daily Paul vs. Redstate 12:13:43
Ron Paul and the Young People 11:10:50
Good Site to Bookmark 10:06:30
It's Official! Oregon wants Ron Paul! 07:07:56
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Publicity and Discussion idea... 23:59:59
Ron Paul right on the financial mark again! 23:30:05
Reform Party Backing...interesting, but not huge deal... 22:44:45
USA Daily welcomes Ron Paul supporters to their forum 22:43:13
Why the GOP Must Nominate Ron Paul - And Response [from] 22:40:20
Outstanding Video of Supporters in Michigan 22:37:24
Reform Party Backing...interesting, but not huge deal... 22:30:27
Please help my meetup group. 22:03:43
Two ideas for people with skill in creating videos. 21:49:16
Will Huckabee Vow not to Veep for the Pro-Abortionists? 21:47:39
Bush crowd has long grudge with Dr. Paul 21:46:48
Argh! They took my flyers!!! 21:44:43
Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex 21:22:36
Q & A!! 20:35:33
Please help me with this 20:28:54
Fraudtional Reserve Banking 20:19:16
An excellent Keynote video on the US Empire 20:17:59
Video Interview--10-21-07--Is Ron Paul A Fringe Candidate? 20:12:17
Feedback? I think I have a position that could help win more support 19:47:17
Pamphlet promoting Ron Paul 19:45:11
NBC news link 19:33:52
Pres. candidate Paul plans rally in Cheyenne 19:33:43
Operation: Notify or Remind 73,000 Ron Paul Supporters on Myspace 19:09:35
Approaching 1 Million Names On The Terror Watchlist 19:06:47
Trade Your Dollars In For Liberty While They Are Still Accepted!!! 19:00:22
An American Tune 18:45:54
Television ads? Any other campaign ideas? 18:34:24
Please vote in this pole for President Paul 18:33:32
Remember, remember the 5th of November? 18:33:30
God Bless You, Walter Williams 18:33:06
The Constitution Unites Us All 17:41:35
The Most Responsible Iraq War Policy 17:13:44
Here's a poll you can vote in as often as you like 17:13:29
Get your butts out there! 17:04:08
Washington times How Ron Paul sees himself stacking up 16:53:03
bloggers please read.... expertise needed! 16:51:47
Oh, The Bribes!/When Jackson Took On The Bank !! 16:45:54
Focus on the Family (email regarding ENDA) 16:40:42
Gravel Petition 15:31:45
Private Fundraiser For Ron Paul $2,000 a head 15:25:19
Nora done good! 15:17:50
Fundraising Sooooo Slow today 15:13:10
Presidential poll by Pollingpoint 15:10:07
Just Change The Channel 15:01:09
Why I supported the war. 14:57:34
Iraq drafting law to end foreign guards' immunity - Good for them! 14:54:28
MP3 of Todays Radio Interview 14:37:09
Ron Paul on MSNBC, 3:10 ET today 14:31:28 14:28:46
Market Dr. Paul to the Health Conscious? 14:25:50
Neocon Republican legacy 13:55:40
Giuliani Employs Accused Pedophile Priest 13:52:52 Poll 13:37:12
Operation Live Free or Die 13:32:18
The Pleasure and Pain Principle 13:28:42
Mitt Romney confuses Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden 13:22:33
Red State Learns From Fox News 13:06:00
Revolution Video Request 12:59:43
The good doctor needs to show how he is strong on defense 12:02:55
Poll about the Media and Ron 11:51:04
Ron Paul in Negotiations for Big Day-Time TV Appearance? 11:50:48
Ron Paul leads Hillary in all-important demographic 11:46:31
The Freedom Message Video 11:45:00
Terror watch list swells to more than 755,000 names 10:56:30
12-16 years old? Nick News wants to talk to you! 10:43:41
The Sledgehammer NEW RON PAUL VIDEO 10:43:37
Regarding blowback - Iran and 1953 10:43:32
Ron Paul on Radio this morning 10:11:32
Is it just me or am I just being paranoid? 09:30:50
Help us bring Ron Paul to the races! 09:03:11
Who should be next to drop out of the GOP race? 07:50:14
Say what you want about Howard Stern, but... 07:45:51
Rockies v Red Sox - Ron Paul grassroots challenge 07:03:57
Frank Luntz Poll Taking & Lies Exposed. (A short lesson on polls) 05:41:17
Perception and Action (a perspective-injecting pep talk) 05:31:24
Let's get all 400 Tonight Show Tickets!! 05:30:38
The Ron Paul Sign Contest - WIN REAL MONEY! 04:32:47
CAFRs 03:01:26
Good list showing spin vrs truth 02:54:30
Shocking Charles Lindbergh video from Sept 11 1941 - must see 02:53:44
This RP song is awesome! 02:15:21
How Ron Paul Could Win the Presidency - A Hypothetical Chronology 02:09:30
Grassroots keep them coming! 02:06:38
A Time to Conserve 01:46:32
stephen colbert 01:30:41
Giuliani vs Thompson, Romney vs McCain, Ron Paul vs EVERYBODY 01:05:46
DIGGS NEEDED: Ron Paul's Wife Says Audience Was Stacked!! 01:02:12
Drew Carey - Libertarian? 00:46:49
Dneero Social Survey 00:28:25
Wednesday Guest on "The Freedom Message": Bruce Fein of American Freedom Agenda 00:25:26
47 hrs. to hit 2 million dollars online 00:06:18