Posted on November 21, 2007

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The Campaign Responds to Mona Charen 21:50:29
Don’t Centralize Me Bro! 14:36:04
Ron Paul Speaks on Liberty Dollar Raid 14:29:44
Ron Paul: DVD to Christians | torrent download 13:08:58
"Thanks" for "Giving" 13:09:58
Ron Paul in Nevada 04:37:11
USA Today Ad - Official Press Release 00:29:10
CNBC's Kudlow Supports Liberty Dollar; NPR Mocks Feds 00:20:10
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"We need a guy like that!" 23:52:28
No MSM pieces on USA Today Full page promotion 23:44:58
Welfare State: Do you think you need welfare? 23:22:14
Could Starbucks or other businesses get involved with TeaParty07? 23:21:49
Ron Paul steam rolling toward the GOP nomination? 23:18:08
Copy The USA Today AD 23:17:02
Does anyone know.... 23:09:33
Facebook is STILL censoring searches for "Ron Paul" or "Paul" 23:06:50
Ron Paul vs. All the other candidates combined: 22:49:08
Serious question about the personal income tax. 22:46:40
FOX NEWS: Bank Refunds Money After Fraudulent Donations Made to Ron Paul. A positive story! 22:40:07
Become Ron Paul's "friend" at Digg 22:23:40
Know anyone who thinks RP is an Isolationist? Have em read this. 22:22:32
It's time to Press the Reset Button on Washington Politics. 22:21:17
What we did yesterday 22:20:49
3 truths: The Polls are Slanted. The Media is Biased. Money Talks. 22:10:44
Walking tall lol 22:06:31
AOL Poll and Ron Paul needs votes 22:05:51
I want to find Graphic 21:49:36
Protests to surround Republican debate 21:49:05
Ron Paul vs. Flat Earthers (Again) 21:47:26
Ron Paul Supporter Takes Out "Wake Up Call" Full-Page Ad in the USA Today 21:42:41
Please help seed these RP Bit torrents 21:21:46
NH Primary Date Set 21:16:31
UNACCEPTABLE: "Lou Dobbs Tonight" Shafts Ron Paul 21:10:25
Great article: [] Squaring The Circle - Ron Paul 21:03:17
lets submit some cnn/ youtube questions! 20:58:20
Kudlow & Co again talking about Liberty Dollar 20:39:43
Ron Paul Christmas House Decorations 20:38:57
guess who was missing from pictures on Lou Dobbs 20:36:03
First Woman, First Black, First Latino, or First Honest President? 20:34:54
everyone lets donate again and make sure to break 9 Mill tonight 20:32:27
Max Out Club - VIP 20:29:59
The Spartan Internet Political Performance (SIPP) Index Has RON PAUL in Top Five Overall Republicans and Democrats 20:28:54
Ron Paul Responds to Vet Voice 20:26:24
2 Things we all can do 20:20:09
THE Reason Huckabee Will Do Well in IA 20:18:56
You Think Ron Paul is Scary? 20:18:34
AOL Poll right now ! Paul 3rd... 20:15:39
did everyone vote in this poll? 20:15:35
The Nation--Ron Paul on the Rise 20:12:03
Zogby Analyst Says Ron Paul Strongest Contender to Beat Hillary 20:11:28
Dec. 15 - Massive Day of Ron Paul rallies across America 20:02:23
President Ron Paul--Pro National Defense 20:02:13
ABC News ruins Thanksgiving 20:00:28
Has RP stopped campaigning? 19:59:39
Will Tea-Party have a spike because of the USA Today Ad? 19:38:35
Finding Money For Ron Paul - Please Read 19:35:54
Are we going to beat Fred Herrings Bomb Today? 19:31:44
Ron Paul Superbowl Commercial! 19:28:30
Poll - AOL news - Rudy 23% Ron 16% 19:28:29
We have to make NEWS 19:27:48
New poll. Ron is in 3rd place. Vote! 19:27:27
Vote fraud... 19:25:20
