Posted on November 11, 2007

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Tea Party 07 - December 16 - Spread the Word! 23:42:21
Eleanor Clift predicts Ron Paul will be THE conservative in this election 13:29:44
MP3 | Philadelphia Rally Speech 12:29:56
"One of the hottest names in politics today" - CBS 12:05:57
Ron Paul in Philly - Video 02:12:57
Ron Paul on "Face the Nation" Sunday 13:30:44
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articulating the value of libertarian government policy 23:46:16
Ron Paul Spammer Caught Red Handed 23:46:12
Flyover help needed 23:46:10
Freedom does bring people together!!! 23:44:55
Q4 Ron's earnings=Q3 Obama earnings if all keeps on track 23:44:24
How "They" Work the System, and the Contribution limit 23:39:54
Redouble your effort! 23:30:50
Ideas about getting some publicity 23:25:16
Investing in Gold 23:24:45
Marine to God: "Please Tell Me What to Do" 23:24:26
Tea for 6,000 23:23:00
Ron Paul gaining momentum - CNN video 23:15:30
Homeopathic Veterinarians Attempt to Silence Ron Paul Support 23:10:47
Sign Blitz 23:05:30
Join Ron Paul Friends, USA today! 22:45:21
Interesting about Iowa Debate 22:44:49
MSM mentions of Dr. Paul on the rise 22:44:20
Any Ideas on how to 'Witness' to people in the Church? 22:34:03
The new Flag Wavers 22:33:45
Veteran's Day: Sunday and Monday 22:13:04
Today's Poll Results Show Excellent Trend 22:12:25
A New Hope for America 2.0! (VIDEO) 22:03:42
Become a Delegate - The Next Step in the Revolution. 21:56:51
UPI: Huckabee, Paul discount front-runners 21:45:23
California Republican Assembly picks Romney 21:32:45
Ron Paul is Right Regarding Liberty 21:27:15
Sen Bernie Sanders Says Bush doesn't understand Constitution 21:17:42
Electoral college 21:15:42
How about the return of the Sons of Liberty? 21:12:40
The cost efficiency argument against the war 20:48:15
But Veterans' Day is on MONDAY - some people may donate tomorrow 20:36:44
lets break 5 million for the week-80k more to do this! 20:24:34
Ron Paul. Face the Nation Videos 20:13:15
Please Spread the Anger 20:08:34
Iraq war cost to hit $611 Billion - A look at how it could have been used 19:58:35
Ron Paul At 7% and Gaining in New Hampshire 19:57:45
A MUST SEE!!!!!! 19:49:36
another 220k means a 5.1 million dollar week=Q3 19:39:53
The Best Thing You Can Do Right Now! 19:35:27
1/2 point for the quarter this week 19:30:47
zogby paul at 4% up a point...everyone need to join 19:22:13
STRESS TEST *REPOSTED* ITS 7 TO 8 PM EASTERN...... $10 EACH 19:18:15 19:10:54
Sean Hannity meets Change! 19:10:03
Has everyone signed up at zogby 19:07:58
New Ron Paul Meetup Brooklyn, New York 18:50:55
"Lions for Lambs" a must see! 18:37:15
need 50 votes to surpass Giuiani on Facebook 18:19:18
Ron Paul and Rap (This add is hot) 18:11:21
Great ANTI - Paul Article... They are gettin afraid and calling us dangerous 18:06:48 18:01:37
Handwritten letters to Sam Adams Brewery for TeaParty07 18:00:01
California Primary -- Registered "Decline to State" 17:58:42
30, 45 second and one minute Challenges 17:30:19
You've all seen the 88 interview, now watch the 1987 interview! 17:27:09
NASCAR 17:19:42
We're not gonna take it! 17:04:41
Ron Paul at 18% in New Hampshire Demographic; 7% Overall 17:04:35
Great Ron Paul 17 second ad 16:46:03
Ron Paul's TV Appearances 16:32:19
