Posted on October 28, 2007

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Ron Paul NH Ad #2 17:23:52
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Advertising format suggestion 23:53:01
How to Win Over the Pro-War Folks 23:46:50
Cheyenne, WY Rally Video 23:46:39
Actually, it *IS* just a piece of paper... GOOD ARTICLE 23:08:03
Calling all Christian Video Makers! GodTube Videos needed! 22:55:19
You don't need a crystal ball to vote for Ron Paul. 22:37:48
Ron Paul Delivers Policy Message 22:25:01
GREAT edit of the Fox antics during last debate !!!! 22:22:11
GREAT UsaDaily Article 22:17:27
A great website 21:49:33
Barry Goldwater 21:02:32
Mike Huckabee Promoted by CFR 21:02:17
StumbleUpon + YouTube = Tens of Thousands of NEW supporters 21:02:13
An Open Letter to Michael Medved 20:17:13
Ron Paul unfavorable in Iowa :-( 20:10:46
Ron Paul 12-Page Mailer to NH--Very Sharp! 20:10:37
Ron Paul T-Shirt Conspiracy 20:03:59
American Liberty Coalition PAC Ad for Ron Paul 20:01:38
New Ron Paul Video 19:35:57
Suggested Reading? 19:35:43
Don't forget Tonight Show "Flower Shower" with 10 MILLION watching! 19:33:44
In what way do you DISAGREE with Ron Paul? 19:20:47
Should Mike Gravel supporters vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primary instead? 19:12:05
My Halloween Trick ? - What is the definition of the dollar? 19:10:27
Interesting new coverage 18:57:50
H.R. 1955 -- Our freedom stolen 18:29:03
RedState Is Lying About Their Policy! 18:26:15
Poll: Straitjacket Bush & Cheney 18:26:04
Supporter created radio ad 18:09:02
Positive Paul Press on PBS 17:58:16
Getting Out of Iraq Gracefully With National Majority Support 17:36:01
Ron Paul on Tonight Show, October 30th 17:27:31
2nd T.V. Ad 17:19:54
The ICC (International Criminal Court) 17:13:30
A salesman's defense of NH ad #1 16:36:40
Don't Bash Democrats - We're for Ron Paul, too! 16:24:57
Meetup group Press Release help 16:20:15
Selling a War Followup 15:18:20
Romney supports Rocky Anderson. Rocky wants Bush impeached. 15:13:41
RP on energy 15:10:47
Campaign slogan idea. 14:52:56
POW! Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney 14:43:45
Trick or Treat... Ron Paul? 14:32:02
End of October 14:23:42
Need help on radio ad idea targeting Christian stations 14:07:46
I need a RP friendly printer 13:46:30
New NH TV ad MUCH BETTER! 13:42:07
Ron Paul's second ad is now on 13:40:02
international donations?! 13:36:24
Eliminating the IRS? 13:27:38
A poem about the war 13:20:52
Michael Medved's outrageous and LIBELOUS/SLANDEROUS recent show... check it and barrage his email... 13:18:00
My AD idea 13:01:47
Mclaughlin Report 12:36:09
Ron Paul probably received more contributions than Fred Thompson in 32 states. 12:35:08
as Huntington goes, so goes West Virginia 12:25:31
Dr Pauls thoughts need amplifying 11:58:15
Selling a War 11:53:10
We Need the Draft Reinstated 11:05:10
Meet the Press 10:58:19
Great Reagan Quote 10:46:48
An Open Letter to the RNC from Osama Bin Laden 10:43:01
Why was RP in Iowa Oct 27? 10:37:07
New Hampshire TV is Secretly Amazing 10:03:21
"Paul stresses better and more limited government" - Ames, IA Tribune 09:58:47
Where is the fundraising letter? 09:52:35
Bombs-away Barnes on RP 09:18:45
Mad? Disgruntled? Sad? Ticked off? Need to vent? Check this out! 08:02:54
the 7 words which would fix the whole fiasco are... 06:40:12
Kansas City Star! MORE POSITIVE RP attention! 06:38:15
New York Times article on RP! WOW! Finally a positive article, kinda! 06:03:35
Love for Ron Paul's supporters 05:37:27
Official Campaign VS Grassroots? 04:59:34
The attacks are getting very subtle 04:58:21
Get out some DVD's 04:35:42
remember what we are fighting for here 03:38:59
What Neocons/Global Elite/MSM want 03:22:58
New Hampshire Ron Paul Banner Ad! 02:27:36
Fugeddaboutit 02:21:00
Gravel and Paul - Oct. 30 (or any date really) 02:06:02
Here is just one more example why we need to come home. 02:04:01
this is incredible 01:51:40
How about this idea for a TV ad? 01:32:09
Everyone please stop and think. 01:26:56
This is THE VIDEO to use to edit into a 30 second tv spot 01:26:31
Get Ron Paul on Oprah, Click for link to help out 01:16:21
Iowa rallies this weekend? 01:05:39
viral marketing/ fundraising 01:04:53
Something we need to start doing 00:33:27
(Video) Ron Paul : Free Your Mind 00:32:34