Does anybody know If RP will be a guest on Glenn Beck?? 19:21:42
New Hampshire primary date announced: January 8th! 19:17:43
What's Your Question to Introduce Ron Paul? 19:05:13
Two Thousand To GO! ***NINE-MILLION-DOLLARS*** ...Please help us over the hump. 19:03:15
Conspiracy Theory 18:57:15
Pic - Ron Paul was in the Film Gladiator! 18:56:42
New to 2nd amendment.. open question 18:40:43
moving the slider to Ron Paul 18:37:57
Lawn Signs in Rear Window Look FANTASTIC (12" high) 18:27:06
How The West Was Won (AKA 2nd amend) 18:11:37
why is andrew jackson on the $20? 18:11:29
Wildfire!!!! 18:11:12
Federal Government? 18:08:09
AOL poll for Ron Paul is now taking votes. 18:03:17
Ron Paul 1996 video: interview w/wife & family scene 17:57:42
Liberty Dollar is Art 17:54:11
How to get many copies USA Today free from HOTELS 17:48:24
Positive Candidate File on Ron Paul 17:47:23
NH Primary Date Set 17:16:24
Can you Digg it? 16:46:17
How to get many copies USA Today free 16:46:09
Happy Thanksgiving. Be thankful you are free. 16:39:03
CBS News: Hundreds Attend Paul's Rally At U. Nevada Reno 16:37:40
Ron Paul Supporters are a Strong Cohesive Group 16:34:04
Don't Buy Gas Today - Donate what you would have spent to Ron Paul 16:26:01
Ron Paul at 8% in SC!! 16:24:41
How to get many copies of USA Today free 16:22:05
Firearms position not brought up much here 16:18:39
AOL presidential poll Rudy 25% Ron 20% 16:15:02
A Word on Giving 16:09:24
Any Word on the USA Today Ad 15:56:45
Ron Paul Interview-Do You Want To Understand Politicians 15:46:28
any meetup leaders here? Needing volunteer plan 15:40:02
Dems won't cross picket line 15:33:31
Giuliani needs some help. Can you help ? 15:31:34
Michigan GOP Primary Reinstated! 15:16:32
Good "Crazy" Ron Paul supporters article 15:06:03
Jacksonville's students would have only Paul and Obama on ballot. 15:02:00
Ron Paul Christmas Day Parade Floats 14:57:12
Yesterday was an interesting view of what we are all about 14:22:06
One Bright Shining Moment 14:15:32
We're losing the AOL online pres. poll 14:08:55
Letter to Editor Says:Ron Paul best of Republican candidates 14:04:28
Take this interesting poll 13:55:37
USA Today Ad 13:54:21
Would rather be... than an asshat 13:44:27
How can we check on Fred Thompson's 'Big Fund Day' 13:41:13
Become a friend of Ron Paul 13:28:31
Raise $11 million by Nov. 30 to beat Giuliani's 3rd quarter totals in just 2 months! 13:17:11
Article on the current river of money. 13:15:24
RP on AJ in 90 minutes 13:10:39
Super Bowl Commercial ? 13:10:37
Apparently they don't think Dr. Paul has a sense of humor... 12:58:29
RP vs Huckabee 12:58:16
Were you a part of the success or did you panic? 12:57:31
Communities with large hispanic populations need to know RP.... 12:57:28
Congressional Liberty PAC? 12:40:42
Please DON'T buy out all USA Today copies! 12:35:52
90,000 left to make 9 Million..time to donate and blow by this number 12:19:08
250k yesterday..350k today against the fredhead challenge 12:17:28
The Strasburg Tea Party....Europe for Ron Paul! 12:11:44
alright i did my 100...everyone do what we did yesterday..350-400k today 12:01:14
Breaking Rasmussen SC Poll, RP 8% 11:54:44
I see an opportunity 11:49:02
The Best Article Yet on Ron Paul and National Defense 11:45:36
medpage poll results prompted this article? 11:30:46
almost $9 Million! 11:11:11
