Posted on November 17, 2007

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OSU and Michigan Ron Paul Supporters Unite! 23:50:53
Quick! Hide Your Ron Paul Dollars 22:36:01
Keeping the Love in the rEVOLution 06:00:13
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EU Tea Party 23:51:45
Barry Goldwater, Jr Publicly Endorses Ron Paul 23:37:32
Charlton Heston? Where is his allegiance? 23:25:43
Take the quiz... "the presidential candidate that represents your beliefs the best" I was surprised... 23:21:58
Ron Paul - Honest Money, 1995, Part 1 23:21:33
Parade magazine gives short shrift to Ron Paul 23:01:44
Holding Your Representative's Feet to the Fire for Ron Paul and his Message! 22:54:32
Anyone See the Latest Hit Piece in National Review? 22:43:54
My favorite RON PAUL Signs 22:37:31
Is there any news on Ron Pauls visit to Iowa Today? 22:33:34
Fence & Truck Signs not allowed in Clearwater 22:23:28
Michigan Appeals Court Blocks Jan. 15 Primary 22:23:25
Re: Bikers4RonPaul 22:11:17
E-mail a US Marine 22:01:27
You need to watch the documentary about Andrew Jackson On history chanel 22:00:39
Restore link to on leaderboard of main site 21:24:10
Register NOW! Artwork poll 21:17:28
The European Tea Party -- Europe For Ron Paul 21:03:53
"Shepherd's Guide" for Ron Paul 21:03:38
Will Work For Freedom Campaign Nov 23 21:02:36
Press confused over number of people at Rally 20:54:59
obama threat? 20:54:53
ron is not an isolationist..he is a nationalist and internationalist! 20:43:29
Barack's Money Dud 20:42:44
Princeton has been Ron Pauled 20:35:46
Ron Paul Article in Turkish National Newspaper 20:30:13
Our RP float in today's 11-17-08 Christmas Parade. 20:16:23
Police are doorknocking and "asking" to search your house for guns. 19:51:47
Parents Ordered to Court for Kids' Shots 19:42:38
Need a little motivation? 19:31:38
Ron Paul Supporters Strike Again 19:22:54 (potential recruits!) 19:18:16
An Idea for Myspace Users 19:11:43
Dr.Clifford F. Thies on Liberty Dollars 19:09:52
Ridiculous reporting... 19:02:17
A liberal re-thinks Ron Paul 18:24:46
Ron Paul Supporter Told To Take Signs Down 18:24:03
1988-Dr.Ron Paul 18:22:15
A Note on Conspiracy Theories 18:15:14
Any photos or video from Iowa Tailgate event? 17:09:56
Interesting Info on Mike Huckabee 16:58:49
Great Pro-Ron, Anti-Smear Blog post 16:52:15
Any news.... 16:45:30
On this date: DEC 14th FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS 16:35:43
They keep shooting themselves in the foot..the consequences of taking the Ron Paul coins 16:33:09
Dobbs Is Advertising for Himself 16:30:17
Dallas News Article on Ron Paul 11/17 16:29:43
The problem is 4 states controll most of the delagates 16:11:17
The Strasbourg Tea Party-- Europe for Ron Paul 16:04:47
A Good Youtube Video to Show Neo-con Christians? 16:02:21
Great Article at usadaily 15:42:10
Did anyone see this hitpiece? 15:35:32
Invisible Ballots 15:30:09
Book signing 15:16:04
Why doesn't talk about Income Tax??? 15:00:39
Class action lawsuit against Federal Reserve and Dept of Treasury 14:49:26
Help? 14:42:45
Europe for Ron Paul 14:41:23
Ron Paul Gets Web Ad Hug from Freedom Loving PAC 14:39:19
A pizzeria, a PEN, and some PAPER NAPKINS 14:38:58
Updated: New Video... 14:31:49
Saudi Minister Warns of Dollar Collapse 14:26:46
