Posted on November 25, 2007

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Ron Paul with Nevada NewsMakers 21:57:34
The Ron Paul Revolution Goes Global 20:44:19
It felt so good.... 19:32:59
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$$ Save up for the Tea Party 23:56:48
Who else is coming to ROCK S.C. tomorrow? 23:49:01
Email signatures 23:14:36
URGENT - chipin for Sky-Sign over YouTube debate 23:10:13
commenting on not allowed? 23:00:09
Trevor Lyman's Nov. 30th Challenge!! 22:57:59
The Demonization of Ron Paul 22:51:08
Judge Napolitano Says Ron Paul Is One of Us 22:47:58
Msg to George Stephanopoulos: boiled, baked, or fried? 22:40:44
deleted 22:40:28
IOWA volunteer and money request 22:29:14
Ex Obama Guy?! 22:28:22
Thoughts on Proportional Representation 22:13:59
Creative guerilla marketing techniques 22:07:50
North Korea "eager to learn about capitalism" 22:05:00
Just the Facts--feel free to suggest additional items to add to the list 22:01:27
Linking Kucinich to Paul 21:36:08
New Aussie PM's first act - Troops Out! 21:34:32
Cavuto interview screw job what is the matter with you? 21:19:31
Huckabee at 8%... in ARKANSAS !! Paul not even listed. 21:18:49
Ron Paul's Book ranked #1 on Amazon... 20:43:04
UAW Straw Poll- Members Unite !! 20:40:09
Clinton asked about Murdoch at campaign event. 20:36:29
WARNNG - Watch out for Scams 20:33:33
This should be a must see for all 20:33:04
Video of Northwest Arkansas/Fayetteville Meetup Group on local news. 20:17:48
Delegates For Ron Paul States Cut In Half 20:10:02
Huck soliciting for supporter to JOIN AN ARMY!! 19:56:40
help me understand s. 1959 19:56:01
How to buy & sell on eBay, keep the money to Paul supporters! 19:48:24
If Oprah is for education and truth... 19:29:36
Combat Ron Paul opponents with positivety 19:21:01
RP Ad on Opie and Anthony XM Radio 19:16:48
Solid Fundraising Week 19:14:13
Halliburton is Small Potatoes -- The Real Inc. Behind the Mask 18:57:28
Open letter to the Christians of Daily paul. If this offends you your welcome to skip it. 18:56:52
Ron Paul Blimp - Help Wanted 18:51:31
New location for online polls - Please vote! 18:50:37
Southwest Iowa Canvassing Group needs your help 18:47:07
Revive Jews for Ron Paul!! 18:38:29
Ron Paul icon for IM software 18:19:05
A bit of fun 18:05:54
Huckabee claims to have THE BEST web campaign! 18:02:13
Time to Shift Gears Ron 18:00:19
Ron Paul on Bloomberg SUN 4:30PM EST 17:17:08
CNN National News Coming to Myrtle Beach Rally 16:55:08
James Madison Quotes Supporting Ron Paul Policies 16:44:44
We need to think about honest elections 16:39:55
Huffington post: Ron Paul Supporters Promise To Terrorize The Skies With Scary, Scary Blimp 16:35:17
Anyone know Dr Paul's stance on 'Right to Die'? 16:28:26
Canvassing Update 16:12:19
RP must win hands-down NH - check this link!!! 16:09:21
Imagine 16:06:37
Tucker Carlson Talking with Ron Paul Supporters in Vegas 16:06:08
Does Hope for America mean that it may once again be said In God We Trust? 15:55:42
Paul Contributions as Christmas Presents 15:47:36
Are we not a Republic? 15:45:38
Ron Paul Campaign Touts Supporters "Conspiracy Theory" 15:33:31
Knowing Dr. Paul's Understanding of Issues 15:08:52
Giuliani Says, "Freedom is About Authority" Scary, Isn't It? 15:06:46
Fox discussion of RP 14:49:37
LiveHOPE or LiveFREEDOM Concert - yes, no? 14:41:25
VP idea to trump Democrats 14:16:44
From LRC - Obama Grassroots Leader Switches to Ron Paul 14:02:21
Should we have Boston Tea Party Re-Enactment 14:00:32
A Rudy forum at last 13:42:31
MSNBC to fire Tucker Carlson? Over Ron Paul? 13:41:55
Ron Paul Love Bomb! 13:33:44
dailypaul beats 'top tier' republican traffic 13:15:32
14 year old brings Dad to Ron Paul! 13:03:24
"Paultards" & "moRons": Response to WSJ Smear....Letters Anyone? 13:01:37
Giuliani's 'Kucinich-Size' Crowds Disappoint In New Hampshire 12:51:38
Ron Paul Babies 12:48:32
Fred Thompson and FOX News 12:40:47
News Max Poll 12:13:37
Newsweek: In the Realm of the Dying Dollar 12:13:22
Nov. 30th money bomb - 12:05:31
Need ammo on Huckabee 11:55:01
Predator Drones over Houston Texas (I am serious) 11:44:48
President Bush gives Clinton a backdoor endorsement 11:35:21
Paul supporters "trash talking" 11:03:08
Is the RNC sabotaging the Paul campaign? 10:22:32
Ron Paul being smeared on Social Security 09:56:45
"Giuliani Spends Time With Paul Supporters" In Baltimore 09:43:34
Time to back off.... 09:18:38
No longer free to think 08:54:23
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 08:21:11
Article struggles to put big-money spin on Paul donations 06:23:23
The Ron Paul Hardball video petition 05:28:13
Media Waiting for Ron Paul's Dean Scream 05:01:44
Targeting the Older Generation 04:20:45
Ask yourself? Presidential dynasty good for us ? 04:16:28
Green Light for MySpace Iowa 03:51:32
The Mud Slinging continues 03:41:27
RP DVD's - Direct Download 03:23:36
DVD ready video: how to talk to people about liberty 02:44:32
Alternative tea party site: 02:39:41
RON PAUL-He Doesn't PANDER to the Party! 02:34:08
Sign The Glenn Beck Petition to Sponsors 02:33:26
Need to Free Minds 02:22:35 has launched 02:16:34
Another misquote by National Review - U know what to do! 01:50:02
Are there any students of Objectivism 01:44:34
Instituting the military draft. 01:33:46
Outlook: The Rise of Ron Paul - WAPO Live Discussion Scheduled 01:21:55
Monkey See, Monkey Can't Do HA-HA-HA-HA 01:14:47
kudos for the grassroots! 01:11:11
NewsWeek: In the Realm of the Dying Dollar 01:07:04
Glenn Beck on Coast to Coast AM 00:49:42
Consolidated donation plan 00:32:13
Sirius Online Poll - U No What 2 Du 00:30:47
Fed faces a fine balancing act on rates 00:14:22
Maxed Out? This is for you. 00:10:25
New on MSNBC "Giuliani’s crowds disappoint" 00:08:17
Giuliani Citizen of the World! 00:08:17