Posted on November 13, 2007

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Operator...Can you give me the number for LIBERTY please?? 23:30:08
Zogby on Hannity's Show: Ron Paul Could Get 15 - 18% in NH 21:24:03
Ron Paul: A Seller of Ideas - Chicago Tribune 18:23:20
"Nazi" smear attacks against Dr. Paul are backfiring 15:45:20
Ron Paul Sign Contest Winners Announced 12:00:43
The Campaign of Miracles 11:27:25
Ron Paul Full Page Ad to Appear in USA Today 12:01:44
Blowback is nothing new. 07:29:24
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Polls Don't Reflect Paul's Support 23:52:11
Ron Paul on Facebook 23:40:03
Ron Paul on HealthCare 23:26:00
How long before Buchanan endorses Dr. Paul? 23:17:26
Ron Paul: For You 23:13:29
An appeal to the voters of every state via the internet 23:11:54
Got a song you think would make a good video? 23:03:55
New CBS NYT Poll - Ron Paul rising 22:56:40
Ron Paul mentioned on Bloomberg Radio's "Simply Put" 22:42:27
Testimonial Video from US Military in Iraq 22:39:10
Ron Paul Stretches Every Dollar 22:21:13
The American Revolution Episode II: The Revenge of Ron Paul 22:16:56
Vote Ron Paul for TIME Man of the Year! 22:16:04
15-18% in NH 22:08:45
Everything is going to be ok...all of you thought the dollar was in trouble 21:56:06
A discussion I had with some friends today. 21:51:52
NY Times: Murdoch presses editor to mislead investigators to protect RUDY! 21:49:18
Ron Paul Stretching Ever Dollar 21:45:05
Ron Paul & Dec. 16th on CBS Evening News 21:44:27
Glaring Error on Real Clear Politics "latest polls" page 21:31:35
SurveyUSA is a joke! 21:28:31
HUGE OPPORTUNITY!! Have Your Ron Paul Ad SHOWN ON TV!! 21:25:42
Ron Paul Postcards! Genius! 21:25:35
Drudge headline about Huckabee second in Iowa poll! 21:24:14
The USA Today AD! 21:17:25
We're movin' up! Ron Paul at 8% in NH! 21:13:31
Lou Dobbs likes Ron Paul! 21:04:44
Is Google Censoring Ron Paul? 21:04:13
Presidential Candiate Fred Thompson To Be In Pensacola Friday 21:00:41
RP at 8% in NH CBS/NY Times poll 20:57:45
Can I donate? 20:50:59
Emergency Online Poll Ron Paul Is Losing Please Spam It 20:50:28
Music 20:42:54
More than 1 in 4 Soldiers have Mental Health Issues 20:41:38
Rudy in Fl. on Thur @ The Villages 230pm 20:40:07
Your Life in Ten Years--If Ron Paul Doesn't Win 20:30:10
Have You Been De-Hannitized? 20:20:12
Need advice from everyone here. 20:09:19
Paul and Hillary vids... 19:37:20
Question about that Huckaberry add ... 19:35:06
The People's President Ron Paul 19:25:42
Think Bigger 19:25:08
NEW News Network coming....You gotta see this!! 19:19:09
Google Ads 19:18:36
Curious as to Ron's (and y'all's) opinion... 19:17:22
Bill of Rights 19:07:36
The Vijay Boyapati Story 19:05:50
1 Man Cannot be an Island: Call your Congressmen to support RP ! 19:00:57
An Entertaining Look at the Constitution 18:58:23
Great Article Baltimore Sun 18:48:13
Endorsement possibility?! 18:40:51
Total Cost of War at 1.5 trillion, going to 3.5 trillion 18:40:27
Polling at 7% in Nevada 18:38:33
Paul and Hillary vids... 18:33:51
A Newt Gingrich ONLY RON PAUL contract with America for other candidates to run on! 18:28:18
Why Millions of Americans Don't Want Smaller Government. 18:22:29
Ron Paul is the best chance to beat Hillary. 18:18:20
Want an autographed copy of "A Foreign Policy of Freedom"? 18:13:15
Just Posted: 3 Page Article on Dr. Paul in Chicago Tribune 18:09:55
A good article that needs a RON PAUL punchline. 18:02:57
USA Today: Ron Paul's campaign says he's added another $1M in past week 18:01:36
Pro Lifers endorse Pro War candidate 17:58:08
zogby & rasmussen on hannity 17:54:40
Huck is passing us in fundraising? 17:51:52
Tancredo Sets Off His Own Bomb 17:51:13
Rasmussen on Hannity: 15-18% Possibly in NH! 17:50:52
On the Record: Ron Paul is a HERO to Taxpayers 17:40:33
HUGE PASADENA, CA. Meetup tonight WITH PRESS - Be there! 17:36:39
Can Ron Paul Reshape Israel Influence in U.S Government? 17:36:16
In 20 years kids will be quoting Ron Paul like they do Jefferson and Madison now 17:34:29
Support for Ron Paul from Around the Globe 17:21:00
Operation Live Free or Die? 17:14:46
Ron Paul Revolution - the Power of De-centralization 17:10:54
Dr. Paul does not attack, censor or boycott...follow his lead 16:27:33
USA Today: Ron Paul's campaign says he's added another $1M in past week 16:25:26
New Handout I designed for tea party 15:52:35
Best Ron Paul article ever 15:43:20