Friendship and trade with all nations, entagling alliances with none. 11:06:58
Calling all you political gurus 11:03:56
1.1 Million Left To Hit TEN MILLION By Thanksgiving Day 10:55:57
Ron Paul - Pro National Defense 10:53:52
The 16th is 25 days away 10:53:38
Don't Abandon The Party 10:50:35
9:36 am et c-span 10:37:31
Mike Gravel commentary of last dem. debate 09:57:56
The Nikkei 225 down almost 400 points. It could get wild on Wall St. 09:22:22
Is the Tea Party Being Sabotaged? 09:22:02
CNN covers Ron in GQ mag 09:16:47
Australian Prime Minister's Speech to Immigrants 09:07:02
Looks like Tea Party is a go! 08:39:05
What about BILL OF RIGHTS DAY!!! 08:26:07
New endorsement 08:15:24
WWRPD? Tax Bomb ...... BOOM! 07:33:16
Here is why the media hates ron and dennis. 07:26:25
Must make over 5 million on Tea Pary day! 06:21:29
GQ Article - non biased 05:57:14
GLOBAL money bomb! 05:15:15
Tea Party Carefully Considered... Grassroots leaders please consider these options 05:14:31
I need ChipIns from primary states! 05:13:44
The words of Patrick Henry - as true today as then 04:44:41
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Money Bomb 04:33:52
Photo proof that Vin Diesel and the Brits are conspiring to conquer the world! 04:33:15
[] Untypical candidate Paul no longer on the fringe 04:22:27
Libertarian aims for seat in U.S. House 04:02:11
Campaign Plea Could Actually Help TeaParty 03:56:05
Ordering Slim Jims? READ THIS 03:49:34
Gold up $13.70 03:33:41
Tea Party Re-enactment on December 16th in Boston!! 03:22:29
What's Your Favorite Tea? 03:15:10
PRESS!!! a few more ads vs a $10 Million dollar day before primaries! 02:56:17
Ron Paul and the Money Question 02:49:34
HQ email NOT cannabalizing Tea Party... Look at the ### 02:34:47
Suggestion: Money bomb website for waiters and waitresses 02:32:21
Poll for accepting funds from Brothel 02:27:41
Dec 5th money bomb web site to be anounce 02:22:13
New Money bomb 02:08:13
11/20/07 Paul v. Huckabee money bombs - what happened? 01:58:23
Creativity Leads to Record Breaking Fundraising; Massive Surge in Support 01:51:29
Donating Now Ensures Greater Donations in the Future 01:51:14
FEC Eases Rules on Ads Before Elections 01:48:04
Tea Party is on 01:44:24
The New Money Bomb For Ron Paul In Time For NH And Iowa! 01:38:25
I'm confused, an earlier post saids the teaparty is officially cancelled. why???? 01:37:50
61% of New Hampshire Republicans would NOT VOTE for Ron Paul 01:33:56
liberty dollar on Glenn Beck 01:30:21
Support a Greater Good - Why Christians Should Support Ron Paul for President 01:29:59
Competition: East Coast vs. Heart Land vs. West Coast 01:25:52
Dr Paul is not a Newbie at this 01:25:37
Trevor Lyman's Final Recommendation for Tea Party 07 01:20:09
Happy Ron Paul Giving 01:13:31
Ron Paul Christmas Cards 01:13:00
Everyone Show Their Gratitude to Patriot Larry Lepard With E-Mail Bomb 01:12:59
Tea Party Should Be MovedTo Dec. 1st!! 00:48:53
Fred's Giving Day TODAY 00:38:34
Tucker Carlson Pimps for Ron Paul - Literally 00:36:57
Trevor Go on MTV with tea party video-challenge 2 million to give $5 00:30:29
President Ron Paul needs the money now! 00:25:40
A new, fresh, thread (is needed) 00:20:25
Credit Cards = Cannon Balls 00:15:16
2 million college students..givening 5 dollars to ron paul...that would be history 00:13:37