Posted on October 25, 2007

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Ron Paul still the favorite among military, vets 22:48:20
Ron Paul: The Liberal Republicans' Choice? 21:26:31
NH's Jim Forsythe on Ron Paul 19:00:48
Glenn Beck Waking Up? Interview With Jerome Corsi On The Amero! 18:07:58
Ron Paul Fundraiser at Max's Place Makes the News 14:26:44
HitWise Numbers In - Ron Paul Swamps Other Republicans with 45% Market Share 13:50:52
A Reminder to Stay Focused 12:30:03
Ron Paul: Interventionism? Isolationism? Actually, both 11:39:35
Dr. Paul on Free Speech, Dietary Supplements & the FDA 11:35:42
Ron Paul at 7.4 percent in New Hampshire 11:39:40
Ron Paul on MSNBC (10/24) 08:42:15
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ANNOUNCING - The Ron Paul Sign Contest! 23:17:33
Ron Paul on Rocketboom! 23:12:45
Hillary trys to censor Ron Paul 23:06:55
*FREE RON PAUL web site ART/ADS. Created by; YNOT 23:03:10
Another $30,000 in Free Advertising for Ron Paul in Charlotte, NC 23:01:23
Fellow Americans, We Have Lost Our Way 22:43:40
The Ron Paul Spraypaint Revolution 22:39:46
new polls to vote in 22:25:09
Rudy Giuliani's Neocon Gun Position 22:16:42
Subsidizing illegals 22:11:20
Ron Paul on Homeschooling 21:48:03
What Would Ron Paul Do? ( 21:47:16
Anyone have info about newly registered voters in various states? 21:29:56
press release: War Price Tag Doesn't Deter Mitt 20:06:28
Trying to convince someone about Paul on Defense? Show them this 20:02:39
California Poll: Giuliani Slipping 19:40:07
Goal to triple Huckabees earnings for Oct 19:27:03
Ron Paul Radio LIVE at Ron Paul Rockfest! Now! 19:22:17
Enough Tonight Show flowers 19:16:57
Well it's nice that some of them aren't hiding their true colors 19:01:59
Celebrity Support... How to's 18:56:28
I'd like to see... 18:38:10
Ron Paul/Libertarianism in TIME 18:34:47
Poll - Should Ron Paul run as an Independent? 18:20:44
Ron Paul: Highest Polling Republican Among Black Voters 18:17:25
How Ron Paul Can Greatly Expand His Supporters 18:01:58
They're trying to shut the Revolution down 17:50:01
Ron Paul Riders 17:16:13
HOW TO: Raise three million dollars in one day! (NOT speculation) 17:05:42
$30,000 free advertising for Ron Paul Springfield MO 16:46:48
An Open Letter to Christians 16:43:20
New Homegrown Terror Bill 16:32:24
New Brooklyn, Dyker Heights Bay Ridge Meetup Group 16:06:53
Call Center Feedback Needed 16:05:33
Ron Paul appears first on Missouri primary ballot 16:04:14
Dr. Ron Paul on Retirement Living TV 15:42:21
Romney open to Iran 'bombardment' 15:19:40
We are soaked dry? 15:14:36
Calling computer gurus....Chowda?....anyone? 15:12:55
Faux News on Morgan Stanley 15:05:55
Great day for Ron Paul! 15:01:15
BLACKWATER!!! 14:54:47
Second Money Bomb Scheduled For 10-30-2007 14:50:19
NEW VID! RON PAUL RIGHT NOW! (van halen!) 14:43:18
Lets Get Dr. Paul into the Guinness World Records 14:22:30
A plan out of Iraq? Thompson says... 14:19:02
Rockie Lynne to perform at Philly Rally! 14:05:26
Hillary Campaign Censors Ron Paul 13:56:45
I'm an invited delegate 13:53:22
Is the government watching us??? 13:51:59
Repaulican Logo, modified 13:42:57
$2,300 now, or $16,000 later. You decide. 13:15:36
IVA Polls 12:58:34
Patrick Ewing donates to Ron paul 12:58:16
Colbert writes Maureen Dowd's column 12:54:10
Real Clear Politics added Paul to averages 12:49:35
More WMD's... This time in Iran. 12:39:22
MSM and Cable 12:28:07
Meet Ron Paul on October 30, Private Reception in Hollywood Hills after Jay Leno taping 12:26:52
Meet Ron Paul on October 30, Private Reception in Hollywood Hills after Jay Leno taping 12:23:35
Ron Paul Can Beat Hillary Polls Say 11:59:45
"Fiat Empire" DVD now available-- featuring Ron Paul 11:47:54
Anyone ask Ron Paul Staff how they view Nov 5th? 11:33:38
10 MILLION will be watching! 10:58:40
Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class 10:47:40
Could the november 5th be hurting 10:39:48
Paul Scores High With African-American Voters 10:37:41
Paul Scores High With African-American Voters 10:31:36
Ron paul now 4th in NH usiing traditional polling 10:30:25
Please Help Ron Paul Defeat the NAIS Today! 10:25:30
Ron Paul for (Facebook) President 10:22:34
Bush administration announced sweeping new sanctions against Iran 10:20:43
Great Article by Dr. Paul on 09:43:17
Rondemption Song Music Video 09:21:12
New spin on Ron Paul 09:16:59 "fixed"... Donation spike explained. 08:58:40
Dr. Paul should call Bill Bennet 08:29:32
McCain a wonderful old man, yeah right 07:38:12
How Bush Could Have Had It All... 07:33:18
Good Night and Good Pauling!!! 05:34:11
Ron Paul is at up at 7.6% in N.H. 05:08:45
Where did this 200k plus come from???? 04:42:44
Anyone know how to make this happen in time for commericals? 04:34:36
225k a day needs to start today 04:14:38
Too poor to benefit from Liberty 03:44:57
What is missing form this poll? 03:43:15
VERY IMPORTANT: We need to remind people to change their registration 03:20:49
Winnipeg Manitoba meetup established 03:10:16
Mike Huckabee is such a bitter!! 03:07:49
1 in every 350 Americans is considered a possible “terrorist” 02:50:20
my 1st Ron Paul video 02:38:08
RP schmoozing with the Hollywood crowd. 02:37:02
The Repaulican Party Logo 02:35:44
A friend sugested I post this here - Letter to the Editor 02:34:02
Poll: Who should drop out of the race? 02:29:40
Illegal immigration is the key other issue 02:05:31
Photo Ops. 01:47:58
Seems like Ive heard this before somewhere. 01:45:56
$432,000 jump in Oct fundraising numbers! 01:28:53
This one is for the Soldiers 01:22:36
Glenn Beck defending the Constitution 00:56:39
Are you sure you are ready for Liberty? Test yourself. 00:31:05
Will We Reach 2 Million This Month 00:27:03