Posted on November 26, 2007

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Glenn Beck Helps Ron Paul Raise Money! 22:06:22
The War and the Veterans: Ron Paul is so right. 19:08:40
URGENT: OHIO | "Down to the Wire" 13:39:43
Ron Paul Thanks Us All 03:19:21
America Supports Ron Paul! 00:46:41
Wanted: Boots on Ground for NH on Dec 1st 22:06:23
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Only Dem's mentioned 23:59:53
Depleted Uranium - and Voting for Ron Paul 23:59:52
MSNBC Employee Solicts Prostitute Employer In Effort To Smear Ron Paul 23:55:06
Friends of Fred Thompson 23:53:34
SURVEY: found in 23:38:54
Paul Supporter Comments need Diggs 23:26:39
Buchanan and Napolitano Are Great Messengers for Ron Paul 23:13:32
I just don't get it.... 23:11:00
Big Huckabee fundraiser? - outpacing Dr. Paul 2-to-1 23:09:53
Techie Help! ChipIn problem! 23:06:11
Want to hear more about Ron Paul? 23:02:06
More Dire Predicitions for Economy on MSM 23:01:18
What's More Newsworthy? Ron Paul or Tucker Carlson? 22:43:16 poll 22:42:03
Pat Buchanon on Hannity and Combs almost let Ron Paul out 22:30:23
Another movement question, this time NRO 22:16:12
Why candidates must disclose the names of all individuals who donate $200 or more 22:15:35
MSNBC Poll on All Candidates On 5 Different Issues - U No What 2 Do 22:09:12
Video: Ron Paul: Troops Are Human 22:04:15
Ron Paul's Abuse of Power!! 22:02:58
Sign up now and get $50 in free* clicks... for RON PAUL? 21:50:57
John Gibson debates Judge Napolitano 21:42:00
Letter to My Mother in Law after she forwarded a "don't defund the troops" email 21:38:54
How we REALLY take power. 21:35:58
ALERT!!! PLEDGE FOR PAUL!!! 21:32:53
Two-Faced Tucker Carlson - MSNBC Arranged for Brothel Owner to "Endorse" Ron Paul 21:32:00
Jon Stewart explains US Mid East policy 21:27:03
Ron Paul Supporter on Fox News Business Chanel 21:23:58
Ron Paul Could Win If He Were 50 Feet Tall: Scientist 21:21:44
Don't vote for Ron Paul (;o>) 21:12:08
Why did Tucker set up the Pimp and Hookers story? 21:09:46
The Media 21:01:48
I need Phone #'s 20:57:10
For Stephanie I deleted the link 20:31:16
Hillary has to pay people to say nice things on blogs LOL 20:29:26
Attitude change request by 19:53:47
The Lesson of Jack Murtha and the Democrat Anti-War Vote 19:50:46
Do the Math: Why Ron Paul will make you $$$ 19:46:43
Tucker talking about Ron Paul 19:41:37
The Oprah Road show for Obama a opportunity for Ron Paul! 19:38:37
Does Ron Paul Appeal to Objectivists? 19:22:47
Obama Grassroots Leader Now Supports Ron Paul 19:22:32
Ron Paul's VP 19:21:45
Letter to the editor 19:18:37
Please help poor rural area of Louisiana spread the word! 19:09:00
Stop the NAU 19:00:43
9.2 Million 18:57:18
Must we die by Diebold? 18:49:04
The Streets of Ron Paul 18:40:20
Primary Voter Pledge 18:23:07
Has anyone seen this Vote-Smart "political Courage Test?" 18:03:54
Huckabee winning in donations today 17:56:16
Time Man Of The Year - Vote 17:38:48
Up and running - Ron Paul Supporters yellow pages Directory! 17:35:21
video: Tucker Carlson talks with Ron Paul Supporters in Las Vegas 17:35:14
Everyone go to Ronpaul2008 and vote for his wife's cookies In the Cookie primary 17:12:17
The Fun Continues?? 17:07:45
Ron Paul's full name and a good slogan 17:06:58
Doc Shillington from Florida (I believe) 17:05:41
Ive been told bubba the love sponge talks good about Ron Paul 16:53:59
Obama Meetup Organizer Switches his Support to RP 16:51:41
