Posted on November 5, 2007

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November 5 in the News - Kudos to Everyone 22:42:27
Another record: 30,000+ donors today 21:09:28
"Ron Paul Is Money" - ABC News 20:25:47
November 5th on CNN / Situation Room Wolf Blitzer 18:16:22
We Have Some November 5th Media Coverage :) 15:32:13
One Day Primary Record of $3.1 Million In Trouble (correction: Dead) 14:43:33
The Next Money Bomb - 11/ 23 - Buy Nothing Day? 12:40:44
Is Freedom worth $100? 10:38:51
Wall Street Jounal Blog on the November 5th Money Bomb 12:41:44
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USA Today Ron Paul Says He's Broken One Day Online Fundarising Record 23:56:29
Ron Paul is giving every minute of every day for you. What can you give? 23:53:48
How much do you think we've really raised. 23:47:24
Reached 4 MILLION!!!! 23:43:55
11:58PM Eastern Time 11/4 we had $2, 778,823.08 23:42:42
Ron Paul campaign spokesman on at 11pm 23:39:39 just removed their running tally! 23:29:26
Change for Ron Paul 23:13:25
Electronic voter fraud targets Ron Paul!! 23:11:44
More offline donations not added yet? 23:11:35
Lets surge people 23:09:27
Just Made Yahoo front page "In the News"....3.5million 23:07:45
AIM for the 7 MILL!!! 23:02:38
Ron Paul vs Hillary Clinton 23:02:17
Best article yet on Nov 5th? USADaily 23:01:25
OMG We got one!! URGENT DIGG NEEDED!!! 23:00:50
The Paulunteer - Read it here 22:56:00
I understand the "nerd" label now - Time Magazine 22:49:18
Any Other Democrats Around These Parts? 22:47:50
Another effort in the wake of this great news 22:43:30
November 5th...How about December 25th? 22:41:22
CNN Political Ticker 22:38:15
Drudge report has a link! 22:37:12
The AP Picks Up The Story: "Paul Raises More Than $3.5 Million" 22:36:29
$55 Dollar Boost 22:26:11
Ron Paul's Running Mate? 22:24:04
Help RON PAUL Now for FREE!!! URGENT!! 22:23:42
Got an AP article!! 22:18:27
Almost $4 million in one day 22:14:16
the Washington Post has a good article 22:11:34
Front page of the DRUDGE REPORT 22:03:51
Bill of Rights Day 22:02:39
Can't access -- Close active sessions 22:02:35
New York Times Weighs In 21:52:02
$30 million Romney boost 1-1-08 21:51:55
We just surpassed 32,000 donors @ $107/pp!! 21:48:13
IRS Suffers Staggering Defeat 21:46:10
Another no-money down pledge $10M 21:42:32
Front Page Digg GO DIGG IT!! 21:22:01
Why I Love Ron Paul & His "Paullowers" 21:21:16
ABC interviews the guy that stated it all 21:16:15
Ron Paul Blog for South Carolina 21:16:13
Ron Paul has officially surpassed Mitt Romney's Most Raised in One Day Record! 21:00:52
A $25 million pledge for Ron Paul 20:57:15
Over 1100 people on this SITE NOW!! Act Now! 20:48:07
Give dollars now while they are worth something. 20:42:33
Q4 projection at this rate is $215,000,000 by 12/31 20:40:39
Want to see the Live Numbers?? 20:40:31
Huckabee's Anti-Homeschooling Record 20:35:15
USA Today - Cha Ching!! 20:23:26
When does counting stop? 20:13:07
The Situation in Pakistan 20:10:05
Google Trends 20:09:50
Christian leader endorsment.. 20:06:53
ABC News. Check out this cool pic of RP! Libertarian? (article link) 20:02:51
Open Letter to Independents 19:53:19
Jack Cafferty for Vice-Pres 19:48:05
Local News Networks List 19:35:18
ALL People on this site!!! ARE YOU READY? Visitors too!! 19:34:57
Ron Paul's Record Online Haul 19:34:14
links to 19:31:44
Slashdot Story 19:31:24
Just had a visit 19:31:13
Ok, we done good... but we cant stop ! 19:25:28
MND 19:11:46
Dean's best day in 2004, only about $700,000 19:10:16
Trevor Lyman as next Featured Supporter? 19:09:16
$150K away from a new graphic?(correction) 19:06:50
LET'S STAY FOCUSSED - We have 4 more hours.... 19:04:30
Ron Paul Chances in New Hampshire ARE VERY HIGH 19:02:33
Are you a domestic terrorist? 18:54:57
attn programmers 18:47:19
Libertarian Fruitcake 18:43:03
November 11th "Aftershock"! 18:40:55
Is the pace slackening? 18:32:28
