Posted on November 28, 2007

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Ron Paul Wins Write-in Contest; Will be Rated by Readers Digest! 20:57:34
December 5th is Repeal Day 12:17:55
Mrs. Paul's Cookies 12:07:34
Paul Craig Roberts: Goodbye to All That... 03:31:34
YouTube Debate Kind of a Sham 03:01:57
Ron Paul on Medical Marijuana & the War on Drugs 02:45:43
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I JUST got a bad case of APATHY back! 23:42:14
Huckabee is beating Paul in fundraising today... 23:30:47
My recent conversation with an Army Corporal 23:02:35
Debate Stats? 22:57:18
Looks like it'll take an $8 million day... 22:48:30
CNN Editorial Slant -- Online Complaint Form 22:47:44
Email Anti-Ron Paul Journalist in Dayton Daily News 22:03:55
sign bomb before tea party dec - 13 -15 22:02:29
ron paul blimp @ $383,000.00 earlier today 21:59:58
Ron Paul Tea Party 07 21:54:00
Florida Straw Poll 21:36:58
Ron Paul: Sideshow??? 21:24:02
Play by Play of CNN debate 21:11:38
Romney supporters stuffing the ballot box at the Florida Straw Poll 21:08:10
The Lying Politicians On Hardball 21:06:08
Lou Dobbs Censoring Right Now 20:51:00
Lou Dobbs Question of the Day Poll 20:42:15
Can we buy a TV AD... 20:31:03
MSM Hit Piece 20:30:41
There IS a God.... 20:28:25
Lou Dobbs Poll Question 20:27:46
What happend? 20:25:11
Direct link to live Ron Paul video feed going on now! 20:24:44
Anyone wants to record CNN web stream? 20:17:31
New Fox Interview With RP 20:13:19
Is the debate being streamed over the internet? 20:12:54
Huckabee's "Truth Squad" spins away 20:07:53
Response from the NRA about RP not being mentioned 20:06:07
More polls 19:57:58
RP safety - Chinese Secret Society threatens illuminati 19:48:51
The Ghoul wants to do TO American what he DID in NY 19:33:55
Rudy caught cheating 19:33:05
300 Billboards in 300 Cities 19:23:41 relaunches to help Tea Party - Mac OS X to the rescue... 19:02:53
Turd Blossum For Hire 18:51:05
A GREAT Article debunking ALL the sceptic and negative ads 18:50:49
Virginia residents!! Vote in the straw poll DEC 1!! 18:41:03
Another Sad Article 18:39:33
ron paul blimp --- $383,000.00 @ 11:15 am today amazing -amazing 18:38:22
Vote Ron Paul 18:30:42
John Fout /The Street "Crazy is not taking Ron Paul Seriously 18:30:34
massive sign bomb before tea party-- start making them now 18:29:22
I just read a little piece on Need more evidence the NRA is treacherous? 18:24:22
Holy Moley! Where'd all that money come from? 18:23:54
Caucus 18:19:43
Blimp Video 18:18:36
Pat Buchanan Site ~ How A Dark-Horse Can Win The Nomination 18:17:35
1 hour discussion on HR1955 Today!! 18:13:42
Obama grassroots organizer now Ron Paul supporter 18:13:25
CNN will have a "GRAPH" on how individuals react to each question during tonights debate. 18:12:27
Did candidated get questions before debate? 18:08:29
CNN short coverage about whole GOP with nice Ron Paul supporters in background 18:05:40
RP is starting to hit hard already in NJ 18:05:15
Tea Party 17:58:19
Part of Huckabee's Iowa Surge Explained 17:56:55
i can't wait to see julie-annie squirming his way out of this mess... 17:55:46
Study: More Than 60% Don't Trust Campaign Coverage 17:53:11
First Date feelings 17:49:25
CNN is pathetic 17:45:47
All online presidential polls should now just be called... 17:40:48
Gun Magazine Ads 17:28:51
Huckabee in Iowa..outpolling Romney!?! Where is Paul! 17:26:28
Ron Paul in favor of impeaching Cheney? Here's the link. 17:23:15
