Posted on November 29, 2007

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Glenn Beck Invites Ron Paul for a One Hour Interview 22:49:13
11/29/07: 2 PM EST: Best News I Heard about the Youtube Debate 15:01:58
Ron Paul's CNN Campaign Ad - Something Big! 13:23:38
Video: Ron Paul CNN Post Debate Interview 12:30:25
Ron Paul Supporters Show Off at Debate! 12:29:31
New website to help spread the word.. 03:47:23
CNN/Youtube Debate -- Who won the debate? 02:45:59
Ron Paul Breaks $10 Million! 01:45:06
Rudy Giuliani's role in paving the NAFTA Superhighway 01:31:02
CNN YouTube Debate Recap - Wed 11/28 13:23:39
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Headshake Goes Viral 23:54:39
Posting Guidlines Please read. 23:53:56
Anyone notice other candidates stealing ideas? 23:51:47
my opinion on the language in postings 23:50:02
Scott Ritter for VP. 23:45:57
Great Business Week article about Dr Paul 23:38:47
Here is the link to see the Tea Party Yacht. 23:38:26
news on blimp maiden flight dec 10 23:35:52
GOP wants influx. 23:35:47
Huckabee out did Dr. Paul today ! 23:32:58
What's a troll? 23:31:38
Ron Paul Pledge for skeptics - Money 'Where Mouth is' idea 23:28:48
Minimum Donation regardless of Opinion? 23:27:52
Webdesigners - Help! 23:26:27
CENSORSHIP.... lets not unless.... 23:22:49
Video of his speech after the debate? 23:22:24
December 16th 23:22:21
Anyone know about the Romney Campaign Cheating? 23:19:02
Email Campaign to get Paul on Beck.... AND thank beck 23:15:58
hey guys, this is very disturbing 23:15:24
About the "Constructive Criticism" Post 23:12:32
A version of the coming tea party 23:04:15
Not Donating Tomorrow! 22:57:18
massive sign bomb before tea party start making them 22:49:46
Go big on Nov 30! Then start saving for the 16th. 22:48:33
GIVE IT ALL FOR RON PAUL, DEC 16TH Tea Party... $10+ Million 22:35:42
Watch This if you Don't Like McCain 22:31:38
Glenn Beck wants Ron Paul on his show for TWO FULL HOURS 22:29:54
Glenn Beck Makes Formal Ron Paul Invite Video 22:28:52
Dennis Kucinich Wants Ron Paul As Running Mate 22:26:32
*Updated* List of Post-Debate Polls - Vote Now! 17:19:07
Did anyone catch this? 17:08:27
listen to tucker talk about ron paul 17:02:33
West Coast Challenge for Rudys Nov. 30th Donation Day!!! 17:02:12
Rudy should tell Bin Laden to retract his statement 17:01:28
These commercials need to be run in the early states 16:54:04
Inflation Tax/ Tea Party: Gold and Economic Freedom by Alan Greenspan (1966) 16:43:15
Ron And Fez want Ron Paul on 15:54:21
Pro-Paul military website? 15:52:06
Please post ideas on how to spread awareness of the RP message 15:50:56
CNN Youtube Debate falls short, Ron Paul the elephant in the room 15:50:28
If not independent why not a new party? 15:46:08
signs the rEVOLution is real 15:23:58
DNC just called me for a donation 15:19:19 LIVE now - Judge_Andrew_Napolitano 15:14:19
Ron Paul is losing you know what to do 15:11:00
Ron Paul Challenge!! x10 15:02:46
The Weekly "Sub" Standard chimes in about the debate 14:49:25
Props from 14:48:38
CNN YouTube Debate Videos 14:34:17
Tea Party Site 14:30:43
AlterNet article "In Defense of RP" 14:02:34
Survive '08 13:58:48
"Tamper Proof ID" 13:56:54
Nasty AP cutting job 13:40:02
The Boston TV Party 13:25:24
Making History 13:24:24
Glen Beck Is Defending Ron Paul On His Radio Show 13:19:11
Simple Fact - The Debate Was a SHAM 13:18:45
