Posted on November 7, 2007

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Ron Paul and Sheppard Smith on Fox 20:30:16
Ron Paul in NH Today 11/7 19:57:44
Dow Drops 360; Things Become More Serious 18:20:53
1-877-RON-PAUL (To Donate, Volunteer, or Get More Info, Please Call...) 12:40:33
Ron Paul Beats Rudy Giuliani in New York State Republican Straw Poll 08:04:43
Ron Paul vs Hillary 02:08:09
Dollar Falls to Record Low on China's Plans to Diversify Reserves 01:20:40
Message from Ron Paul on Yesterday's Success 00:14:06
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Colbert on Romney 23:56:50
Huckabee vs Paul: Words vs Actions 23:42:00
you guys are awesome!!!! 23:41:52
The Battle of the New Hampshire Primary is NOW! 23:25:13
Ron Paul "He's catchin on... I'm tellin ya" (ORIGINAL ARTICLE) Digg! 23:24:01
"Go to hell," Dobbs says 23:14:17
Westchester County (NY) Volunteers - Info 23:11:56
Senate May Vote on "Thought Crimes" Act 23:01:51
Ron Paul HAS BEEN EXCLUDED from the Dec.4 Debate!! 22:50:59
trevor lyman on alex jones site 22:49:26
NH Local news! Message is getting to the streets! 22:43:44
Best Ron Paul grassroots saying of the Day! ROFL! 22:30:06
Dollar's fall and the collapse of the American empire 22:28:48
Paul Buchanan 2008 22:25:51
My Favorite Ron Paul You Tube! 22:19:56
General Polling Question. 22:16:02
A True Sign that Dr. Paul is Officially a Top Tier Candidate.... 21:45:49
An excellent article by Pat Buchanan on Pakistan 21:44:18
Christian Right Meltdown Over Giuliani 21:42:36
Thanks! 21:39:10
RP excluded from Glen Beck's latest poll 20:57:03
Fun Ron Paul pics 20:54:00
We got to get Lou Dobbs 20:41:20
What to say to Ron Paul "maybe's" 20:34:37
Who Wants Ringtones? 20:31:10
RON PAUL on CNN Situation Room tomorrow! 20:27:10
This irritated me quite a bit, but I wasn't surprised. 20:26:41
It's time to take back the GOP. 20:24:09
In case you need some good reading, here is a link to a good magazine 20:09:43
After reading the "stop using the term "money bomb"" thread there seems to be... 19:56:01
Ron Paul On Situation Room Tomorrow, 11/8 19:55:56
Stansbury and Associates, almost "endorsing" ron paul 19:52:52
Evidence of Exclusionary Polling 19:52:33
can you say hypocrite 19:51:45
Billy Graham & James Dobson 19:50:14
Good Dobbs Article 19:49:02
Is it true 19:37:28
Prof. about RP E-Campaign: Good advice, reasonable criticism. 19:36:19
Why Ron Paul WILL be our next president 19:33:29
Sign Bomb (sorry to use that term) cost of cleanup potential legal issues?? 19:27:59
Now this is funny!! Bush, Cheney, and look who's in the window!!! 19:14:35
Ron Paul OWNZ Shepard Smith on Fox Nov 6th 19:10:42
I'm wondering if anyone has seen a shirt that says this?? 18:42:44
Thank you Giuliani and Huckabee 18:27:00
Sinking Currency, Sinking Country 18:01:36
Fox appears to be supporting Guiliani and censoring all other GOP candidates 17:52:03
You wanna help keep the message alive. This GOP congressman needs your help! 17:50:42
Murdoch, Robertson, Giuliani, 700 Club and Fox. Boycott? 17:46:05
Ron Paul on Cavuto 17:45:19
Even Giselle doesn't want dollars! 17:42:16
TODAY: Peter Schiff, Special Guest on "The Freedom Message" 17:41:19
Ron Paul Survival Report? 17:30:18
Is Facebook censoring Ron Paul? 17:27:39
I know this is not really relevent but lets impeach cheney! 17:25:05
Oil prices....need lesson in....HELP! 17:22:12
The Real Reason Pat Robertson endorsed Rudy Giuliani- Very Scary 17:19:31
CNN: Republicans struggle to rebuild 'damaged' brand 17:12:55
NY Times reports on Paul straw poll victory 17:11:25
Daily Paul Overhaul--Message to Owner 17:09:29
Breaking $5 million today 17:04:35
MTV? 16:58:15
Cafferty File - Ron Paul CNN video 16:46:55
Facebook now censoring Ron Paul 16:46:51
November 5th Totals- More to come? 16:46:30
Ron Paul Meetup Organizer on Neal Boortz 11.07.07 16:46:21
$1 Ron Paul Liberty Dollars 16:18:19
I NEED HELP...Lots of Confusion Next Moneybomb? 15:46:24
50 States Sued to Block Computerized Vote Countin 15:45:12
Decemebr 16th video 15:41:56
most 'libertarian' nation... 15:41:42
Tea Party fundraising assault Dec 16th 15:16:34
The Ron Paul Phenomenon @ 15:14:01
Ron Paul Scores 100% On Freedom Index 15:05:51
A vegan’s case for Ron Paul 14:53:04
Ron Paul boggles the spoon-fed. 14:51:03
Decline in value of U.S. dollar 14:47:33
Poll: Hillary vs Rudy... how do you vote? 14:38:11
