Posted on November 30, 2007

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Five for Freedom - Operation Live Free or Die 22:14:50
Calling All Ron Paul Junkies! Post-Debate Spin Room Footage 21:07:56
Ron Paul Set to Outraise Other GOP Candidates 20:34:41
USA Today - "Grass-roots big ace" 12:30:17
The Internet is Leaking! Ron Paul in the MSM 12:23:45
Ron Paul, *wildcard* in NH 12:11:56
On the NAU, CFR, & Trilateral Commission 12:01:32
A Brief History of the Gold Standard 11:01:48
MP3 | Debate: with Questions + McCain & All RP Responses 00:44:23
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Operation Live Free or Die 23:59:29
Flyer? 23:54:30
The next BLIMP! 23:38:41
The revolution is real, and those in the ivory tower had better start digging a bigger moat 23:29:15
I got this from the campaign. Are they wasting money? 23:20:13
HOW and WHERE to spend the money raised! 23:11:23
$500,000 23:10:15
contacting the Howard Stern show 22:59:31
CNN---Corrupt News Network??!!! 22:53:52
The Fair tax... not so fair 22:50:05
Glenn Beck to allow Ron Paul to host show in his absense? 22:35:03
NYC Ron Paul benefit PARTY!!! Brooklyn!!! Beer!!! Music!!! Tonight!!! 22:34:08
Will Ron Paul Really Win? 22:33:40
A Word Of Thanks To Ron Paul Supporters 22:31:12
Smear Campaign Backfires 22:29:59
Flowers to The View hosts ** CHANGED to TEA with the ladies. thx Jeff 22:22:46
Romney Cheats Straw Poll Video!! 22:20:06
Looking for Inspiration? Turn up the volume, and enjoy! 22:16:12
New video idea - show that ron paul is the only guy who doesn't flip flop. 22:13:48
Dobbs has his own agenda, here is why!!! 21:58:47
11/30/07: 8:30 PM EST: ASK THE CAMPAIGN TO GET RP on Chris Matthews's show Dec. 17th and Glenn Beck's show Dec. 18th 21:30:38
Don't seek help from a doctor if your depressed 21:21:55
Call to Arms: Politico already says we failed. Make them eat their words! 21:21:49
Ari Fleischer: "Ron Paul nothing more than a flash" 21:16:57
How To Go Door To Door and What To Say 21:08:30
Truly Grass Roots ! 21:06:55
Automatic Bill Pay For Freedom 21:04:35
Huge shout-out from Chris Matthews and his panel. I hope someone got a vid. 20:53:27
Ron Paul on "The View" Dec 4th 20:53:01
Chris Matthews on Ron Paul: 20:52:50
Giuliani Q3 Total Passed 20:46:26
Ron Paul Blimp 20:40:42
Larry King Live -Ron Paul Poll 20:37:01
Ron Paul now NO 1 Republican fundraiser---on track for NO 1 overall 20:35:52
How would a $5 doation ruin Tea? 20:33:17
Donation form question 20:25:10
Rudy Scandal Over Shadowed By Hillary Campaign Nut Case 20:17:00
MoneyBomb MinuteMan 20:08:20
Great New Hampshire Article About Ron Paul! 20:08:20
How many Ron Paul signs are in your town? 19:52:58
Truck Drivers for Ron Paul 19:42:13
The Politico just dissed our bomb! 19:40:29
(Video) Ron Paul in 2002 : Wisdom Before the Iraq War 19:40:00
New video idea 19:37:45
Don't email me RP supporters please!!!! 19:36:01
Top candidates CFR conections. 19:33:12
Policito on Nov Fundrasing 19:27:20
Did you check your mailbox? Post Card from Ron Paul - thank you note :) 19:27:07
Comparing Candidates 19:25:43
Donate to Ron Paul's Campaign @ 7:30pm for Evel Knievel 19:23:41
It's over people 19:18:40
My NAU Opinion 19:17:56
Arts and Science 19:12:01
Why not try the Reagan campaign? 19:09:51 up for grabs for Ron Paul supporter 19:06:14
Paul on CNN Late Edition 18:53:26
This is on the MSNBC's ticker now! 18:50:12
Lou Dobbs Show? 18:47:03
Watch the SPIN...they JUST said on MSNBC..."he has LIBERTARIAN LEANINGS!!!" 18:45:43
Adam Carolla Endorses Ron Paul 18:44:29
St Pete Times article about the straw poll 18:34:36
Micheal - Love the new format options - adding time stamp would be the coup de grace 18:29:40
