Posted on November 12, 2007

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Salon's Glen Greenwald: Ron Paul Distortions and Smears 22:17:42
Ron Paul Rally at UNLV - Monday Nov 19 20:55:02
URGENT - To supporters in Democratic districts of Michigan! 17:19:15
On a lighter, more positive note, 16:29:58
We are All Americans...Stereotypes Divide 14:39:07
New York Sun: Ron Paul's Prescience 12:36:49
Calling New Englanders ! 09:00:46
Ron Paul Interview at UNH - Chris Liquori 01:11:48
HELP in Illinois! 16:39:58
This November 11th, 2007 01:11:49
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Ron Paul Official Site BACK UP!! $8,100,000 made!! 23:59:02
I don't like it 23:57:09
Dr. Paul polling 5% nationwide! 23:49:38
This is why we fight... 23:43:47
Campaign website down? 23:27:29
- MSNBC- What Web Traffic Says About the 2008 Race 23:19:21
Suggestions for Combating RP Attacks 23:13:47 vs Subscribers Graph 23:12:18
Freedom Cartoon!!! 23:09:46
Ron CAN and WILL win the General Election 23:08:02
DVD-R or DVD+R for small-time replication? 23:05:14
Rudy and Mitt Banking Elite Contributions??? 23:00:44
Mitt Romney - Most Conservative??? 22:58:52
Will Lou Dobbs Support Bloomberg If He Runs 22:57:30
Another copy cat - Obama 22:48:44
I got a MySpace Convert Today... 22:44:39
Ron Paul Christmas CD? 22:42:58
A must add video to the TeaParty07 website? 22:41:14
Wired magazine gives a pro-Paul article 22:40:44
National Right to Life to endorse Fred T. 22:36:12 22:22:31
As Ron Paul said Americans have good hearts... 22:22:27
A Plea for eLIB3RTY 22:15:08
Newt Gingrich Just claimed Huckabee has had the best 2 mths 22:14:04
Rudy: "I'm not REALLY a Republican" 22:13:20
Opinion Polls Skewed To Marginalize Ron Paul 22:10:23
I may be in a panic?? 22:00:17
Myspace Program for Mass Mailing RP Supporters re: 12/16/07 and!!! 22:00:05
Campaign Site Down??? 21:57:39
Ron Paul Day of Prayer?! 21:56:39
Urgent action needed by ALL members! 21:54:40
O'Reily seems to be backing away from the attck Iran 21:49:39
tv ad in iowa! oh yeah! 21:42:47
Could We Get Nancy Reagan's Endorsement? 21:40:17
More Great Coverage 21:39:59
The most pro-Paul article from MSM I've found! 21:39:43
Glen beck ploy for ratings 21:37:45
Ron Paul Web Site Down? 21:34:59
Ron Paul has $$$$$$$ Look!!! 21:28:20
Maybe Someone Can Produce These Ads 21:24:43
Stay Informed: we are not alone 21:14:52
What other people are saying 21:11:55
Vox Day Opts for Ron Paul Over Mike Huckabee 21:10:51
Dec 16th should include a day of prayer 21:10:46
Boston Globe Polls 21:06:36
This Means War!!! 21:01:00
Ronpaulgeorgeandringo - Beatlemania in Philly!! 20:48:16
Paul Pays Filing Fee For Republican Primary in Arkansas 20:47:44
Poll - Please vote 20:46:42
Paul 3rd Place at Intrade! 20:43:56
Ron Paul Tool Bar 20:41:43
Calling All Fantasy Sports Enthusiasts. 20:35:14
Radio straw poll 20:25:56
CNN RON PAUL POLL Is The Revolution Taken Too Literally? NO!!!! 20:13:11
Glenn Beck just insinuated that we are dangerous terrorists. 20:12:09
If RP doesn't win... 20:10:26
December 16 is the day! 19:57:00
Huffington Post - Nice 19:52:14
Dollar Crisis 19:46:32
Planting the seed among co-workers... 19:46:22
Comcast censoring Ron Paul e-mail as spam 19:37:43
An idea to attract the female vote: Picnic in Texas with Dr. Paul's patients 19:28:17
Racist Allegations! 19:25:00
Definition Changing for People's Privacy 19:19:31
Can I please get some comments? 19:16:12
OK. Come play ... 19:15:53
Freedom and it's fall. 19:07:00
Glenn Beck Poll ... please vote! 18:55:15
7% in Nevada! 18:53:28
Completing the Mission 18:53:03
You want to talk about left vs. right? Murdoch funds Clinton! 18:38:13
Salon's Glenn Greenwald 'Ron Paul distortions and smears' 18:37:40
Rachel Goes Shopping at Fed Lion 18:34:16
Why the Leftists Think Ron Paul is Dangerous 18:27:30
Truck billboards for Ron Paul 18:23:23
George Washington's Farewell Address--Must Read 17:59:06
Would It Be a Good Idea 17:54:19
Get Ron Paul in Playboy 17:47:00
Person of the Year 17:46:17
wear color 17:40:27
Peter Schiff Interview 17:36:06
Should the Constitution be amended to ban family members from succeeding one another as president? 17:26:48
There Was NO TAX on the Tea Party Tea 17:25:40
Why Paul is the only candidate who can beat Hillary. Project Code: NOHILL 17:22:39
My personal observation about RP supporters 17:15:09
McCain the Hypocrite 17:04:31
The Washington Times: 'Money bomb' 2.0 --They are watching us. 17:04:14
