Posted on October 27, 2007

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Today's Print Coverage: Newsweek, NewsMax, etc. 10:50:08
Ron Paul Halloween Mask! 20:14:57
I Want You! To Vote Ron Paul 20:03:39
First TV Ad - Please read 20:14:59
Video: A Liberal Rethinks Ron Paul 20:14:58
Must See: Ron Paul Revolution New Jersey Style 19:17:37
Atlanta's Ron Paul Rockfest Raises $3,245.25! 19:17:45
First Ad Analysis: Ron Paul is Catching On! 20:15:57
ANNOUNCING - The Ron Paul Sign Contest! 10:50:07
Flower Shower Explained 19:08:21
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Myspace/MTV president dialogues 23:38:54
Get Ron Paul on Oprah. Click for Link to help out 23:31:56
Anti War March on 5th anniversary 23:19:25
Positive Energy 23:08:04
Ron Paul campaign needs money! 23:05:35
The Ad - Cost/Benefit Analysis - Let the "Free Market" Decide - Open Competition would produce "better product" 22:14:38
Rudy McRomney must be laughing 22:14:28
A Call for Unity 22:07:39
IMPORTANT! Amazing Ron Paul ads need your help! 21:20:27
The Ad - It's Just so 80's - This is NOT a texas congressional campaign 20:40:07
Ron Paul Television Ad 20:11:44
Get Active With TV Ads 20:02:20
Straw Poll from WI 1st Congressional District Fall Fest 19:37:33
Terrorists have attacked our imagination.. 19:25:00
Lets get a REAL AD you all LIKE on TV! 19:12:31
5 Forum Post about the TV ad--Wrong 18:48:39
campaign is open to homade video ad's 18:46:17
This new TV ad is not just "not bad"... 18:41:19
Freedom Time 18:13:42
Help us raise money for RP concert in Bloomington, IN 18:10:20
Everyone Calm Down 18:08:21
Ron Paul beats 'em all... on google! 18:08:06
Anybody for a Halloween Treat? 17:42:53
The TV Ad Sucks 17:19:30
New Contest: DONATE an AD for RON PAUL! 17:14:35
Take a look at these TV ads and contribute for them 17:13:19
***New Ron Paul Ads*** 17:07:34
Ad Critques... And Don't Just Say It Sucks 16:50:54
Solsbury Ron (New Music Video!!!) 16:29:49
How many Libertarians does it take to critique a TV ad? 16:22:36
How do you respond to this? 16:19:33
The State vs. Doctors 16:13:39
Huck Finn 16:10:02
New WorldNetDaily Poll about Huckabee 15:51:48
The New Hampshire TV ad analysis: Must Read 15:37:18
Are You Better Off 15:10:43
what happened at iowa state? 15:06:48
History Has Proven Malthus And Co. Wrong Says P.J. Buchanan 15:03:20
The First Ad 15:03:13
New Hampshire Campaign TV Ad 14:59:06
Pat Buchanan openly endorses Ron Paul on his web site 13:58:03
Very Amusing Ron Paul / Red State Satire Piece 13:45:53
USDA Pays Dead Farmers 1.1 Billion 13:26:06
Screwy NY Election Laws - Please help. 13:25:05
Fred Thompson Campaign called Me 13:06:42
Colorado? 13:01:15
Lots of nickels and dimes... 12:48:25
Ideas for Running Mates? 11:21:30
HUCKABEE 10:39:08
IMPORTANT!! Campaign has set up RSVP site for Philly Rally! 10:34:17 perfect for campaign referrals to new comers or converts. 10:23:30
Dr. Mercola - "Ron Paul is No Longer on the Fringe -- Here's Why" 10:01:49
Eleanor Clift Mentions RP on McLaughlin Group 09:51:23
Overview U.S. & Corporate foreign policy 09:43:44
Schlafly: Huckabee 'destroyed conservative movement in Arkansas, left Republican Party a shambles'... 08:06:15
We just hit $2.3 M...Hope we can make it to $3 by end of Month. 05:47:03
Today, Saturday October 27th 2007 - 1,641st day 03:52:45
PBS Newshour analyst David Brooks mentions Ron Paul. 03:06:08
Inspirational Quotes 02:53:48
Nowhere to Hide 02:49:07
Lets play: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other 01:23:59
November 5th 00:35:29
Ron Paul on Rocketboom! 00:33:49
Anti Paul / National Ledger Article / Rebuttal? 00:21:22
Bill Maher's show tonight set me off! 00:19:18