Glenn Beck want's to interview Dr. Paul??? 18:26:13
Preparing for The View 18:25:39
Border Reform Group Calls Huckabee an "Absolute Disaster" on Immigration 18:25:18
Nov.30th 2.2 million what time? 18:21:23
No King Huck! 18:20:35
Trevor Lyman 18:14:51
Ron Paul's Word is GOLD!! 18:03:34
Utilizing Public Access TV 17:55:52
Dear Libertarian Party 17:55:43
My ad that didn't make the cut :( 17:54:17
Why I am inspired.... 17:52:33
If you're wondering if the Ron Paul Campaign is spending money 17:47:52
Ron Paul Letter Help 17:46:43
Digg this! 17:46:21
Post debate spin room vid 17:45:27
Olbermann: McCain vs. RP 17:43:59
Money Bomb Tonight, Goal Raise $1 Mil+: $25 each between 7 - 8 PM EST 17:39:14
"A conspiracy of ideas" 17:38:15
Phony CNN question planted 17:29:26
How to Buy a Straw Poll Using Campaign Cash --Mitt Romney Style 17:27:22
This is no Conspiracy Theory! 17:26:53
Mainstream media for mainstream voters 17:24:28
November 30th Front Page at Digg! 17:24:15
Time to shock the News Media 17:12:09
Mike Huckabee stood out in the debate 17:08:05
FL Straw Poll-StPeteTimes 17:06:38
The Elite Ivory Tower dwellers... better start digging a bigger moat!! 16:48:04
Who likes the new format where you can't see replies without clicking on them? I sure don't have the time to do that! 16:46:15
Neat way to promote Dr. Paul 16:45:53
Pic of RP, subtly biased? 16:39:54
Would it be beneficial to set up a central distribution system for campaign materials? 16:39:37
Dr. Paul vs Hillary debate? 16:21:50
What about creating our own internet plattform and host a debate where Ron Paul is fairly treated? 16:17:24
Something is clearly amiss 16:09:39
I love you guys 16:07:04
Clinton Hostage Crisis 16:02:36
Dont like the new page? Then click "expand" and then save at bottom. 16:00:43
Paul beating Huckbee today, but why so close 15:58:11
Now is the time to record 15:57:42
Dindn't JFK intoduce a competing currancy? 15:56:10
Who likes the new format where you can't see replies without clicking on them? I sure don't have the time to do that! 15:39:57
U.S. Firefighters being trained to spot terrorists! 15:39:43
Has anyone seen this?! this is a must visit! 15:39:40
U.S. government technically illegitimate? 15:34:43
Hostages/Bomb at Clinton HQ 15:29:53
CNN Headline Today/ Random Thoughts 15:29:47
11/30/07: 2:30 EST: Breaking News: NH Hillary Clinton Campaigners Being Held Hostage 15:26:48
Great post on a blog 15:25:38
PANIC PANIC PANIC-Ron Paul's Weapons Of Mass Construction 15:25:23
Is anyone else following the Clinton campaign hostage crises? 15:24:30
The problem in this country is Yale John McCain should read this too 15:21:31
Accurate CNN/YouTube Debate Analysis 15:20:08
Man,Bomb,Hostages,Clinton Campaign HQ,NH 15:19:11
Here's a Thought about Open Primaries 15:13:08
UPI --'Net contributions may get matching funds 15:12:56
Hillary Clinton Hostage Situation 15:10:45
Pledge to vote for Dr. Paul in your state primary! 15:09:56
New Milestone 14:58:06
Fundraising Update 14:56:35
Why my Progressive Parents Love Dr. Ron Paul 14:53:39
What's going on? 14:48:20
Pro Life: Article by Chuck Baldwin 14:47:22
CFR's Robert Pastor says crisis needed to usher in North American Union 14:44:16
Mr. Nystrom ONE only One Request 14:42:44
What about starting a National Grassroots 14:33:47
Glen Beck invitation? 14:27:27
11/30/07: Official Letter to the Admin: New Thread Format Isn't Working 14:14:34
Ron Paul on "Brian and the Judge" on 3rd December 14:06:58
Lets get Ron interviewed by Keith Olbermann 14:06:46
Chipin for Central Louisiana 14:05:23
New Thermometer Needed 13:49:46
Unifying The Parties 13:45:41
