Posted on November 15, 2007

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Grassroots! Create a Ron Paul Ad for the CNN/YouTube Debate! 22:30:44
Feds raid company that deals in precious metals 21:17:32
December 4th Fox Debate Cancelled 19:50:25
Remembering What We're All About. Thank You Ron Paul 18:23:32
Utah Mayor Wakes Up 17:07:06
NH Campaign, Alive and Well! 05:07:55
Open Letter to CNN and Glenn Beck: Ron Paul Supporters are Not Terrorists 17:07:08
Marine Responds to Glenn Beck 08:56:05
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Poll: Who do you think won the CNN News Las Vegas Democratic Debate at the University of Nevada? 22:36:12
Ron Paul Interview from 1988 22:29:45
Veterans for peace get busted 22:27:15
The red pill with Ron Paul 22:21:20
Don't Miss the "Tea Party 07" Party Song 22:07:49
Response to Stanford University RP "insane" article,entertainment only 22:02:12
Hello Lou Dobbs 21:45:11
Ron Paul Hits 6% on Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll 21:32:48
Nation's Cops Applaud Ron Paul 21:15:37
NH Republican Consultant - Video - RP to "tip over the apple cart" 21:12:38
Stop the meaningless and FOCUS!!! 21:10:31
comment on Democratic Debate candidates here 21:07:24
PRAY FOR RON PAUL!!!!! 21:06:48 -- A quick, simple introduction to Ron Paul, focused on the war 21:05:15
Liberty Dollar is Raided -- guess what they took? 21:03:37
If the Pollsters Won't Call us, We Need to Call Them! 21:00:49
USA Today Ad. Fifth Draft Up 20:56:01
Positive RP Article on Grassroots 20:54:22
Illinois Republican Party - Rep. Ron Paul does it his way 20:53:35
Thanking positive reports 20:46:54
Electing Ron Paul will mean an end to conspiracy theories 20:44:49
Why Fox News Promotes Giuliani 20:41:18
Reuters: Ron Paul's maverick stand enlivens election 20:29:55
Many Ron Paul signs in NH, but more needed 20:29:49
Ron Paul Gains Prominent Endorsements in Montana 20:18:14
Re: Seizure of Ron Paul and Liberty Dollars 20:16:33
Operation Vote Count 20:15:52
Ron Paul Remembers 20:04:02
Sticks and Stones 20:01:24
Speaking of medieval: Mike Huckabee 19:58:16
Eye on the Ball -- CRITICAL 19:53:48
I can not BELIEVE what i just saw on the news... 19:49:12
It's time to upgrade. 19:49:04
1/6 Reached of Pledged total towards Dec 16th- Please sign up 19:21:01
***FBI Raids Liberty Dollar Confiscates All Ron Paul Dollars*** 19:18:53
Entangling Alliances by Ron Paul 19:15:45
The Liberty Dollar has been raided and shut down by FBI 19:10:43
We are going to win 18:46:16
The Bigger Picture 18:45:40
Ron Paul Liberty Dollars Confiscated by FEDs 18:40:20
article on compete blog--Ron Paul blowing competition away 18:20:40
Jay-Z vindicates Dr. Paul 18:15:58
Operation Live Free Or Die - 850 more volunteers needed 17:59:56
Great new Ron Paul song 17:47:40
Has anyone seen this new teaparty video 17:46:37
Local News and the Importance of Being Involved with Your Local GOP 17:46:17
Amazing Technique To Gain a Massive Number of Ron Paul Supporters on MySpace!!! 17:46:01
Jackie Mason Calls Ron Paul "Crazy" in His Vlog 17:42:28
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Video 17:30:16
RP silver coin... profit to be donated !! 17:20:26
Book purchase off of 17:20:21
Government Staying One Step Ahead 17:17:24 to announce new project that will shake up elections 17:12:35
Dr. Paul speaks about Medical Marijuana 17:12:05
Beck planned are doing what he wants 17:11:44
Liberty Dollar Raid Confirmed in Evansville Courier & Press 17:11:39
Hillary now trying to copy us? she now has a chashometer 17:03:38
Another Article 17:03:27
An Iron Curtain Descending Over Britain 17:02:50
If Mr. Beck has offended you then call CNN and let them know... 17:01:05
Musicians need help for lecture/music tour in NH - Can You Help? 16:39:41
* 16:38:50
new article currently featured on Yahoo/news/politics page 16:30:57
Glen becks drinking problem 16:14:54
Video: Tea Party for Ron Paul - 16:13:01
Pro-Giuliani video equates RP with terrorists 16:06:59
A younger Ron Paul??? Could he be his VP?? 15:51:52
Liberty Dollar - Assets Seized 15:51:12
the ghoul supporters make a video overdubbing words onto Ron Paul 15:49:31
Awesome Piece in the Kansas City Star! 15:39:39
New TeaParty07 site ROCKS!!! 15:39:25
Expedited Ron Paul gear? 15:38:57
What would you say to this guy... 15:37:00
Big news from (it's a secret) 15:34:04
A Ron Paul Christmas 15:30:09
Another Million for the Tea Party: Money-Saving Tips! 15:28:15
I need your Help! 15:24:31
Let's get Dr. Paul on the Lex and Terry Morning Radio show 15:21:33
Fundraising Boost Before the 16th 15:19:40
JOIN THE Ron Paul Thanksgiving! 15:08:15
Fox Does Support Guliani Because......... 15:03:30
Smoke and Mirrors 15:01:55
Chris Mathews Needs to hear from you 14:58:46
Ron Paul wins Duval County, Florida and University of North Florida Mock Convention election. 14:56:52
This is America???? 14:56:35
What would the founding fathers think of todays government? 14:53:52
Ron Paul Rap Video 14:47:33
Ron Paul Liberty Dollars Seized by FBI & Secret Service 14:22:43
This video made me soooo angry ... 14:22:29
Constitutional Missourian Podcast Ron Paul Supporter Big Time 14:20:44
Hooray SC Senators! Hooray Beer! 10:20:07
Ron Paul: A Republican Takes the Lead Against the War (Rolling Stone) 10:19:23
great RPR theme song 10:15:39
Michael Smerconish | SWOONING (JUST A BIT) FOR RON PAUL 09:32:18
Ron Paul Signs in Danger of Being Taken Down in Springfield, IL 09:31:34
Daily Paul Site Issues 09:29:05
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13,541 pledges 08:36:20
Lets dig a little 07:18:29
Who is Trevor Lyman? 04:59:17
Based On Your Song Recomendations 02:57:38
Be Careful! - Closed State Voting Scandal 02:52:07
Latest wisdom from Walter Williams 02:47:03
Endorsement Lists 02:45:16
Check this out 02:31:05
A request from a concerned citizen to my fellow Americans 02:30:44
Why do we need open letters to CNN? 02:27:36
Napolitano / Paul speak at FFF convention video links 02:18:49
2 Videos that will bring tears! 02:07:22
TinyURL Endorses Ron Paul 02:06:02
Let's have a class action lawsuit against CNN 02:03:50
Made a New Campaign banner 02:01:58
Ron Paul Supporters: What Party Do You Consider Yourself? 01:54:01
Beautiful New Dec 16 Video: Land of the Free - Updated! 05:08:55