Posted on October 9, 2007

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Ron Paul Dominates Debate says CNBC Poll Results 23:01:47
Keeping Promises to Seniors 22:59:51
Ron Paul Kentucky - Gets 2nd Amendment Award 14:31:46
National Review: Ron's Revolution 12:21:09
Ron Needs to Accept the Glen Beck Invitaion, Immediately! 11:53:51
Justin Raimando: The Ron Paul Breakthrough 10:43:49
Ron Paul vs. NH Union Leader on Foreign Policy 10:17:55
Ron Paul in CNBC / MSNBC / WSJ GOP Debate - Oct 9, 4PM ET 23:03:47
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Take the Aol after debate Poll 23:50:43
RON PAUL $100M PLEDGE BANK - Don't wait!!! 23:41:03
"We Believe in the Constitution" label.....Is there a PAC? 23:00:58
Top Issues For Christian Voters 22:57:53
msnbc michigan debate - vote now 22:42:06
Ron Paul wins Oregon Republicans support 22:32:08
msnbc voting gop debate 22:29:06
CNBC Pulls Online Poll That Shows Ron Paul Handily Winning Presidential Debate 22:22:51
RP is giving a brilliant speech live on 20:39:31
Ron Paul in top tier interview after debate 18:48:06
Vote in CNBC Poll 17:41:06
A CNBC Debate Observation 16:31:15
Getting Dr. Paul on Glenn Beck 16:28:14
Debate Live Feed 16:21:23
Vicente Fox/Larry King NAU Video 16:02:33
YouTube video comment handling 15:27:21!!! 14:58:59
Big donors out today 14:51:00
This is why... 14:45:36
Fox Confirms Amero A Reality-Transcript 14:33:24
Vincente Fox ADMITS amero and NAU on Larry King 14:16:58
New Home for graphs 14:07:35
Mega Rally Phoenix 13:50:29
ATTENTION All New York State Residents Supporting Ron Paul 13:45:13
Usa daily: Ron Paul Dominates other Candidates on Youtube 13:39:05
Turkish Prime Minister Approves Entering Iraq 13:35:25
new Poll 13:28:25
New Napa Ca. Meet Up Group! 13:09:26
Does NPR (national Public Radio) Have an Embargo on Ron Paul? 12:23:14
New Ron Paul Speech 11:57:50
20,000 Ron Paul Volunteers Added Daily? 11:56:54
The Mega Rally 11:21:11
Improved hourly average graphs 11:18:00
Cato PDF On Educational Freedom/Homeschooling 10:51:06
Great Article by David Kopel in the National Review 10:29:08
Washington Post: Robot-Bugging Anti-War Rally? 10:09:07
Hijacked message 09:30:17
Canvassers Needed in Nashua, NH 08:29:10
Ron Paul Surging among Moderates 08:13:47
International meetup group 07:25:08
Be a Human Billboard - Very easy advertising 05:07:20
Ron Paul's Message Grows Stale 02:35:30
Ron Paul is making more waves in the poker community 00:56:01
Oregon GOP straw poll speech for Ron Paul by Kyle Sanders 00:32:23
The Third Party Scenario...Revisted 00:27:16
Has the issue of election fraud been addressed? 00:06:41