Posted on October 4, 2007

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Awesome Video of Columbus Ron Paul Meetup in Action 21:30:01
Ron Paul, $5M Man, News from NH 12:03:54
To Ron Paul Activists... and a question 09:57:28
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Death In Phoenix 23:18:47
Ron Paul for President 2.0 (Time) 23:12:26
Tancredo 23:08:23
What we can buy with $40 22:59:50
The Transition...... 22:57:13
The View 22:50:02
Legal way to donate as a foreigner? 22:48:19
I will donate $100 right now IF 22:10:53
Check it out 21:51:57
Lawsuit Against States Closing and Moving Primaries Up??? 21:36:32
ABC Clip- Ron Paul Talks About Campaign Fundraising 21:20:44
Good idea for getting votes on halloween! 21:19:10
Thomas Jefferson - "Educate the voter" 21:13:55
Costa Rica May Shun CAFTA Over Sovereignty Concerns 20:58:20
Traffic Rankings for!!! 20:17:28
Looking for some math/statistics help. 20:06:31
Operation New Hampshire: TV Ads for Ron Paul website 19:37:39
Brian Wilson 1370 wspd "corrects" Glenn Beck....-wow-Must hear! 19:25:20
Tucker Carlson NOT A FRIEND of Dr Paul or his supporters! 19:19:19
A highway billboard by every meetup group 18:47:22
Rudolpho Guiliani only raised 11 million and has 16 million 18:38:54
Last couple of days Ron Pauls website is off the charts 18:18:53
This is what I like to see 18:06:56
CNN is Good to Ron Paul 17:41:29
BREAKING: CNN- Situation Room @ 4pm PST : Should more people be listening to what Ron Paul has to say? 16:33:49
RP on Situation Room today? Time Sensitive/Urgent 16:16:43
how to stop war monger Hillary... 16:11:40
100 Million Dollar Song 15:58:46
New feature added to 15:35:30
Vote in "The Politico" poll 15:29:33
Too far? 15:26:30
Portland, Oregon 1190 KEX straw poll...Ron Paul way behind! 14:57:25
Let's Replace The I.R.S. With... 14:57:15
Ron Paul Quotes YOU can use. (LINK) 14:42:09
Reach out to all... 14:40:33
New target $12 million, can we hit it? Not at the current rate... 14:39:10
South Park help? 14:35:17
Ron Paul Is.... 14:12:05
Current News From New Hampshire! 13:50:22
SNAIL MAIL 13:46:27
Spread Funny College Ron Paul Ad 13:22:27
Do you have right to hold up a Ron Paul sign? 12:50:44
Microsoft's Health Records Site Creates Privacy Concern 12:49:02
Genuine fear for Ron Paul's security (sorry for the neocon terminology) 12:48:43
Building off the momentum 12:43:21
Bush, Congress-An All-Time Low 12:23:38
Fundraising Stats for Junkies 11:49:00
Certifiable Ron Paul 10:32:34
donation banner updating in real time 10:26:24
Talking money 09:55:42
Michael Bloomberg 09:35:15
Joe Scarborough for Ron Paul! 08:57:20
Wall Street Journal Online TODAY 08:41:44
Ron Paul Banners "disorderly conduct"? 07:50:23
Lack Of Confidence In The Dollar 07:16:52
To those in the New England area... 06:42:51
Candidate Calculator poll 06:34:05
Scarborough all but endorses Ron Paul on 'Morning Joe' 06:15:47
Ron Paul 3Q Numbers Compilation 05:35:48
Fantastic Article on Ron Paul from the Concord Monitor 04:55:13
OCT 4 Seattle Times Ron Paul Article. Early Edition. (LINK) 04:42:13
NewsMax Urgent Poll - Major Media 04:38:37
Prognastication 03:56:44
Wall Street Journal article 03:32:51
Ron Paul's odds are 6:1 for the US Presidency. NEW Article & Facts. (LINK) 03:27:32
Concord Monitor article.. 03:10:18
All-America Walk in Support of Ron Paul's Freedom Message, Saturday October 13th 03:08:17
All-America Walk in Support of Ron Paul's Freedom Message, Saturday October 13th 03:08:02
Real Money Says Ron Paul Has a Shot 02:41:21
Sunday Talk Shows 02:07:31
My random response to a comment 01:16:31
Personal Campaigning 01:15:40
Ron Paul in New Hampshire? 00:40:29
How to bring up Ron Paul 00:36:47
WE CAN DO IT!! 00:34:43
NH Boots-on-ground (12,000 homes) 00:31:57