Posted on November 19, 2007

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Do you believe Ron Paul can win? 20:11:08
New Song and CD from Steve Dore 18:08:31
ABC News: Ron Paul - FAR Exceeding Expectations 14:06:32
How Do I Become A Delegate? 13:51:23
Glenn Beck - Saturday in Indiana 12:29:50
What's Wrong with Our Monetary System? 10:43:05
Ron Paul Wins Korea Straw Poll (Republicans Abroad) 02:06:11
Stop HR 1955 From Becoming Law 02:07:11
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For those interested in the Enviroment 23:55:19
The Declaration of Independence 23:50:19
make an ad for ron paul; 18K up for grabs 23:42:26
Big Article on 23:40:18
A fun poll 23:31:06
Need Help for Ron Paul 23:29:51
Glenn Beck Meets with Ron Paul Supporters in PA on Fri! 23:24:23
Call/Email your Senator - H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 23:20:28
DISINFO all around....... 23:18:38
Is it OK for Daily Paul to censor posts? 22:48:56
Mike Huckabee's Speech on Foreign Policy -an "Essential Document"??? 22:43:31
Keep it positive folks 22:43:23
How did the Las Vegas events go today? 22:33:57
Letters from a Farmer: Historical reference for our Tea Party; 22:31:06
Let's make automated calls in New Hampshire 22:25:43
Build Your Own Ron Paul "Float" For Parades 22:24:54
This is just one of the many reasons we need Ron Paul as our next President 22:24:15
A national event on black friday. 22:22:39
Did anybody here get to go to the Vegas rally?!? 22:15:20
Sign up with Zogby to be included in their polls 22:10:04
History News Network: Ron Paul Challenges American Empire 22:00:49
PJ Media narrows candidates to RCP list 21:56:54
Poll from msm that does not include RP 21:55:23
“A Viewpoint on the World’s Situation from the Perspective of a 22 Year-old American” 21:45:36
Proof that we are indeed in a REVOLUTION from an historian's viewpoint 21:38:44
First Day In Shreveport, La. with tailgate covered with RP Stickers 21:19:21
Friends and "friends" on the forums? 21:19:16
Brazil to be invaded by NAU in 2013 21:13:55
Here's your Democratic nominee 21:05:09
Romney behind Romney attacks? 21:01:38
FBI Raid on Liberty Dollars Coverage 21:01:14
East Europe Color Revolutions, lessons learned 20:57:06
More talk about Dobbs throwing his hat in the ring 20:47:12
New Ron Paul FUN Survey 20:46:39
Rudy's Top Five VP Choices 20:39:04
Cool video from a guy that was kicked out of the UAE government... 20:30:58
Ron Paul Wins Zogby poll (Blind Poll) 20:22:59
Is it time to shut down DailyPaul 19:57:32
Great Ron Paul video 19:57:17
Suggestions for content - 19:51:16
GOP Debate Song (I think this guy did a really good job) 19:43:48
Great video exposing how CNN plants debate questions 19:43:19
Glen Beck Terrorist 19:35:24
Who's a better endorsement Larry Flynt or a 911 truth seeker 19:26:54
ron paul infomercial 19:13:08
Come Join Us For The Rock For Ron Paul Show! 19:12:12
A First! Ron Paul in the CNN "Line Up" Photo! 19:11:01
The Eloquence of Patrick Henry 19:07:28
Does anybody have high-res photo of Doctor Ron Paul 19:07:26
Oh yeah! 19:06:00
Ron Paul supporters meet Glenn Beck Indy Sat. 18:54:04
Too honest...too squeaky clean?????? 18:53:29
Help us get to New Hampshire 18:52:50
TSA Promises To Be More Aggressive 18:51:53
New Hampshire: 2/3*Guiliani; 2*Paul 18:45:53
e-mail responder 18:37:27
Give Ron Paul a SHOUT-OUT! 18:34:43
*New Poll* NH WMUR-CNN poll RP at 8% up 4 points 18:20:50
Washington Post: If It's Good Enough for Mickey, Why Not Ron Paul 18:08:30
What can you do?? An Answer?? 18:00:10
sneaky CNN why do they do this 17:57:47
RON PAUL Google hits up 3,700,000 in ONE day!! 17:44:29
More hints about Meetup's breakthrough networking program, "Alliance" 17:38:52
CNN claims Romeny has NH already loacked up Liers 17:31:48
Great Washington Post article 17:21:51
Join the GOPrising!! 17:21:14
Praying for Huckabee and His Supporters. 17:09:47
William F Buckley Jr (Rush's Hero) on Dr. Paul 17:06:51
Googling RP brings up mostly negative News 17:03:23
The collective power we have... "Right now" 16:41:42
URGENT Request from Mr Lepard re Wed USA Today Ad 16:29:50
The Power of the Wiki for Ron Paul 16:26:35