Interview with Dr Ron Paul 13:42:28
Free market solutions to Global warming 13:26:14
Ron Paul confirmed on 'The View' for December 4th !!! 13:23:31
NRA Response to my email... 13:18:26
Chip In! 13:15:37
Ron Paul on Mike Church... 13:09:56
WV Delegates 13:03:37
Morale 13:02:35
Blimp 13:02:19
Let's Work Together 12:59:03
Congressional Award to Dalai Lama, Chinas Reaction, and Ron Paul's vote 12:58:25
Please ignore the troublemakers and keep working 12:54:39
Larry King Poll (Ron Paul) 12:45:49 VS. Ron Paul Campaign 12:38:27
$10 Million made... NOW the Tea Party??? 12:33:54
Look at South Carolina today!!! 12:32:25
Please help Donate to get 1000 volunteers to NH so Paul can WIN! 12:31:56
Paul Informercial 12:28:40
Who wants to match??? 12:24:29
<blink> $10 Million </blink> 12:22:58
Ron Paul Translator 12:15:40
Broke $10,000,000 12:13:56
10 MILLION!!!! YEAH! 12:12:43
In Defense of Ron Paul 12:09:57
$9,999,420!!! 12:09:40
Delegates & Primaries - Explanation & Question 12:04:30
CHALLENGE --- If You Can Sell Ladies’ Handbags, RP Can Win 12:03:10
Sending some Ron Paul love from Italy = homage to RP grass-roots 11:54:29
The British are coming! The British are coming! 11:41:01
10 million, almost there. 11:35:17
Another blogger poking fun at SuperHighway 11:24:40
Vote for Ron Paul Reminder System 11:24:05
Republican Debate Iowa December 12 - Make sure to get Paul included 11:20:07
Predict the election results 11:19:32
Have you made your Pledge for Paul? 11:09:17
Let the neo-cons fight each other 11:02:42
Huckabee is Beating Paul in New Hampshire... 10:54:47
Washington Times --Immigration group: Huckabee a 'disaster' 10:47:13
Today is the day... November 30th Money Bomb 10:45:55
Great speech by Andrew Napolitano on RPR 10:45:32
Trans-Texas Corridor on Texas DOT website. 10:21:36
TeaParty07 Link 10:16:50
Fascism, anyone? 10:16:10
NY Times: No Superhighway exists 09:58:23
The McCain-Paul Dilemma 09:41:34
What happened to all the old posts? 09:38:25
Really really MUST SEE! 09:31:45
I can't believe this! 09:24:24
news on ron paul blimp site maiden voyage dec 10 09:04:40
Please sign Verifiable Support for Ron Paul Petition 08:12:07
MSM censorship in '92 dem. primaries 07:47:56
NRA abandons Ron Paul 07:43:34
RP on track to #1 - politico 07:40:50
Busted 07:00:48
deleted 06:42:46
Romney rallies compared to Paul rallies 06:35:57
I'm NOT running for a 3rd party! 06:00:43
Some things are just words, but great words can shape our lives 05:44:58
Just a little Reminder. Why we love this guy. 05:43:31
Mitt Romney Straw Poll Scam 05:20:40
Larry King 05:05:31
Ron Paul is a changed man DIGG 04:57:19
Drudge Report: Obama meeting with Bloomberg 04:52:16
To Those Who Don't Want To Donate Today... 04:28:41
Talking Point: RP's foreign policy already beat Clinton's VP in 2000 04:19:13
Ron Paul confirmed on The View! 01:19:12
Fox said out of the 8 McCain supporters they chose to rate, all of them walked out not supporting him. 01:16:30
Ron Paul is a changed man 01:15:59
$12 Million before the day is out 01:05:55 to Federal Reserve Governor at MIT 01:03:23
Deadlines for Registration / Party Change - listed for each state 01:00:48
Martin Luther King Jr's Beyond Vietnam speech 00:59:34
Ron Paul Twofer: Little Debate Time, Straw Poll Bought by Romney? 00:53:38
Rudy's Reading List - 10 minutes 00:50:41
Banned Article cleaned up - will freedom keep it up? 00:47:04
Ron Paul vs Hillary: You Make the Call 00:42:56
Question on chip-ins and Pac's 00:39:04
What did you do to today to get Ron elected? 00:28:23
** How to cheat a Straw Poll ** Romney style 00:25:51
Internet Debate? 00:22:22
I think I broke 00:02:56