Posted on October 5, 2007

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Second Nationwide Rally - Oct 13/14 17:10:14
Audio MP3 Nashville Rally Speech 02:26:32
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Q3 new donors: Romney 23,000 vs. Ron Paul 35,000 23:47:44
RP on GMA Tommorow! 23:44:13
Kinky Friednman Endorses Ron Paul - From Lew Rockwell 23:41:36
Marion Jones, Government tyranny... 23:17:18
YTMND 23:14:56
CFR 23:13:03
Defending the American dream summit? 23:11:20
Another 08 PRES Poll 23:07:58
FaceBook Flyers 21:48:23
James Dobson on Hannity radio show 21:34:14
Fox Reporting: "Why doesn't he just admit blaming the U.S. for 9/11?" 21:26:53
Outraising Giuliani 21:14:16
I want to see Ron Paul debate Obama 20:27:40
Sacrifice $8/week now or your freedoms later - your choice. 19:37:11
Bookmark/download the Constitution! 19:35:28
Huffington Post 18:31:33
Petition to James Dobson requesting endorsement of Dr. Paul 18:24:55
Nations Top Military leaders beginning to question Iraq Mission 18:21:48
New(?) Online Poll 18:19:04
Matt Lauer and Tim Russert talking on the Today show about RP 17:51:19
Operation Slam in New Ham!! MAJOR INITIATIVE... HELP! 17:44:48
We are having a meetup - need Daily Paul members input 17:39:22
Open Letter to James Dobson 17:20:41
another new believer? 17:14:10
New pledge $25 dollars or more every Friday 16:37:07
Universal Currency 16:34:42
Join this Anti-Hillary Facebook Group. 16:32:53
Ron Paul to Speak at Gun Rights Group Saturday 16:28:14
Attention New York Voters need your help 16:00:38
Libraries Need Ron Paul's New Book 15:51:13
Laughter 15:33:00
Send Letters NOW ! Get walking! 15:15:04
Why Ron Paul must win - Civil Rights 14:27:24
CNN Dirty Tricks With Wolf B.In The Situation Room 14:18:49
Rasmussen's "scientific" methodology for polling 14:17:24
Latest internet traffic stats. Ron Paul clearly leading. 13:51:52
DaD Forum 13:27:44
Michael Reagan says Ron Paul Revolution is exciting 13:07:58
Ron Paul is leading all Republicans among blacks in New Hampshire!! 12:52:33
Paul speech cut off at DAD Forum!!! 12:31:43
Vote in NewsMax's Republican Internet Primary Poll 11:23:42
Ron Paul approval list 11:08:40
Democrats Push For "War Tax" 11:05:16
Put our numbers into action!!! 10:46:43
Paint your YARD Ron! It's HALLOWEEN! 09:53:59
Ed and Elaine Brown taken into custody 09:02:55
The real Rudolph Ghouliani 08:50:19
100k Friday. We have started today at about $214k for October PST. 03:11:46
msnbc update needed 03:05:25
NH Union leader article slams Ron Paul (Ron Paul response is now here) 03:03:36
Kucinich an RP clone? 03:02:19
Achievable goals to raise $4 million for October 02:56:25
Ron Paul’s Chances of Winning Continue to Improve 02:45:12
Cafferty lead-in *MUST WATCH* 01:22:45
Technical Analysis (More reliable than pols) 01:07:53
Not a U.S. citizen and want to contribute? 00:27:27
Another revolution? 00:21:36
Ed & Elaine Brown Taken Into Custody 00:15:46
Nationwide Tax Free Tips Act Canvass 00:13:39