ANother AMAZING RON PAUL VIDEO..and original song!!! 17:23:11
I think the Ron Paul blimp is a great Idea...but 17:20:31
Good article, but moronic guys know what to do.... 17:19:28
Ron Paul makes front page of SF Chronicle--ABOVE the fold :) 17:12:48
NPR interviews Tucker Carlson about Ron Paul... interesting? 17:11:12
WV State Senator (Giuliani supporter) AFRAID of Ron Paul 17:08:36
Paul says impeach Cheney? 17:07:36
The Kiplinger Editors' View of the Early Primary Season! 17:04:56
Those who are getting Dr. Paul's book (or anything) on Amazon 16:51:58
Buchanan on ed schultz right now 16:46:04
200k increase in donations over the last hour 16:45:40
(OLD) Excellent interview with Ron Paul on San Francisco Chronicle i 16:44:01
Have you bought your GQ yet? 16:38:22
Very Influential Meet-up groups 16:37:34
There is also a sideshow: Ron Paul. Step right up, folks - CNN, Senior Political Analyst, Bill Schneider 16:31:39
The Street: Crazy Is Not Taking Ron Paul Seriously 16:26:43
Good old fashioned debate, if you want to add your opinion 16:19:49
New Republic article on the Federal Reserve 16:12:30
$383,500 pledges for RP Blimp 15:57:33 site 15:54:52
What became of R.P. ad for You-tube debate? 15:49:35
Why Ron Paul is Right about Terrorism: A letter to the GOP Base. 15:46:50
Classic Tucker Carlson 15:39:44
"Bush speaks the truth" video & idea 15:30:48
ALERT ALERT!!! Pre-Debate Mission!!! Critical!!! 15:27:52
Virginia GOP to require loyalty oaths for primary election 15:26:06
Pledge for Paul 15:08:47
11/28/07: 2 PM EST: Ron Paul Going on CNN's Newsroom right now! 15:02:02
11/28/07: 2 PM EST: Ron Paul Going on CNN's Newsroom right now! 15:01:35
11/28/07: 2 PM EST: Ron Paul Going on CNN's Newsroom right now! 15:01:28
Who is working on getting the Independents? 15:01:23
Contractors, Contractors, Contractors 15:00:23
Good Article: Ron Paul Is Correct On Terrorism! 14:54:00
If you know any Rudy fans that are dog owners, here is your weapon 14:45:36
Newspaper Ads For Dr. Paul in IA and NH 14:44:13
tea party site is up 14:42:14
TeaParty07 site is not working. Send pledgers to 14:31:47
Need to Get to Independent Vote! 14:31:21
Threat of Money being Stolen! Transparency of Chipins and other collections 14:21:45
Have a few smiles 14:13:54
Scary Fact About RUDY! Must See! 14:12:22
Dec 16th - its DO OR DIE.... 14:10:36
Newspaper Ads For Dr. Paul 14:07:13
Same Ticket!! Paul & Kucinich are diametrically opposed on policy. Their candidacies are mutually exclusive 14:06:23
Drudge: Rudy!? 13:56:56
Ron Paul on Defense 13:56:14
Halliburton Posions Troops! Must watch Video. 13:43:01
Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 11-28-07 13:40:37
Yahoo Front Page 13:40:21
massive sign bomb before tea party--- start making them now 13:39:34
Boston MeetUp: Tea Party Venue Confirmed for December 16th 13:35:11
Paul and New Hampshire 13:33:35
ron paul blimp --- $ 383,500.00 @ 11:15 am 13:32:03
NRA straw poll Alert! Take Acton Now! 13:22:21
Fox (Ron Paul's) Friends! 13:20:52
deleted 13:12:24
More BS FROM TUCKER 13:08:37
Should Ron Rip Beck to Pieces for an Entire Hour?? 13:02:03
Robertson's Benito Guiliani endorsement gets backlash 12:56:49
The vicious cycle created by the Federal Reserve 12:56:12
Blimp has $380,000 in pledges! 12:55:54
Slashdot: Presidential Candidates and Online Privacy 12:55:41
Watch CSPAN, Nov. 29th 8pm est. 12:52:46
deleted 12:52:43
Audio of Tucker on Ron Paul (NEW) 12:35:45
Message To Ron Paul 12:27:19