CNN Poll shows Ron Paul's high chances in a third-party run 18:32:07
Watch the Nov 5th coverage coming in. 18:27:15
Have We Passed the 4 Million Mark? 18:24:25
So now that this is a success 18:13:55
Youtube of CNN Piece on NOV 5th Fundraising 18:09:38
The Next Big Donation Day 18:04:52
ron paul graphs unable to take massive traffic 18:01:20
Rally the Troops!!! 17:52:31
My Estimations for the 4Q 17:49:33
7 hours left Eastern Standard Time 17:42:49
Ron Paul car window sticker feeler thread! 17:40:16
SoCal/Simi Valley Time Warner Internet Problems 17:35:56
November 5th now officially "Ron Paul Day"!! 17:25:23
CNN NOW! 17:21:45
American Fiat Party - Next Money Bomb on December 16th 17:21:29
Hillary still polling 50% nationwide. Huckabee vs Paul 17:16:28
CNN - Blitzer on Ron's Fundraising "Shocker" 17:13:10
cnn talks about nov 5th funds on wolf blitzer 17:11:39
EMAIL BOMB! Updated with Midnight Screenshots! Video is Designed to be Emailed! 17:04:04
finally got an email confirmation from the campaign... 15 hours late 16:56:45
OK...Hows this for Irony? 16:50:31
RP Fundraising E-mail Just Went Out 16:46:59
Guy Fawkes in UK 16:38:17
Get Nov. 5th on news tonight to increase total $$$ 16:29:38
eLiberty found out about Dr. Paul from a GOOGLE RON PAUL Banner!!! 16:26:40
I can't wait to hear Ron Paul start answering these questions 16:11:51
Send an email alert to DRUDGE@ DRUDGEREPORT.COM 16:06:59
Anyone know what happened to Ron Paul Radio 15:54:23
What were your expectations 15:54:19
Rock for Ron Paul Facebook Group 15:37:10
Use the Declaration of Independence to make your Argument 15:29:21
Is Rudy A Republian ? 15:23:56
VooDoo Polling 15:20:10
We're gonna need a bigger boat 14:45:08
Merry Christmas Dr. Paul 14:43:55 14:42:59
Boston Tea Party Idea 14:31:54
One Day Record is $5.6 million. Kerry in 2004. Can we beat it?? 14:30:00
The thing that makes me the happiest... 14:27:28
only 1 hour away from matching the entire Q3 donations in half the time 14:25:35
Last day for this poll 14:22:43
15-20 million by end of the quarter means Ron is the only one that can match hillary and obama's funding 14:22:16
20,000 donors--6.3 million to 7 million by end of day--30 days later 50,000 donors and 10 million more 14:18:28
Fred Thompson Fundraising letter 14:03:03
Don't Just sit there??? I am talking to you!!!!!!!!! 14:01:26
The Ron Paul Nation vs the Bundlers 14:00:08
The Graph is Off 13:54:05
Can we do $5M or gasp..10? 13:53:13
November 5th; The movement no one can stop... They Fear us... DIGG 13:50:02
Ron Paul Leader of the Pack 13:37:50
Time for a Digg Bomb 13:33:44
Moneybomb #3 - 1pm - 2pm ET, 12pm - 1pm CT, etc. 13:32:02
New Hampshire should be proud 13:23:20
We need verifiable voter results. 13:07:02
$12,000,000 13:06:56
XM channel 130 Ron Paul, 12PM 13:05:14
Tax-Hike-Mike's Tax Plan not well thought out 12:33:02
RonPaul Radio 12:27:20
think we broke 12:22:11
Remember remember, the fifth of November (updated) 12:15:36
5th of November Rally in Times Square NYC 12:05:35
Unity of Purpose 12:03:58
Show this to your neocon friends 12:02:36
Governors needed for the original jurisdiction 11:35:01
Navisite made ugrade 3 day blackout for 175000 Christians 11:22:21
$1 Million Mark Reached for November 5th! 10:45:08
deleted 10:32:12
5th of December 10:09:28
Average donation size over $100! 09:48:43
URGENT !!!!! Webathon on thanksgiving 09:35:13
Fantastic article in OpEdNews! Anti-RP are waking up! 09:23:01
Ron Paul official ticker has glitch 09:09:06
Positive Article about Paul and our Meetup - Published on the 5th! 09:05:44
Hucka-BOO supporters shattered. 08:18:09
Media Bias and Smear Campaign Must Stop! 07:46:49
A little levity to start or end your day 06:28:18
Celebrity Bomb: Moby says Ron Paul is AWESOME! 06:27:40
Day started at $2,788,636 05:30:01
A Snowstorm 04:37:20
Ron Paul NYC Times Square 5th of November Webcast Video! 04:26:25
16-year-olds are eligible to donate to the campaign 04:12:42
Best of Daily Paul 03:34:40