Posted on October 6, 2007

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New York State residents !! REVISED 22:11:06
Ron Paul, rising Republican, wows them in Nashville 21:04:58
NYC: Doing it for Dr. Paul 21:01:41
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Crabs for Paul - A fundraiser - Saturday, October 20, 2007 23:59:20
Oregon Republican Party Straw Poll - Dateline 10/6/07, Portland 22:50:17
We're almost caught up to yesterdays total! 22:29:21
CBS News The Ron Paul Factor 21:02:21
ATTN PROGRAMMERS - a call to arms 20:39:24
Nashville Rally 19:13:40
Senator Goldwater On The CFR? 18:58:59
Pakistan + Nuclear + Bin Laden =? 18:40:45
NEW YORK VOTERS!!!!!!!! Need you to sign petition to get RP on Ballot 18:29:12
New Poll, Republican Internet Primary Poll, GO VOTE! Very important!! 18:26:39
NEW RP Info/Fundraising Card: "Eat in for Ron Paul" -- Short, sweet, effective. 18:19:43
Bayfield Apple Festival 18:01:34
Upscaling the Grassroots Campaigns -- Meetups as Local HQ's 17:37:10 - High Impact Exposure for Ron Paul 16:56:08
Marvelous Discussion of Ron Paul for Christians 16:14:10
Let's use a common brand: "The Modern Thomas Jefferson" 15:44:13
Tennessean: Candidate Ron Paul taps eclectic, fervent base 15:42:40
'Ron Paul is the Ghandi of the United States' 15:32:54
Matt Lauer and Tim Russert Discuss Ron Paul on NBC Today Show 15:32:39
Targeted Messages 15:05:11
Ron Paul, The Brand 15:02:52
There is no media conspiracy 14:46:13
"... Maybe he's the breath of fresh air ..." Washington Week 14:38:14
Is the definition of human too big for the states? 14:19:51
ABC's positive news about RP after today's GMA 13:53:51
Ron Paul should move to NH for a few months 13:51:26
Only ONE Candidate with a Health Freedom Platform 13:46:52
We Are Right, But It Doesn’t Matter 13:31:44
Did anyone hear Ron Paul's speech yesterday at the DAD summit, it's brilliant... 11:52:10
Why Is There A Mike Huckabee Ad/Link On This Home Page?? MySpace?? 10:22:25
CNN's Cafferty Says We Should Listen to Ron Paul. Unbelievable!!! 08:52:56
deleted 08:16:59
Media Bias Against Ron Paul Documented 08:02:54
100k Saturday. We have started today at $263k for October as of 12am PST. We did 49k on Friday can we double that? 03:44:37
Situation Room 03:03:53
Facts/figures/thoughts-check out cato 00:23:04
End The 9/11 Truth Debate In A Way That Brings Victory: A 48 Hour Challenge 00:19:25
The Word Is Really Getting Out 00:17:09