Posted on October 8, 2007

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The Christian Right - Huge Potential for Support 22:34:03
Think Precinct: How Democrats are Organizing / How We Can Inspire Democrats 16:24:13
Ron Paul for President Neighborhood Organizing 09:22:19
The Next President of the United States 08:37:15
Living Simply for Ron Paul 07:39:05
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The Top 4 candidates debate... but first they dance! 23:56:40
SEIU Won't Endorse Democratic Primary Contenders 23:51:34
Lady Liberty has a strong foundation! 23:23:10
Columbus Day and Ron Paul 23:18:25
Dallas trying to raise money for 1/2 page ad - please help 23:15:24
A Potentially very telling statistic 22:53:23
Hillary Endorsement 22:04:33
Why do YOU like Ron Paul? What are your top 3 reasons for being here? 20:52:30
Put Ron Paul Videos on your Video Ipod 20:24:15
Another Ron Paul song 20:08:02
Register Republican in New York by TOMORROW?!!! 19:48:37
Have you noticed 19:32:15
Quick, Ron Paul on Glenn Beck in just a minute 19:29:49
Halloween 19:25:58
Pre Debate Presidential Poll RP = 66% Keep Up There 18:38:06
5 More Hours 18:24:51
Ron Paul Pizza Rap 18:12:34
Where would Ron Paul lift the embargos from 18:02:22
Daily Paul readers and all other Ron Paul supporters, be aware! 17:05:54
We're over 3 hours ahead of yesterday's donations! 17:03:46
When did YOU hear about Ron Paul? 17:00:50
Red State (Unknowingly?) Compliments Ron Paul 16:41:34
ATTENTION NYS: Deadline for registering Republican - Oct 12,2007 16:30:40
msm: ron paul camp split 15:52:55
War on Terror Fueling Al Qaida 15:38:03
Gettin' Snippy Wit It 15:12:43
Can anyone attain this audio of Huckabee discussing Ron Paul? 14:57:54
Ron Paul Family Walk Vid 14:46:31
Ron Paul Polling at 10% 13:44:39
Another great quote from Dr. Paul 13:14:07
Economic Issues 13:12:15
Have Republicans forgotten the definition of the word “conservative?” 12:55:47
Inform Arab Community 12:52:23
Mitt Flop - At it Again 12:39:42
Obama Urges The Creation Of "The Kingdom Of God" 12:36:44
Ron Paul pens 12:33:25
Why Evangelicals Should Support Ron Paul But Probably Won't 12:17:42
Any Report on Ron Paul at the Gun Convention? 12:09:48
Costa Rica and CAFTA 11:57:11
3VOL Your Neighbor Food Drive 11:46:43
Ron Pauls Response 11:39:20
Inexpensive promotion ideas 11:35:50
Hold a Debate Watch Party! 11:31:45
"Garage Sale For Ron Paul" Campaign 11:24:32
One Billion To Mexico To Outsource The War On Drugs 11:24:23
Ann Coulter is a man! 10:58:22
Oxford Research group says war on terror fueling Islamic Extremist 10:51:46
Ronald Reagan was 70 years old when he took office. 10:34:10
ACTION....Take Pre-Debate Poll NOW: CNBC Tuesday 4PM (ET) 10:27:18
Need Bruce Springsteen contact 10:18:10
Grassroots Reorganization - Urgent!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:07:40
Giulliani makes it official 09:59:18
Ron Paul Nashville, TN 10/6/07 09:25:09
Ron Paul Seeks to Tap Big Donors 09:11:24
*FBI whistleblower* Sibel Edmonds - Kill The Messenger 08:21:17
Ron Paul's response to Union Leader editorial attacking him as an isolationist.. 07:59:01
Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst 07:11:31
Reagan Republicans with 17 million $ 05:57:21
Do You have what it takes?? Show me !!!! 04:57:30
Hillary Clinton 04:37:43
Ron Paul on Iraq: Do unto others 04:16:10
A combined effort among supporters... 04:02:57
The Best of Ron Paul volume One 03:43:54
We raised $356k week one of October. We need to triple that week 2! 03:12:15
Republican Party Is No Longer Republican Party. (LINK) 02:00:04
Dec 15, Bill of Rights Day 01:42:19
Make our own "scientific" polls? 01:01:31
Please stop using the term "sheep" or "sheeple" 00:46:59