A MSN search...? 16:27:36
Lets break 8 million today!! 16:20:19
Study: 1 out of every 4 Americans that are homeless happen to be veterans 16:09:55
202-863-8500 15:31:39
celebrate Christmas(or your favorite winter solstice holiday) with RP 15:25:29
Black Friday flyer for greedy shoppers!! 15:24:54
RP08 @ eBay 15:20:50
Ron Paul at 6% (Rasmussen) = 12% at least 15:19:43
Campaign Contribution Banner for desktop 15:19:17
11/11 challenge for all ron paul supporters 15:11:51
Dr. Paul exluded from IPSOS poll 15:08:46
Peter Schiff for Teaparty07 15:08:01
Yet another article with insanely great logical arguments about Ron Paul 14:58:15
Say goodbye to privacy 14:51:02
Ron Paul Interview 1988 14:48:40
To those posting at Free Republic and other "tough sells" 14:21:06
Boston Tea Party 07 - We're Sick of Your Kool-Aid! 14:12:43
RE: situation room coverage last week: BIG LIE 14:00:15
Social Security misinformation 13:52:31
On RP's chances and opinion polling 13:42:43
Paul needs to directly address the seinors in America 13:33:03
New challenge: 50,000 -$11.11 donations! 13:29:10
montana ...strong paul state 13:23:08
Contact Your Senators, Congressional Representatives, et al. 13:20:45
Pizza Delivery for Ron Paul 13:09:52
Social Security Inaccuracy on Face The Nation 13:09:50
Anyone see this horrible attempt at a hit piece? 12:50:00
Need your help! 12:45:31
can someone tape Cheney's speech at arlington? 12:27:36
Please vote in our quick poll 12:11:32
Dick Cheney to give speech at arlington??? 12:10:55
Need Beta test help for Voter Registration action project 12:09:41
Pres or VP normally at tomb of unknown soldier ?????? 12:06:00
how to download RP clips 12:05:52
Anyone know of an on screen video capture freeware program? 11:59:36
Ron Paul on CBS Face the Nation Right NOW 11:43:38
You Tube / Yahoo / My Space - Debate! 11:43:32
McCain just said "I will win New Hampshire" 11:31:30
Ron and Mike H. on CBS Face the Nation 11:26:50
Dr. Paul, regarding impeachment--- 11:26:19
eBay store for Ron Paul? 11:15:29
National Catholic Weekly Article 11:08:28
Prayer For Paul Day Every Day 10:56:14
A Ron Paul Truck! 10:22:16
Definition of Privacy needs to change? 10:16:07
This is why we need to work hard for PAUL 10:15:32
Ron Paul needs RV 10:14:55
New Directory of Resources for Maxed Out Donors 09:55:39
Upcoming TV Appearances 09:30:01
Front Page Sunday New York Times (PRINT edition!!!) 09:14:29
Register Republican to Vote For Ron Paul in Your State Primary 08:46:59
As of 11/6, Ron Paul reaching 7% in polls in NH! 08:41:30
An IOWAN’S 2-cents about IOWA 08:23:32
Top 100 Political Websites 08:14:11
C-Span NOW 08:07:33
$11 On 11/11 07:38:23
GREAT Analysis of Ron Paul / Trevor Lyman's Nov5th MoneyBomb. We're winning. 04:15:54
An IO poll - RP with 4% 04:06:40
Positive stories of one on one canvassing 03:41:40
Stress Test Today 03:07:17
A NH poll - RP with 7% 03:06:04
CNN Interview after the Philadelphia Rally 02:36:37
open war with Iran soon? 02:23:02
Liberty think tank 01:56:52
Ron Paul on Face the Nation 01:54:13
NewYork times main topic 01:45:23
Screen Capture from my Veterans Day donation!...sweeet! My 2 seconds of fame 01:32:21
Hey all you Vets.... 01:30:11
Watch The Entire Ron Pauls Phili Speech Here 01:12:52
Who is Ron Paul? Help! 01:05:58
Have you seen this? 00:47:56
V was at the rally today! 00:15:17