Posted on November 2, 2007

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Joel Stein (Time Mag) on Tucker 23:31:37
Dr. Paul's 'Foreign Policy of Freedom' Hits Bestseller List 22:40:24
Americans' Paychecks at the Breaking Point 21:44:59
Dr. Paul Draws 700 at Clemson University 17:57:19
87 New York Delegates Needed for the Convention 16:29:11
Ron Paul on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 11/2 - 10PM ET 21:45:59
Steve Dore - Don't Be A Sheep! 12:35:52
Ron Paul excited about November 5th! 07:56:25
RESPOND BY NOV 12! - Boston Tea Party Commemoration (12/16) 05:16:23
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(YouTube video) Nun Supports Ron Paul on Fox : God Bless Sister Rose Marie 23:52:22
Talk about exponential growth! 23:51:03
Looking for clarification with a RP issue 23:35:50
What kind of attendance are other candidates getting at rallies? 23:32:11
Link to CNN Video Interview 11-02-07 23:27:23
Ways to spread the Message 23:27:22
Rocky Mountain Cronicle--Running with Ron Paul 23:20:59
Ron Paul's TV Ads 23:19:52
Alang Stang Endorses Ron Paul and Pushes November 5th 23:17:22
New Video just Up.... Gamers for Ron Paul!! 23:06:01
Is William F. Buckley still alive?.... 23:02:12
Video of Springfield Missouri straw poll Its a landslide 22:54:16
Breaking News: The State Has Been Recalled 22:50:15
Sinking Currency Sinking Country by Pat Buchanan 22:47:13
Ron Paul takes on Condoleeza Rice (Video) 22:40:23
CSPAN2 Voter Focus Group - Richmond VA 22:26:06
I met Kinky Friedman tonight! 22:18:41
Ron Paul was a Fratboy... and a Great One! 22:10:23
Speech by "Rocky" Anderson - Mayor of SLC, 21:59:10
An amazon best-seller as of now! 21:48:58
Welcome to the New Server 21:35:53
Ron Paul & Wikipedia...This is great! 19:53:10
Penn Jillette Likes Ron Paul (on Glenn Beck) 19:38:39
Ron Paul on Cooper 360 tonight 19:22:22
Poll over 19:10:29
Paul on NPR 18:57:45
MSNBC - Tucker - NOW 18:52:59
Iranian Nuclear Technology... and they call us conspiracy theory junkies... 18:50:41
A small victory for freedom 18:42:44
ABCNews November 5th report 18:33:55
The Law of the Sea Treaty = LOST sovereignty 18:32:55
Huckleberry 18:30:09
Hollywood Writers Strike 18:27:41
Fire Society forum bans Paul supporters 18:04:19
WSJ Coverage 18:00:28
How the World can support Ron Paul 17:51:49
Garage Sale For Ron Paul? 17:50:37
We need to stop being hostile to new posters 17:43:59
Buy some soup 17:34:08
Celebrity Endorsement for Ron Paul and some other ideas... 17:32:16
more people search for 'ron paul' than for 'repubican' 17:28:41
Must Beat 3 Million on the 5th 17:13:34
Ron Paul Booth 17:12:39
Huckabee not quite the "Conservative" he claims to be... 17:03:17
Ron Paul Questions Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, on Middle East Policy 16:57:57
This is a great Ron Paul ad 16:48:51
Opinion Polling 16:44:45
Freedom Pledge 16:31:50
Motivation. 16:28:17
Good article about Dr Paul's campaign from NW Arkansas Paper 16:24:26
What are Dr. Paul's religious convictions? 16:10:55
deleted 15:52:01
The not so mighty dollar - we need Ron Paul 15:48:17
South Carolina rallies? 15:44:47
Ron Paul Book Sales Skyrocketing 15:44:37
Tonight Show bump bigger than $5mil fund raising news 15:41:42 to launch Nov. 4 - student journalists 15:41:07
Unspoken sensorship on Youtube? 15:40:09
The Bankruptcy of The United States 15:35:20
More talking points to convert Republicans 15:35:18
I am giving more than $100 on november 5th. 15:22:57
Ron paul had a story on WMUR, the NH abc affiliate news today! 15:04:17
Romney defies Fox News ban on use of its debate footage 15:03:48
Great interview published in Rocky Mountain Chronicle! 14:56:15
Ron Paul #96 on List of Most Influential Conservatives 14:54:26
Running with Ron Paul, Colorado news article 14:54:02
LIONS FOR LAMBS Cinematic Trailer - Please Watch! 14:52:35
This Nov 5th please donate between 12 am and 9 am EST 14:51:54
Great: CNN: Video Ron Paul 14:42:53
Daily Paul to be Down Tonight - 8pm -10pm ET 14:40:41
Anyone else unable to load 14:38:52
