Posted on November 22, 2007

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Feels Like the Sixties Again 23:44:46
Lepard Frustrated at USA Today Ad Placement - How will this be resolved? 14:39:32
MP3 | Derry Brownfield Interview/MidWest Audience 09:56:59
The Great Thanksgiving Hoax 09:41:35
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[Article] A Revealing Rally 23:48:14
Addresses 23:43:01
Progress in the far reaches... 23:36:18
[The Washington Times] Unlikely Allies Unite For Paul 23:31:36
any effort to organize military veterans to canvass and make phone calls in the early primary states? 23:20:45
Do you have a laptop or a DVD player? 23:09:37
Wow! 1,000's of "RON PAUL" Web Domains Registered - Best Example of De-Centralized Promotion! 23:04:34
Trying to get my boots on the ground in SC, suggestions? 22:57:12
No backseat Driving - Make our own Commercial 18:01:16
Ron Paul, In His Own Words 17:49:08
Ron paul interview on Nevada Political Tv show. 17:38:37
Youtube - Bernard Von Nothaus (Ron Paul Liberty Dollar) on Glenn Beck 17:22:51
DIGG Elections Page - DIGG RON PAUL as your friend now! 16:57:11
MUST SEE!! RP can WIN?? Maybe?? 16:47:03
New Hampshire Ads 16:31:07
What is Tucker thankful for? 16:26:20
Caroline's letter 16:05:18
Massive Dec 16th Donation = Massive Good Press for NH Primary 16:03:09
More great writing from Ed Vieira 15:57:21
Tons still have never heard of RP/Our grassroots tactics are working 15:38:31 vs. - let the market decide 15:38:03
Would love to see A Ron Paul Family photo on his site today 15:26:04
Did anyone see a Huckabee piece Sunday morning? 15:20:49
Wizard of Oz Movie was really a parable about Money Reform - Great Read 15:09:53
5 mil.- sportsbook odds 15:02:19
RP's New Hampshire Ads STINK - We have to target The Police State 14:59:55
Happy Canadian just got my RP Revolution t-shirt! 14:58:20
Thanks A Hundred, Ron Paul!! 14:03:24
You all make me proud!!! 13:21:07
AOL caught fixing their own poll!! 12:58:18
Find Out The Cost To Run The Same USA Today Full Page Ad ... 12:55:27
FLASH * Paul IS Electable 12:54:51
Let's make it a Ron Paul Thanksgiving 12:50:55
Fixing Health Care 12:37:18
Onward And Upward... NEXT STOP $10,000,000. 12:36:00
New Online Poll 12:04:39
Somebody MAX OUT already and throw us over NINE MILLION DOLLARS! 12:01:42
Tucker/Buchanan - Ron Paul = GREATEST Voting Record Ever! 11:59:45
Warmest Thanksgiving Day Wishes to Ron Paul and his family 11:55:26
Tea Party Pledges over 19000 11:32:16
George Bush in 2000 Sounds like Ron Paul today 11:12:34
Tell us what you think about the Bush-Clinton power monopoly in the United States 10:06:40
Would you help us show some love? 08:50:04
Center for Constitutional Rights to send Bush 50,000 Copies of the Constitution...Join In 08:46:33
Hillary & Edwards Supporters 08:32:37
deleted 08:25:29
Skip the Starbucks this Morning and Give to Ron to Break Nine Million!!! 08:15:02
1 question blitz for CNN/Youtube debate 07:50:22
Let's Get Over Nine Million for Thanksgiving Morning!!!!!!!!!! 07:42:34
Looking for another Marine 06:01:16
Ron Paul....Rally being held at the St. Petersburg Debate! 05:52:14
LET LOVE RULE! new video! 05:17:28
Can we wear RP gear to work or is it against the Law? 04:35:33
Good Interview with Napolitano 04:25:44
I used the Campaign contact form RE:No MSM coverage 04:10:24
Organized Attack on Early Primary States 04:03:19
One Day Meetup Money Bombs? 02:46:37
AOL Poll - Vote 02:23:51
The Ron Paul effect!! Good Article from the NEOCONS website! 02:21:21
Please Vote in This Poll if You haven't done so Yet 02:15:32
Picking up USA Today in Hotel 02:13:27
Message from Aaron Zelman regarding Ron Paul and racists. 02:07:59
I need some help please 02:07:29
Republican Primaries Predicition for Ron Paul 01:45:32
Mini-Money Bomb 01:32:53
Ron Paul = major player in '08 01:30:08
Ron Paul "Gold" Liberty Dollar over $5000.00 on ebay 01:29:06
Far better than Pat Robinson. Pastor Chuck Baldwin on behalf of Ron Paul… 01:16:56
Mass MSM protest 01:13:55
Working on more marketable Tea Party site 01:06:50
Ron Paul is Like Reagan in 1980 01:04:42
NH Primary, January 8th...................... 00:56:35
Soledad O'Brien's Pants are on Fire! (NEW VIDEO) 00:48:04
WV Paul supporters is this a Revolution or a Protest vote 00:34:53
Mini Max Club - TTBVIP 00:30:11
23 Tools To Brainwash and Influence People Through Media 00:09:26
Zogby: ron-paul-strongest-contender-to-beat-hillary/ 00:02:02