11/7 USAToday RP article. RP's response to topics. Need supporter comments please. 14:36:01
Lou Dobbs - how to get thier support 14:35:22
Slim Jim Pledge - Distribute 37 Million Slim Jims! 14:29:29
Why Don't YOU Run for Congress to Support Ron Paul? 14:23:20
Why Ron Paul is tougher on Terrorism 14:14:33
email list for Tv Personalities.. 13:59:32
New strategies for Freedom 13:59:10
In lieu of Christmas presents.... 13:56:08
Poll Please Play 13:55:19
Keep Ron Paul In The Debates ;Petition 13:45:42
Ron Paul Riders Update 13:42:57
Law of the Sea Treaty - Still a threat to our Sovereignty 13:40:01
Garage Door Revolution 13:32:47
Operation Sign Recycle 13:29:03
Kevin Drum Labels RP a "Fruitcake" 13:22:01
Still one of the BEST, most creative ads I've seen! 13:19:02
NEXT DEBATE 13:09:00
Freedom Cartoon 13:08:52
Ron Paul and the Dalai Lama 13:07:48
Federal Court to be Asked to Delay Primaries 12:40:58
Iowa call list available... 12:37:34
Laura Ingraham - NOW 12:20:24
Time to start promoting teaparty07 12:18:29
Why Did Ron Not Vote To Impeach Cheney Yesterday? 12:13:44
Freedom Works 12:09:18
CSIS report on "Smart Power" = more ammo for Paul 12:02:42
Deleted 11:57:53
Pat Robertson to endorse Rudy Giuliani - MSNBC 11:52:32
Pat Robertson Endorses Rudy 11:51:38
Video: Air America on OUR side - let's get that lib vote! 11:49:11
New Decemebr 16th Video 11:38:12
Open letter to Pat Robertson 11:30:33
Why is not up yet? 11:28:04
How to join Republican Party? 10:52:20
Not too Late 10:48:54
Let's get Ron Paul on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" 10:48:13
Question: Would Ron Paul hurt the poor?? 10:46:59
Ron Paul & Foreign Policy 10:44:57
Will Ron Paul Be Excluded from Iowa Debates? 10:36:09
Security - Liberty = Neither 10:35:37
New Pro Ron Paul Blog 10:35:37
Does Ron Paul support a viable missile defense system 10:30:18
ron needs this type of commericial for iowa 10:17:34
Boortz talks about Ron Paul 10:09:44
Ron Paul Holiday 10:08:27
Peter Schiff for VP? 09:59:16 Down? 09:35:50
Faster Donation Rate? 09:30:47
INDECISION 2008 "BLOWBACK" on Ron Paul Ads lol 09:27:46
CNN commentator after Ron Paul interview w/Karen Chitry 09:27:12
Some thoughts on what is happening. 09:24:34
Advocating for Liberty --- Less Lonely Every Day 08:52:58
Ron Paul was just on CNN's American Morning. 08:47:09
Wall Street Journal Story raises questions into Giuliani Firm 08:41:52
november11th site 08:40:24
The Bigger Meaning of The 5th of November 08:31:46
Ron Paul & Health Care 08:11:47
Buy American Nov 23rd!!! Get everyone Ron Paul Stuff! 07:57:59
"The Good Doctor" -- Ron Paul in the New York Times 07:48:36
Ron Paul Barred From Next Republican Debate! 07:38:22
POLL: Tea Party 07 slogan 06:48:00
This passes for NEWS at CBS 06:39:18
Media Regulation Timeline by the FCC (a plan to black out ron paul for good) 06:29:42
December 4th Iowa Debate 06:27:56
Media Regulation Timeline by the FCC (a plan to black out ron paul for good) 06:19:34
This could maybe hurt the campaign...really pay attention to this site!!!!! its crucial info 06:08:50
OK, there is the WHERE is the Thanksgiving site? 06:07:32
How will Ron Paul vote on Kucinich's Impeachment Bill?? 05:33:54
Iowa Meetup Groups 05:02:36
Those who make videos 03:52:28
And these guys are our allies in the "war on terror?" 03:28:06
Something else.. to fill the void.. 03:07:19
Kucinich Impeachment Bill 03:01:47
Poll: "Does Ron Paul have a chance of winning?" 02:38:55
Another Idea for an Ad (Please Give Feedback) 02:34:43
(Video) Ron Paul For President TV Ad (Linkin Park remix of original work by frankdogg) 02:33:29
Wonderful article on Dr. Paul at 02:33:11
Exclusive - Ronbot Ron Paul Spammer Caught on Video [Satire] 02:32:40
Lions for Lambs 02:05:31
Let's Elect President Paul 01:56:14
any new supporters? 01:43:51
CBS News Poll 01:36:17
Ronald Reagan sounds like Ron Paul 01:33:04
This new layout sucks 01:30:40
Letters to Libertarians 01:28:19
Closing in on $15,000,000 01:24:54
Ron Paul Official HQ Press Conference on Nov 5th MoneyBomb 01:16:56
Offline Money Bomb... 01:01:10
What's the next step? 00:49:20
Letter to Lou Dobbs 00:49:16
Viral voter registration - php/mySQL/help 00:39:04
Ron CANT be excluded from the Iowa debate, CNN reported today, that He's Polling at 5%! The joke is on FOX! 00:35:42
Sounds Like Ron Paul 00:32:10
Odd... 00:22:29
New polls 00:21:08
Two day Straight money bomb!!! 00:15:18
all videos on youtube about nov 5th success 00:09:39