Posted on November 3, 2007

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100% Conversion Rate Tactic - How Motivated R U?? 21:49:06
MP3 | Latest Audio: Columbia Rally Speech 13:27:37
Ron Paul on CNN Anderson Cooper 360 11-2-07 01:33:18
Remember the 5th of November 01:27:19
Ron Paul Supporters - 1,440 Strong in Nashville 01:06:11
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Video of extreme campaigning 4 Ron Paul 23:36:37
finally FOX admits RON PAUL is correct 23:20:22
Rasmussen report internet primary, with link vote Paul 23:19:27
Philly event back where it belongs! 22:50:43
Here is another idea 22:37:46
Our Campaign 22:35:24
romney had a 6.5mil day!!! 22:16:12
The RP Video Signature 22:12:48
Episode #5 of the Ron Paul Fancast is now online! 22:02:10
How many people have signed-up for 11/5? Where is the List? 21:49:15
Pro-Ron Paul blog up for award - help it win! 21:28:49
GOP Campaigning Class Success Formula 21:27:48
Sex Pistols interview with Craig Ferguson - RP mentioned 21:22:50
Nov 5th Coverage I NEED HELP???? Can this be done??? 21:15:14
Ron Paul back to Independence Mall! 21:05:30
Rally back to Philly 20:39:40
Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul: it's amazing! 20:29:29
Social Security CAN Be Privatized 20:21:35
Ron Paul Dollar 20:07:06
Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes!! 19:59:34
Powerful, powerful message 19:47:34
Nov 5th more fuel for the media? 19:39:16
RON PAUL DAY...REMEMBER The Fifth of November 19:34:53
Great recruiting tool for Ron Paul! 19:24:19
New video...For Liberty 19:21:04
November 5th time frame 19:19:51
"IMPORT Our Troops!" 19:11:36
Mukasey Nomination 19:02:32
A good analysis of what's coming to Wall St 18:52:42
If Navy can beat Notre Dame 18:47:00
Servers on November 5th? 18:32:54
Ron Paul and the Emperor 18:21:41
Philly Rally at Independence Mall BACK ON! 18:21:05
Choice vs Pro-life 18:19:28
The Strasbourg Tea Party 17:52:34
A Matter of Betrayal 17:42:44
Gold Hike 17:14:15
Ron Paul can work with both sides of the aisle! 17:07:20
READ. 17:07:18
Ron Paul a one term President? 17:05:52
Is this how Romney got so many $2,300?? 17:05:49
Ron Paul, One Man. America, united. 17:04:10
Romney,Giuliani,Huckabee, & Thompson are LIARS!!! 17:02:28
A recomendation to the Webmaster.. 16:55:42
Ron Paul Wookie: Let the Wookie Win!! 16:37:39
Defensive steps against would-be political attackers 15:51:55
Brownies for Ron Paul Nov 5! 15:50:43
a plan to avoid crashing the donation server on the 5th 15:49:25
One simple solution to limit spam, trolling, diversion, etc on here... 15:44:07
Dr. Paul's views on Elderly, disabled, special needs individuals? 15:20:23
Do you notice how Ron Paul is gaining MASSIVE speech confidence? 15:19:58
Ron Paul: Thing of Beauty 15:19:29
Canvassing Southwest Iowa ONLY 61 Days Left!!! 15:16:14
Rudy vs. Hillary: aka lol at my terrible photoshop skills 15:12:30
Productively Doing Nothing 15:01:45
Ron Paul Revolution songs needed 14:43:45
Ron Paul as the next Ronald Reagan, let Doyle know 14:28:41
Follow up the 5th at the Polls on the 6th!!! New Questions? 14:26:15
1 question for Alan Greenspan 14:25:56
Lesser-Evil Voting 13:53:05
Leading Republicans candidates painting themselves into a corner. (article link) 13:47:02
Many Presidential Candidates Have Ties to Groups Promoting North American Union 13:35:10
GREAT Video--Ron Paul at Spartanburg (SC) GOP Executive Committee Meeting 13:20:24
Ronald Reagan / Ron Paul - Ballots, not bullets Video 13:13:10
Ron Paul Correct--Foreign Policy Magazine Wrong 12:59:34
Help Ron Pauls site stay up on Monday 12:22:02
War on Drugs Corrupts Law Enforcement 12:16:54
Ron Paul now a fruitcake 12:09:03
Vote Fraud: Bad News and Good News 11:17:00
Is Anyone Using A Ink Stamp To Promote Ron Paul? 11:11:23
NAU Highway? 10:50:45
A legal way to increase your contributions 10:15:41
A winning issue, guaranteed 10:15:02
What Department(s) of our Government are you for keeping around? 10:02:58
Ron Paul joins SSBB! 09:17:09
Chewbacca is a wookie but he lives on Endor 07:59:15
No coverage of Anti-War Rallies Hmmm... What is going on? 07:12:14
The $600,000,000 Embassy in IRAQ...It wil cost another $1.2 Billion a year to operate 06:57:57
2nd round in Ron Paul cyber discrediting 06:28:29
Question about gold standard 03:58:00
NEW Nov. 5th campaign meme 03:55:09 02:48:31
Updated Video: Ron Paul - The Different Story (Retro) 02:44:48
Singing pizza endorses Ron Paul! 02:42:07
Who's calling Ron Paul a "FLAKE"????? 02:40:33
Excellent information from Lew Rockwell's web site 02:29:18
indecision 2008 poll about ron paul 02:19:10
FAQ pages here on DP? 02:12:09
Peter Hart, Polls & Ron Paul 01:55:43
Full AC 360 video! 01:28:40
Nov 5th - to show how well the web networks 01:09:32
Huckabee equals the new Dukakis-Willie Horton 01:00:44
Congressman Ron Paul Has Won 50% of the Straw Polls! 01:00:36
Possible Third Great Awakening with the Hope For America Ron Paul Revolution 00:46:19
Liberty Sells Itself 00:39:57
Help: Anderson 360 piece 00:11:22