Don't email bomb Iowa GOP 17:03:04
Sign Bomb? 17:02:17
Original Tea Party Call to Action 17:01:28
*ALERT* NEEDED!! **DOWNLOADABLE** Ron Paul videos for NH DVD 16:59:14
Don't hide from the telescreen, Smith! 16:58:11
Send Out Balloons with RP Messages Attached 16:56:38
Ron Paul vs. Howard Dean on Meetup and Polls 16:48:24
Ron Paul and the Tea Party 16:44:54
US News and World report reports on the Philly event! 16:40:27
Time Person of the Year Submission Form 16:35:21
Another reason Ron Paul MUST be president... 16:17:27
Maybe "God" IS trying to tell us all something here. 15:56:49
How Stalin Hopes We Will Destroy America (1951) 15:28:18
proof mitts campaign copies ours 15:27:54
short video on cnn about RP 15:24:45
Support of Israel... 15:24:20
Why Eric Dondero is dangerous to the Republican Party 15:20:37
John Harwood's New Ron Paul Poll 15:18:03
Should I have bothered emailing Fox 15:11:11
Google Audio Ads for Ron Paul... Any success? 15:10:45
My report from the Philly Rally! 15:09:46
Great Article by NBC on Philadelphia Veteran's Day Rally 15:01:33
sean hannity confronted in book store 14:53:13
rupert murdoch OPENLY backing Hillary 14:51:15
Ron Paul Economic Interviews 14:45:59
US News & World Report: Ron Paul Finds Fans in Cradle of Liberty 14:43:47
Good Fundraising Opportunity... Need Help. 14:12:48
NBC says Philly crowd numbered over 5,000 14:06:56
I just saved a bunch of money..... 13:51:37
14 Signposts to SLAVERY! Be very afraid! 13:47:13
Hillary Clinton 13:44:43
What do you attribute Ron Paul's phenomenal success on the internet to? 13:37:20
Ron Paul steady at 6% in Rassmussen Poll 13:35:24
the power of our new alliance 13:28:09
Vote on the News Radio 1190 KEX Presidential Straw Poll 13:09:34
Ron Paul's Jewish Problem, maybe you guys want to comment? 13:02:45
Ron Paul - One of Us 12:57:50
Simple childhood request of RP 12:57:37
Libertarians and immigration. 12:49:01
You don't have to spend any money. You just have to spend your time. 12:45:22
Questions to Democrats 12:44:38
Drudge just ended Huckster's shot at POTUS 12:10:56
The NY Sun has a shockingly postive editorial on Dr. Ron Paul 11:58:49
Schoolhouse Rock 11:55:01
GOP Says There's A "Danger" RP Could Win 11:52:55
Boston Globe: New Hampshire New Poll Paul's in 4th! 11:48:16
Ron Paul finance claims predict correctly 11:35:52
Debate Strategy 11:28:03
Internet Poll Needs Votes 11:25:50
San Diego Paper Shuns Dr. Paul 11:25:30
RP on Brian and the Judge 11:24:03
Ron Paul back in Pajamasmedia poll again! 11:20:51
Ron Paul Rally at Iowa City Nov 17 at Noon -- Pls disseminate widely 11:00:49
Judge Napolitano on radio, Ron Paul was on Steve Dore coming up next 10:54:08
Hey music people - Ron Paul X-mas songs CD? 10:50:56
"Selling" Ron Paul and the Liberty Message 10:47:38
Ron Paul one liners 10:27:12
Another inspiring story from Meetup 155: My Veterans Day 10:06:53
RINOs should be extinct! 09:37:56
NH Primary Fundraiser-Phoning 585,697 registered voters 09:24:46
Dailypaul as big as Freerepublic, closing in on Dailykos 09:24:41
I had to cry. 09:22:39
Friends on the Left 09:19:14
Man of the Year 09:11:33
TeaParty will start at $10M+? 09:05:25
Just some heart-felt reflection to share 08:33:24
WND's Vox Day on 'Chucking the Huckster 05:33:14
Privacy no longer can mean anonymity 05:04:39
Wall Street J editors email. Go getem guys! 04:43:27
Goodbye Privacy - Hello Government Safeguarding our Information 04:34:52
what I learned from 'Open Secrets' 03:38:40
On "scientific" polls in primaries -- article by pollster 03:38:26
A video for only Hardcore Ron Paul supporters 03:36:33
Cuban refugee turn Ron Paul supporter 03:33:38
Ways to find info? 03:02:50
New York Sun editorial 02:31:09
GOLD & SILVER FALL!! Dream Deal!! 02:14:28
Wall Street Journal "data" 02:12:15
The power of 2 =1,000,000 views! PLEASE COPY THIS!! 02:04:44
Dollars collaps and the conspiracy to cap the price of Gold 02:02:51
Favorite "conversion" stories - list yours here 01:17:53
Good Advice from an objective Libertarian Conservative 01:14:32
Is Ron Paul's Senior Staff Going to Receive a Call From Hollywood Soon? 01:11:26
Why few Gnu's is good Gnu's 01:01:12
$14 Mil Tea Party? 00:53:53
There is absolutely nothing patriotic about the “Patriot Act”. 00:50:18
Still looking to help work on the donation websites? 00:42:33
The person behind a famous war photo 00:35:50
Critique my Iowa letter 00:32:27
How to download "A New Hope" to your computer 00:13:03
TV Commercial 00:09:49