March On Your State's Capitol 16:13:05
Fox News mentions Bunny Ranch endorsement. 16:03:20
Major implications for Ron Paul's campaign contributions! 15:53:23
This is one of the BEST RP videos I have seen... 15:47:35
Would like to dedicate this song to all Ron Paul Brothers and Sisters in Christ who support Ron Paul 15:37:05
Ron Paul Google Challenge 15:29:17
Pat for Paul?!? 15:22:38
$8,000,000,000 of Your Money gone again on Wed! 15:10:49
#1023 Why We Need Ron Paul 14:56:57
Huckabee Endorses Lying?!? 14:47:49
Health Freedom is a huge issue, bring it to the surface 14:20:32
WP doesn't mention RP once? 14:18:16
Got @ $130? 14:18:09
Ron Paul - On The Rise 14:15:06
Paul donations for your Christmas present? 14:06:49
Do you need a reason to support Paul 14:02:57
World Net Daily Poll 14:02:55
URGENT Open Letter To Ron Paul & Campaign!! 13:56:37
Financial Sense Newshour interview with RP 13:52:00
Ron Paul barely ahed in this poll 13:51:49
Father of the Constitution-Grave Warnings 13:48:35
National Review article - David Freddoso 13:44:02
Great article supporting Ron Paul and his economic knowledge! 13:35:10
can Internet popularity measure election success? 13:34:41
Someone needs to start a poll by Ron Paul supporters 13:20:57
Anyone listen to glenn beck today? 13:20:43
Non Profits can't Endorse Ron Paul. Why? 12:56:17
Doctor David Annis should be Ron Paul's Health Care Advisor 12:55:38
Helpful 'what is needed' numbers 12:47:09
$2,000 Video Prize 12:29:19
This is great... Should be considered for the front page. 11:46:07
Need your help at 11:23:16
College 11:14:21
Gravel talking about Ron Paul & his supporters (very good, watch) 11:07:12
'BunnyRanch' Brothel Endorses Ron Paul 10:52:05
AOL online Presidential poll 10:32:59
MUST see video! 10:21:56
CATO Ariticle... Should economic conservatives boycott election? (with authors response) 10:21:38
Novak Calls Out Huckabee 10:18:14
NY needs delegates for districts - 2,3,6,9 and 10 10:18:02 Poll. Who Will Be Next President? 09:03:17
The BEST Ron Paul article! 08:57:40
Pat Buchannan's New Book Sounds Much Like Ron Paul's Platform 08:33:11
NEW VIDEO: Ron Paul - Rescue Me 08:22:08
Ron Paul speaks about the CFR. 07:11:29
Bill Bonner endorses Ron Paul 06:42:27
IMPORTANT!!! TeaParty got to front page of Digg! KEEP IT THERE!! 05:38:12
Point Out Deferments? 05:24:38
Curing Meetup Apathy 04:56:41
New Poll 03:59:07
Sign up to be a delegate 03:58:59
HELP! Need graph of steady decline of the value of the dollar since 1913. 03:30:53
Gop is running out of money? 03:20:43
ron paul winning in daily kos pole 02:47:13
Check memo's 02:45:52
West Virginia Needs More Paul Delegates 02:37:40
West Virginia GOP still needs 1,100 delegates 02:37:25
Huckabee's Latest Pandering Ad in IA 02:25:27
Ron Paul rides 10 miles with "Ron Paul Rider" - Blog update: Photo of Ron Riding :) 02:24:31
Tucker Carlson invites Brothel Owner to Ron Paul Rally 02:22:48
Japanese Military bases under pressure 02:21:54
"One Reason Why Ron Paul Supporters Hate Giuliani" (VIDEO) 01:37:59
Techie Help! ChipIn Problems! 01:32:29
One advantage of not being perceived as a front-runner 00:55:14 founder switches to Ron Paul 00:51:20
Great Ron Paul Interview 00:48:32
new video from Aravoth "Ron Paul : House of Cards" 00:48:31
VOTE. BizJournals Poll: "Which candidate would be best for your business?" 00:30:59
List of Celebrities Supporting Ron Paul? 00:00:09