Am I the only one? 16:23:29
WILL WORK FOR FREEdom Week! 16:16:30
Ron Paul Wins Nationwide Zogby Blind Poll 16:06:42
Documentary called blog wars 15:45:25
Mass banner and sign waving day for the Thanksgivings holidays! 15:41:07
15,000 Dead US Soldiers IRAQ Pentagon Cover Up!! 15:36:39
RP in high 30% of latest Alex Jones comssioned poll 15:35:29
This quote fits the Clintons to a "T" and 15:34:04
Glenn Beck "Hate Mail" posts! Where's Ron Paul Complaints?? 15:24:58
Ron Paul : Hero of the Day 15:23:40
Switzerland broke away from the gold standard in 2000 15:23:04
Let's show the power of this movement.... 15:22:41
RP newsreport: True Cost of Taxing and Spending 15:21:54
Yahoo Reporter Bashes Ron Paul/Supporters. 15:21:04
Pajamas Media Poll 15:17:23
Ideology of the Candidates 15:11:07
Is Ron Paul Too Honest, Too Principled, Too Squeaky Clean, 14:50:22
Good San Antonio Express News Column 14:46:08
vote for Ron Paul at 14:40:29
Neil Rogers Radio show Poll 14:28:00
Glen Beck Show Loses Sponsor! 14:18:38
Constitutional is 'delusional'? 14:11:19
Dec. 16th will be on a Sunday, this might hurt alot 14:00:46
How the Over-Paid Campaign Staff Let Ron Down --- Again 13:51:40
Fox 5 NY Blog Post on Ron Paul 13:43:14
anyone know where to get a photos and graphics 13:33:09
Great Article from non MSM 13:06:25
No Christmas Gifts ? 13:05:24
NRLC endorses Fred Thompson 12:47:43
Help get Ron Paul an interview with Maxim Magazine 12:46:01
Good to Be King! (Rights vs Privileges) 12:44:47
LOST Don't forget. 12:40:50
Glenn Beck Meets with Ron Paul Supporters in Indy Sat! 12:39:21
Some of you need a basic lesson in manners 12:37:52
Ron Paul interview in Iowa 12:35:21
Where was Ron Paul On HR 1955 12:31:40
Glenn Beck appearance in Indiana. UPDATED LINK 12:05:26
How Hillary raised 27M last Quarter 12:02:25
New Tea Party Video 11:38:48
December 16 Mail Christmas Card To Dr. Paul - 1,000,000 Cards 11:34:54
Christmas "gifts" to Ron Paul from family & friends 11:26:44
Avoiding the Truth 11:23:50
"Geek Tip" Keepsake when you donate 11:21:52
Caroling for Ron Paul 11:10:02
New Jersey legislator speaks out on why he endorsed Ron Paul 11:05:08
Can you all understand my CNN youtube debate Question 10:56:11
We Need Ron Paul and Sound Money 10:40:06
Gettysburg address day 10:25:21
MUST READ!! The NCEL National Clean Election Lawsuit 10:18:58
Ron Paul mentioned in the Medpage Poll 09:51:56
AAFES 09:43:03
Fringe 08:33:27
DesMoines Register, guest writer Ron Paul!! 08:04:14
Board of Election and Registration cards 07:16:29
HELP! OnTheIssues lies about Ron Paul! 07:06:17
Ron Paul scrolling LEDs for cheap!?!? 06:52:12
Current Fundraising Numbers 06:39:43
Ring tones 05:02:45
11/30 Berkeley Rally for Peace and Freedom 04:29:54
Huck tugging on the nets ignorant strings A CALL TO ARMS !!!!! 04:16:32
Great article 04:08:52
Is Tim Russert full of it? The Meet the Press "Promise" Unfulfilled 04:07:34
What Happens After Ron Paul? 03:33:35
Huck supporters copying our success 03:19:20
Romney Health Care in Mass. makes you pay $2000 fine 03:17:35
Love Ron Paul? Nov 21st, national give out a paper day ! Sticky me 02:45:00
Ron discussed on ABC This Week 02:29:07
Ron Paul supporters. Who are you guys? 02:28:56
Democrats will never leave Iraq - a must watch 02:20:32
People to young here to remember Anti-War Billy Jack - New Iraq stuff 02:08:44
Traditional republican support among republicans lay wasted. 01:52:51
Primer on Banner Towing 01:48:56
NEW VIDEO: "Republican Straw Poll Results - Ron Paul" - I bet you didn't know this 01:43:10
-lock topic please 01:43:09
So...we have another Poll 01:36:49
Chuck Norris versus Billy Jack - you guys will love these videos 01:33:11
Best video ever lol 01:32:31
Ideas for December 15th - How to make signs 01:28:55
Religious right splits votes to multiple candidates 01:22:51
Secret Underground history of american education 01:10:01
Fiat money 101 - explained the way Paul should be explaining it. 00:49:42
The Gamer rEVOLution Is On! 00:41:36
City going after Ron Paul signs 00:36:25
Smear articles-turn them around!!! 00:29:21
Pregnant School Principal Mistreated by Cops 00:09:51
Senate Bill 1959: Are you a terrorist? 02:06:11