Article from Yesterday. Anyone Remember $2000 Gold by 2008? 12:26:11
Americans: Sheep to the Constitutional Slaughter? 12:25:27
European Parliament to vote on tougher gun control 12:24:35
help me further correct this person on ron paul: 12:20:05
Stop the Drug War article 12:18:08
NRA TRUTH!!! 12:09:09
Glenn Beck is PLEADING for RP to come on his show for an hour 11:42:03
Michigan semi-primary? Clinton is the only one on the ballot? 11:35:29
12 Million by End of Month!?! We dropped below Huckabee right now. 11:33:39
I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY........... 11:22:39
Buchanan / Beck 11:14:19
Buchanan/Beck 11:10:47
Wrie letters to Iowans 11:09:53
teaparty07 site is still dead 11:05:25
A Soldiers Plea 11:03:54
Please help beat Huck in online poll! 10:52:33
The Reason Foundation (Libertarian sanctuary?) 10:45:39
Ron Paul on Fox and Friends today 11/28 10:28:07
deleted 10:23:15
lets reach 10 million by Dec 1 10:22:37
massive sign bomb in dec before tea party 10:17:31
Official site: Cookie recipies (!) and old news 10:15:34
Amazing Quotes 10:06:16
What Are the Odds of a Brokered Convention? 09:46:00
Any hope for nancy 09:41:41
Beautiful, intelligent women support Paul 09:33:22
over $ 300,000.00 raised for ron paul blimp so far 09:14:09
call bill press now 08:58:52
What's happened to the Tea Party website? 08:47:51
put the ron paul blimp over the top today 08:19:11
San Francisco Chronicle article: Longshot candidate is gaining ground 08:18:28
New Rudys Reading List video, please share asap 07:59:21
CNN Poll for Tonight's Debates - Please vote 07:58:05
How about a $$$$ spent ticker? 07:47:37
RP on CNN NOW!!!! 06:54:36
Artificial news? Tucker thinks it works 06:45:41
Where do I get this banner? 06:42:43
Taking it to the Street 06:34:06
Rudy in action -- presidential material? 06:24:25
Deceptive, but will it work?? 06:10:37
new video: political bloopers 06:03:19
Good Job WV team! 05:31:04
Independents!Independents!Independents! 05:22:46
Paul’s Pacifism Problem: Why the Rhetoric of Non-Intervention Needs Retooling 05:21:47
Youtube Debate? 05:07:26
Make a Flyer for the Debate Tonight! 04:20:38
Ron Paul Wins Poll Among Purdue University Students (and we're in a red state too!) 03:56:44
Kucinich wants Paul as his running mate. 03:56:38
Editorial response to Jonathan Last's Op-ed 03:01:51
Let’s Get Ron Paul back on Coast to Coast AM 02:24:19
New TeaDrop 02:24:03
Eat Your Money: 02:14:33 is offline.. 02:14:07
Massive voter "bomb" 02:09:37
Nov. 30 Fundraising Boost 02:08:33
National Sign-Waving Weekend Dec. 1 & 2 02:03:11
Tucker Carlson gets Smarmy Award 01:50:57
What do we do about Tucker? 01:30:02
Subliminal "Ron Paul" first image on CNN AD?? 01:24:20
New Video: "Ending The IRS: Mike Huckabee vs. Ron Paul" 01:19:09
What is going on at RP2008 HQ in Clute, Texas???? 01:11:45
Mike Huckabee Calling for Scholarships and In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens 01:07:25
Follow up on Sky-Sign flight 01:01:29
Hillary Healthcare Praised by Giuliani, Passed by Romney 00:57:46
Where is the blimp launching from? 00:55:42
Ron Paul Needs Allies in Congress 00:52:18
Iowa Caucus thought for your consideration 00:50:20
Teflon Ron 00:42:27
Can Ron Paul win Michigan? 00:38:16
Have you seen these new SHIRTS?? 00:34:56
Tea Drop 08 00:27:11
All I want for Christmas is FREEDOM 00:21:03
Please chip in to get to WV Delegates 00:18:32
Ron Paul Ridicule 00:08:47
Need help getting Ron Paul on Miami's Biggest Radio Station 00:02:05