Why you should write to your local paper 15:30:58
Media IS paying attention 15:20:33
Register NOW! Campaign 15:18:05
China's beating us, in money and military matters 15:16:41
The "Judge a Book by its Cover" Voter 15:01:32
Ron Won on Who Would The World Elect Poll 14:57:53
Keep the personal video testimonies going; Use your camcorder a lot. 14:55:47
Rejoice! The hit pieces are in full swing! 14:51:53
Tailgate Party/Rally @ University of Iowa Football Game 14:51:42
Whack-a-mole 14:42:36
Ron Paul Radio Ad #4 14:40:39
December 15th....Bill of Rights Day! 14:30:53
CNN talks about the $8 million 14:11:43
Does RP Support Huckabee's Fair Tax? 14:06:34
Without Ron Paul Now In Ten Years Your Life Will Probably Be Terrible 14:01:28
Eric Dondero (Ron Paul Critic) is a foolish buffoon 13:44:05
Proposal: A Compact Database of Rebuttals for Use Against the Opposition 13:39:04
A little Flip-Flop: Fred Thompson talks about abortion Video 13:07:02
Tea Party Flyers 13:00:44
Absentee Ballots 13:00:34
challenge---need assistance to put together a flyer 12:35:43
ACTION! CNN's Glen Beck ATTACKS Ron's Donors: Take the Poll, Please. 12:35:35
RP starting to get hammered hard by the blogosphere 12:32:37
Why Ron Paul was left off a video game 12:32:03
Bill O'Reilly about to be on the View 12:23:37
Original Rap Anthem for December 16 Tea Party 07 12:17:34
Powerful ad ideas: Daisy 2.0 and Learning Chinese 12:17:23
Ron Paul's Environmental Strengths 12:16:29
History repeats itself 12:04:40
Corporate Candidates ='s Frontrunners 12:01:56
Ron Paul's Legislative Record 12:01:19
Glenn Beck boycott??? 12:01:10
Bringin Paul to grammie and grandad... 11:52:52
New Hampshire: Ron Paul signs are everywhere 11:46:52
Teaparty07 & Myspace, Facebook, Meetup contacts etc. 11:46:03
Black Friday 11:30:32
how do we gain republican womens support in the polls=double digits position 11:21:54
Fiat Property Tax 11:12:02
Laptop brigade tools 11:10:59
GOP Early Primary Penalties 11:09:43
SLATE -- on Ron Paul Grassroots & HQ campaign(S) 11:05:03
Real Clear Politics Graphs 10:55:03
Obama Supporters Emulate Ron Paul's 10:41:54
Ron Paul on Race 10:40:04
Another Good video 10:33:38
Are There Any Ron Paul Directorys? 10:17:10
Ron Paul Thanksgiving and Christmas parade floats? 10:17:02
Yahoo political chat rooms 09:56:57
Media Blitz 09:56:03
Excellent article in Chicago Tribune online 09:54:48
Another Poll 09:44:15
Chicago Tribune article - very good 09:31:20
Digg, If he is not already... 09:24:56
Why The Media Wants a Giuliani to be the GOP Nominee 09:17:19
Huckabee Offered No-Cost Deal for Mexican Consulate 09:03:54
Has this been presented to the campaign? 08:47:15
Why Dr. Paul must win 08:09:49
Inside the NWO 08:02:28
To Ron Paul Supporters: Civility is Essential 07:48:07
Fox News' Rupert Murdoch LOVES Hillary Clinton 06:35:26
what I had to post at the mitt site, please cut the crap 05:19:31
Ten Little Indians 04:41:55
Lunch with Ron Paul in RENO -- RAFFLE!! 04:31:00
New Slim Jim Idea 04:06:25
Ron Paul's environmental shortcomings 03:40:53
Ron Paul Meme 03:32:38
Is this legal? 03:18:38
Interesting Former Mexican Pres. position pre Iraq War 03:04:15
YouTube challenge: Ron Paul vs Hillary Clinton, edited debate 02:47:47
little help? 02:36:02 02:25:00
T-Shirt sites? Looking to buy 02:00:48
these guys love Paul 01:50:44
America act now learn from Illinois 01:46:38
Lions for Lambs 01:43:31
OK, enough..can we to sue the polling companies? 01:37:56
History before us 01:32:40
Newt Gingrich is a NEOCON obstructer of Liberty and the Media has taken a new tactic at hurting Dr. Paul 01:31:30
little help please 01:27:14
Tea Party Slim Jim 01:22:15
Making Fun of Other Campaigns Moneybomb - not helpful 01:21:39
Ron Paul needs to raise his quarter goal publicly (the sooner the better) 01:13:24
Florida Straw Poll Just Announced 01:07:21
Attention all Meetups: BANNER all AIRPORTS 22 mil passengers predicted 00:58:36
Who is Chuck Hagel? 00:51:53
Let's create our own scientific polls! 00:49:54
The Howard Dean Fallacy 00:45:43
DEC 16TH PLEDGE DONATIONS AT 10% ALREADY-- But hassle to pledge!!! 00:45:37
2 Online polls 00:44:22
MyGop - Free home pages @ Republican National Committee site 00:22:11
Barack Obama's Supporters Emulate Ron Paul's 00:16:29
Ron Paul's Vegas odds 00:14:11
Users JeffBoste & PollM - Opinion Pollsters 00:07:05
MSNBC - What Web Traffic Says About the 2008 Race 00:00:19