Another Facet to promote 14:26:18
The Neo-Nazi issue 13:56:13
$288 Billion for welfare! America's biggest scam job. 13:48:28
Logo on stamps 13:46:34
New Gallup Polls says.. 13:45:09
But what about Darfur 13:39:24
Gestapo-like Police Injure Doctor at Michigan State Anti-war protest 13:10:09
The American Pulpit on Liberty before the first Revolution 13:04:27
XM Radio - POTUS 08 - Blows My Mind 13:03:41
A positive post. Let's give a hand to some true Senior Ron Paul supporters! 13:03:10
Big Goin's On In Florida 13:01:56
Ron Paul's lapel pin 12:58:27
There is something about that name Ron that goes with being president 12:55:51
Thanks to all taking MSN poll! 12:24:19
Ohio Needs Delegates 12:12:50
Lets put Ron in First place ! 9 Million in the next 5 days and 10 Million by 27th 12:12:16
Ron Paul on 10questions 11:48:30
what you NEED to know as a member of this movement... 11:41:32
Unreal - article about internet use in politics dismisses Ron Paul 11:25:05
Success Story - New Converts 11:23:46
Outstanding Video 11:22:07
Is today a mini-bomb day? 11:21:04
How to Recruit Difficult Family & Friends 11:18:29
Could we be headed for a Civil War?? 11:10:41
ESPN gameday! 11:06:27
Why Over Taxing the Rich Makes us all Poor 11:04:42
AXJ - Latinos for Dr. Ron Paul for President in 2008! 10:39:59
AP Poll and no Ron Paul: 10:38:29
Campaign Responds to Glenn Beck 10:18:51
Support for Ron Paul from Israel National News 10:15:03
Obama's "Money Bomb" Bomb 09:56:28
For those worried about Media Consolidation 09:39:10
Trouble for Our Generation? 09:07:53
I wouldn't mind seeing a south park episode favoring RP 08:52:25
Great Teaparty07 Youtube Video 07:42:34
Tea for Paulites 05:17:43
Hand to your server the best TIP ever! 04:29:27
The proper business of this movement 04:25:51
Berry Goldwater Jr. Has endorsed Ron Paul! 03:33:52
Pollster Tells Sean Hannity today Ron Paul Might get 18% in NH 03:30:21
Huckabee in the Stone by Matt Taibbi 03:25:04
Hutton gibson endorsed Ron Paul He could bring a million 03:12:04
GREAT RP Interview in latest Rolling Stone. 02:54:50
The only poll that matters: Guess what, it's not Glenn Beck's 02:37:13
look what i found 02:34:41
12 foot-by-9-foot billboard put up by Florida Supporter 02:34:24
"Registration NOW!" Artwork (Vote on Submissions Saturday 8pm EST) 02:21:18
"Dear Dr. Ron Paul"...A letter from a good Daddy. 02:20:32
Ron Paul Liberty Dollars are one hot item on ebay 02:19:31
Washington Post on the Raid. We Supporters Wreck Havoc on the Primary? 02:18:32
Thanks alot- I've been Banned.... HELP!!! 02:17:17
i would have loved to see them get the dollars back after they got sold 02:14:47
Anyone know this guy? Florida article Link. 02:09:32
How to help Liberty Dollar guys 02:06:32
Keeping the Love in the rEVOLution 02:05:34
Benefit of the Doubt (Obama) 01:51:28
I felt like a poem:) 01:39:54
Ron Paul Myths Exposed & The Case for Ron Paul 01:14:45
"Ron Paul: People Got To Be Free" and a new vote 01:10:52
Question For Christians (like myself) about NWO and RP 01:04:36
Lets make Sure Ron Paul raises more money then Tax Hike Mike Huckster on Nanny's MonneyBomb Day. 00:40:40
HEY! Ron Paul is still fighting an UPHILL BATTLE!! 00:37:01
Do not forget - Money bomb 5 is tomorrow 00:22:09
Gas Stations are a perfect place to meet common folk. 00:17:55