iRonbot, the three laws 14:26:23
Need a Constitution Slim Jim 14:26:20
New York Times reports Ron Paul as only candidate to sign the "Freedom Pledge" 14:16:17
Liberty widget still maxed at $4 million 14:14:03
Link To Anderson Cooper 360 CNN Ron Paul Interview 14:06:15
Do you live in Connecticut? 14:02:46
Who is most conservative? 13:54:49
Raised over 1 million in last few days? 13:46:11
Unanswered Question re: Donations 13:29:59
US Constitution Party not yet endorsing RON PAUL? COME ON! 13:28:06
Huge RP Rally at Clemson - Watch Live now 13:25:52
For those who are new to Ron Paul 13:14:19
Fed adds $41 billion 13:08:48
Ron Paul and the Credit Bubble 12:45:58
Compelling case regarding the FRB, Social Security and your property 12:44:06 12:36:38
For Your Security Reading Pleasure 12:34:10
Call Center & Registered Voter Lists 12:33:05
Check Out the Great New Campaign Materials! 12:29:49
Need $2,500? Make a 30 second Campaign Ad! 12:16:08
Great Article on Ron Paul in local NYC Paper 12:10:20
A cheap and effective way to blanket New Hampshire with Ron Paul's message 12:10:05
Ron Paul to be on Anderson Cooper CNN tonight....Watch! 12:09:12
The Most Responsible Iraq War Policy 12:05:03
Yard Signs, Zip Ties & Fences 12:00:25
When Government Gets Involved With "Healthcare" 11:56:46
King of Prussia Mall 11:54:31
The Power of Focus. 11:51:16
Keep eyes on the goal of getting Dr.Paul into the Whitehouse 11:49:16
I have a question about Ron Paul 10:48:49 and 10:20:53
President Paul will need help... 10:20:38
1st hand account - Hannity in Gainesville, FL 10:20:36
YouTube, Comcast, etc..... 10:13:36
DON'T "punish" the campaign over the Philly Rally! 09:49:02
Dare To Dream 09:44:47
Concerts for Ron Paul 09:34:27
what's going on at youtube? 09:23:57
Ron Paul third most likely to be elected president- according bookmaker 09:17:30
Want to convert Republicans? Here is the Silver Bullet! 08:59:51
Ron Paul Rap Video 08:55:37
A gun shop owner that doesn't endorse Ron Paul?! 08:37:57
Wall Street Journal on "Ron Paul's Bigger Tent" 08:28:13
Fred Barnes on Ron in Weekly Standard 08:21:51
Jay Leno Bump 07:44:02
Whack the MSM - Murdoch ;) 07:35:35
Brave New World 07:30:39
Ron Paul Wins Springfield, MO Straw Poll 06:52:47
Republican Libertarians 05:59:13
NYYRC Presidential Debate & Straw Poll 11/6 05:34:10
Nov 5th - You can watch history or You can make history 05:15:36
Success! Ghandi's Fight stage is on! 04:43:58
Are the poor getting poorer? 04:20:21
NEW VIDEO: Ron Paul Ain't Going Out Like That 04:07:29
Recomended movie - about the war in Iraq 04:00:17
Idea for main campaign site fundraising 03:52:41
Help us spread the word about Ron Paul with Google Ads in key states 03:47:47
An Online Poll 03:39:44
Remember the Frank Luntz Fox focus group? 03:31:21
Facebook Groups and Ron Paul 03:06:41
Interesting show on Coast To Coast 03:01:25
Friday: Naomi Wolf on "The Freedom Message" 02:50:55
Friday: Naomi Wolf on "The Freedom Message" 02:50:12
Banking Question 02:20:16
*** Ron Paul picks Giuliani as running mate (Kucinich reported as "shocked") *** 01:48:09
Election day coming up Nov 6th how to use it to help Ron Paul 01:48:01
An Open Letter to all my fellow Ron Paul Patriots: Why I BELIEVE Ron Paul will WIN!! 01:25:35
Posting Ron Paul Signs On Traffic Signs 01:25:24
Nov 5th - its about making a statement 01:19:45
SOA Protest Draws Scant Support From Candidates **Updated** 01:08:42
Ron Paul Takes Tacoma, WA! 01:06:18
Jews For Ron Paul 00:55:44
Is there a high quality copy of RP's speech from the Value Voters Conference? 00:54:11
Nearly 60% of the military say...Pull out of IRAQ NOW! 00:40:25
Youtube Videos - Collection of Ron Paul 00:36:22
Slim Jims in return envelopes - is this a good or bad idea? 00:31:33
Charlie Rose 00:25:42
MUSIC - Youtube Ron Paul MUSIC Collection 00:16:13
this will make you think.......check it out 00:12:16
Selling Ron Paul - Videos 00:07:31
Get RON PAUL on Regis & Kelly 00:04:36
Ron Paul on Cooper 360 CNN tomorrow!!! 00:04:15
Giuliani's campaign chairman ? 00:03:18