Pat Buchanan talks about Ron Paul on C-SPAN 13:18:11
CNN / YouTube debate - BIBLE WAVER Question & The Constitution 13:17:23
Ron Paul AOL Poll 13:10:09
Drudge Slamming CNN Debate 13:02:14
The BIG story of the debate 13:02:02
Threat to liberty 12:58:55
Ron Paul Audio.... 12:58:09
CCN Poll results as of 11:45AM EST 11/29/07 12:55:13
Playing To Win 12:55:05
Ron Paul After Debate RALLY Video Finally 12:54:46
C-Span post-debate analysis 12:52:39
beck defending Paul on CFR 12:44:43
John McCain is on C-SPAN talking about the war, call in and defend Ron Paul.(11:50) 12:44:10
AOL Poll - Give Ron Paul a boost 12:40:06
Question For Mr. Huckabee 12:33:39
blimp donations up to $ 475,000.00 today news on site today about pledges 12:31:25
Why CNN allows Lou Dobbs to speak out against the New World Order 12:29:52
where is the money today? 12:29:52
Mark Strauss (Youtube Questioner) publicly stated he likes Democrat Bill Richardson 12:26:18
Malkin claims "several" questioners at debate were plants 12:26:11
CNN Post Debate Interview!!! 12:25:26
Here Are Some Great Debate Stats For Those Interested 12:24:59
The British are coming! The British are coming! 12:11:54
deleted 11:53:30
C-SPAN tonight at 8PM to 9PM 11:52:13
Good Interview... 11:50:35
World Net Daily Poll 11:46:28
Crucial meetup assignment! 11:44:26
Why I Support Ron Paul 11:40:36
Online Polls 11:38:31
Turn on C-span NOW 10:20 am 11:20:38
Ron on CSPAN? 11:18:24
Did Paul spend some of his money for this??? 11:15:24
Short interview with Ron Paul's brother in Michigan on ABC13 11:14:29
deleted 11:11:06
Newsday poll needs help 11:08:17
Last nights debate has fired me up for DEC 16TH TEA PARTY 10:59:07
Video of last night's speech 10:46:36
Calling all Democrats and other Non-Republicans 10:40:46
Ban me if you want, but I HAVE to say this.. 10:38:30
Voters in Virginia's Feb. 12 Republican presidential primary will have to sign an oath swearing loyalty to the eventual GOP tick 10:30:39
Liberty dollar raid update ~ Von Nothaus upbeat but needs our help! 10:30:02
AOL Poll RP in 3rd place 10:18:51 09:50:18
Ron Paul Post Game CNN Interview 09:48:26
Another Idea for Spreading the Message 09:39:15
Campaign Ad/You Tube Video 09:12:28
Paul: "the debates were unfair" 09:12:22
Winning 08:51:08
1 blimp paid for lets get 2 08:50:22
Anderson Cooper did a GREAT job.. 08:33:52
Don't e-mail CNN 08:25:32
General Thoughts on Debate (Not specifc to the good Dr.) 08:01:46
Recovery Program For Compulsive Bloggers 07:58:01
Islamo Terror Facists 07:53:12
Ron's Post Debate Speach Video 07:51:30
Was the Thompson ad vetted? 07:32:48
I noticed 07:31:58
American Defenses - We have our pants down! 07:30:00
Tea Party website should be running normally soon. . . 07:14:39
CNN Poll: "Who Do You Think Won The Debate?" 07:11:21
VOTE: "Who Won The Debate?" 07:02:21
Ron Paul: "CNN Has The Right To Be Biased" 06:46:30
Sorry, but what is going on with 06:35:05
Problem with last debate and dr Ron Paul 06:28:05
Ron Paul Supports the Troops 06:25:57
The most important thing said in the debate 05:56:32
TEA PARTY ’07 LAS VEGAS! December 16th, 2007 05:45:31
Ron Paul Wins Another Round ~ The Nation 05:21:31
Ron Paul Rally to Protest the CFR 05:15:24
Ron Paul Clubbed by CNN, John McCain: Missed Opportunity 04:34:42
IF Ron Paul Does Not Win!! The Truth? 04:31:53
He needs to say he's going to win 04:23:54
How to win the game of Chicken over NeoCon Candidate supporters, nicely of course. 04:23:03
It is now a battle between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee 04:17:36
Two surveyors laying pipe in Gulf of mexico on YIM 04:17:27
5,000, not 2,000 03:49:59
Breaking: Just In Report from Outside! 03:44:44
Debate Highlights. 03:31:26
Buy gold, young man, buy gold 03:24:55
CNN Debate Operation Successful 03:14:34
Pat Buchanan on Coast To Coast Right Now 03:08:16
Ron Paul on the 'Conspiracy of the North American Union" question 03:03:55
Watch it again.... 03:02:28
Dead Man Debating 03:01:36
vote now!!! 02:57:38
Jeffery Toobin 02:52:27
New Poll at WND 02:50:29
Paul: "Did you know that it's only beginning?" 02:49:49
AOL Poll -- Be objective ;-) 02:49:38
"You have no hope in winning the nomination" on national telivision 02:48:33
Ron Paul After Speech ON NOW on 02:41:33
An Open Letter to all MORMONS! 02:40:46
Who came up with the term "MSM". 02:40:02
Post-debate pundit (bottom left guy) had good point 02:37:36
Another post-debate poll 02:35:15
After debate Interview with RP?? 02:28:41
Vote for Paul in the CNN/ Youtube Post Debate Poll 02:28:35
I don't think John McCain can run for President 02:28:29
"Washington didn't change me." 02:18:16
Post Debate Rally Speach 02:13:46
Did you notice this? 02:13:40
If we Can Float a Blimp We Can Make an Infomercial 02:11:30
Wow... ABC said this??? 02:06:08
Louisiana Party Affiliation Change Deadline NOV 30 02:05:45
Lies and damn lies.. 02:05:14
Daily Kos poll: who won tonights debate? 01:55:09
Debate on CNN again for those that missed it...right now! 01:54:16
Hillary plants question in tonights debate 01:53:41
CNN debate poll? 01:53:21
favorable article in WSJ blog on exchange with mccain 01:49:48
Paul rocked..!! 01:48:12
Don't fret 01:47:52
Since McCain loves Israel so much I'm wondering if he belives this 01:46:20
Channel debate anger! Tell 25 friends! Tonight! 01:43:47
Any news on that Skylight aircraft??? 01:40:47
Debate Winners / Losers 01:35:57
Mccain shows his war mongering he has no clue 01:30:11
Wall Street Journal Debate Poll 01:28:23
Toobin is a shill Focus on TAXATION the highway is the distraction 01:27:04
Listen To Patriotic Analysis Of Debate At 01:27:04
McCain Attacks Paul’s Antiwar Position - Positive article for paul 01:24:52
Ron Paul Radio!!! 01:21:37
Error in part one of the transcript for the CNN/YouTube Republican presidential debate submitted to CNN 01:17:06
Corrections at the end of the debate coverage 01:14:20
paul needs more votes in this poll 01:14:19
JUSTIN.TV !!!! 01:14:07
CNN tries to downplay Veteran's Rally. 01:12:07
CNN rebroadcasting event 01:10:35
CNN Post-Debate Poll Up NOW 01:08:19
RP ad? 01:07:51
CNN tried to pull fast one in transcript 01:05:51
Airtime per candidate analysis? 01:02:06
New Forums! Come in 01:02:06
Dont get Angry or Despair - Get REVENGE on Dec 16th... 01:02:00
Good thing about the debate 00:57:40
Huck as Gomer? 00:51:31
Tea for the Tea Party 00:49:58
Super Highway is a "figment of Paul's imagination" 00:49:08
here's a cnn poll link 00:47:40
Paul was the big winner... by far. 00:45:30
Post CNN Debate Poll 00:45:29
Who do you think won? Vote now. 00:43:24
Let CNN know how you feel about their fair and equal debate :( 00:39:19
Hillary Plant in CNN Youtube Debate 00:36:18
The Mike Huckabee Show 00:36:07
ron paul cnn/youtube campaign commercial 00:35:20
The Huckster wins big... 00:11:40
did anyone record the end of the debate? 00:07:20