Posted on November 8, 2007

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Ron Paul on CNN with Wolf Blitzer 19:36:54
MP3 | Michael Smerconish interview 12 Top Issues 19:27:38
Ron Paul's $4.2 Million Fundraising Momentum Continues 07:38:59
NH could turn GOP race upside down 06:36:50
Paul Wins - Again 00:48:00
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Will RNC's plan to penalize states hurt or benefit Ron Paul 23:54:11 is still in production in a team effort? 23:50:07
u r free to do what they tell u 23:47:02
Criticism of Ron Paul from a Dodd supporter 23:40:59
New THISNOVEMBER11TH.COM ad 23:39:18
Hillary scared of Ron Paul 23:34:36
Facebook Poll: Vote for Ron Paul! RP is about to beat Giuliani! 23:34:16
AOL Poll: Ron Paul is not listed vote none of the above 23:29:48
Idea for TV ad 23:24:30
most hilarious laugh out loud ron paul site out there! 23:19:50
Any chance Independence Hall rally to be on C-Span? 23:17:53
Mitt Romney's "December 7th" campaign - 23:05:49
Ron Paul Supporters Taunt Giuliani 22:43:28
Ron Paul Tea Party Money Bomb - Dec 16 - VIDEO 22:40:03
Rudy & Hillary will both be going away very soon 22:27:32
Does anyone know where all the gold will come from? 22:23:39
Ron Paul's Abortion Policy 22:12:55
Gold Standard 21:56:31
Chris Matthew about Ron Paul and 5th November 21:41:32
Ron Paul showing up on RCP Polling data 21:41:27
We need more revolutionaries in politics... 21:21:18
Does Ron Paul Have What it Takes to Rally the Masses? 21:06:13
Are there any circumstances under which . . . .? 21:03:53
Lou Dobbs Asks - Who do you want to be President? 20:48:34
Lou Dobbs asks who you support for President 20:48:15
lou dobbs for VP with Ron... 20:43:36
1/2 delegates from New Hampshire, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan and Wyoming 20:40:22
how do I invest in gold? 20:38:17
RP about to be on Kudlow & Company 20:37:58
25% of Nations Homeless are Veterans! Please Donate Nov 11th 20:26:18
Java/Eclipse/Hibernate programmers read this 19:46:52
Recognition from Wolf! 19:09:45
Paul vs. Bernanke on Value of the Dollar by Byron Wolf (ABC) 19:05:39
Angry Electorate 19:03:11
Third Ron Paul Commercial, not Bad 19:00:26
Wolfe or his writers are Horrible!! CNN 17:23:45
Alexa website stats quadruple this week 17:21:49
Lowell Sun Ron Paul Poll 17:20:11
EVERYBODY needs to read this...Please!!! 17:17:12
Latest Ohio Poll, No Ron Paul... 17:05:06
Reaction from the Pits ... "Watch the CNBC follow up! HUGE!" 16:55:20
Targeting Convention Attendees 16:55:20
Ron Paul On CNN In 10,9,8........ 16:53:23
RP's Problem w/ Women 16:49:43
Discussing the issues about Ron Paul 16:46:21
Time Magazine: Who Will Be Person of the Year? Vote Now! 16:44:28
People, they are talking bad about Paul in this thread and forum. 16:42:23
OMG! Have you seen this 1964 Reagan speech? 16:18:45
Poll: In your Opinion can America exist without a Personal Income Tax, as Presidential Candidate Ron Paul suggests? 16:07:22
I've been working hard on this... 15:47:39
Ron Paul faces $1.1 trillion budget shortfall - Wash Post 15:45:18
NH Pro-Choicers Alienated by RP's Stance. Anyone Else Think So? 15:44:40
Ron Paul’s political picks in his own words. 15:43:47
Great PJB article on Sinking Currency, Sinking Country 15:43:06
FOX/Iowa update 15:39:15
TV Ad #3 - New Hampshire 15:36:56
I Want The Earth Plus 5% - Understanding Money & the Federal Reserve 15:32:24
Emergency! The Ron Paul 2008 Campaign is asking us to call Iowa 15:30:27
If Anyone but Ron Paul Wins, Then this is What Happens - Fast. 15:30:18
Upcoming UAW Straw Poll 15:29:56
Banking, markets - books 15:26:51
How can Ron Paul not win nomination? 15:17:11
Boston Globe: Paul supporters plan more big fund-raisers 15:07:59
RP's thing for Gold. What's the story? 15:04:42
UPDATE: Adopt a county in Iowa 15:03:47
Ron Paul or THIS? Shocking New Video from Georgia! 15:03:18
It has been confirmed Dr. Paul will be at the IOWA Debate!!!!! Do not post anymore! 14:55:14
Please Help Impeach Cheney, here's how 14:54:14
How To Make the Next Money Bomb BETTER. 14:45:32
Can we make a sticky???? 14:43:46
Dr. Paul Makes a Mistake? 14:37:44
Fox moves to block Ron Paul from Iowa Debate 14:30:24
Ron Paul polling higher in Iowa 14:22:51
Einstein's thoughts on Iran... 14:19:38
Dr. Paul IS a statesman 14:17:58
why not do our own american research group polls? 13:58:15
Ron Paul Should Consider Infommerical 13:58:09
Ron blows 'em away on Alexa 13:45:34
Wouldn't it be AWESOME if we could get Ron Paul's new book to #1 on Amazon.coms top 100 selling books list? 13:44:22
The Profane for Ron Paul?? 13:40:30
Could Electronic Voting Systems Be Prohibited? Read this.... 13:35:05
small town hero 13:34:55
Neo – CONNED ! RON PAUL is the only real conservative 13:29:02
Getting the Religious Right's Vote *Strategy* 13:18:50
Running as a Libertarian. 13:07:48
Ron Paul on Situation Room Tonight 13:00:29
For some reason, I liked yesterday's MoGo 12:53:13
Ron Paul DESTROYS Central Bankers 12:45:44
Freedom Rally Clearwater Florida 12:43:40
Iowa GOP announced that Dec 4th Rep. Debate will only include candidates polling at least 5% in presidential polls = No Ron Paul 12:41:10
CBN and Pat Robertson forwarding the "End Times"? 12:40:33
Bake sale! 12:32:18
BREAKING:The FED Bernanke TALKS. Ron Paul is crushing him now! 12:28:27
Guy Fawkes close to home for me 12:27:55
You can help Today! White shoe Polish!! Ron Paul for President!!! 12:23:45
How does the MSM explain this 12:19:48
Advertising against the CFR 12:10:22
Fantastic 2 min commercial 12:07:08
Killing the Fed: How do we do it? 12:06:38
Behave Yourselves, For the sake of the Grand Ol' Party! 11:59:43
Iran - What the WH does not want the people to know. 11:56:15
The Military Supports RON PAUL Lets support Veterans! Give on Nov. 11th! 11:51:32
RP on G Gordon Liddy??? 11:51:28
I'm in debt. 11:46:11
A mediocre video for Nov.11th 11:27:06
Doug Stephan has a new, and he pledged to support Ron Paul 11:19:49
Vote in straw poll 11:15:54
FUND the PACS---PEOPLES commercials and inputs come through them 11:11:01
2.3 TRILLION $ MISSING - Subject for next TV-Debate 11:10:31
Fantastic idea for RP. An infommercial! (article link) 11:08:09
New Rasmussen NH poll 11:04:53
Group Cites Paul Supporters 11:02:32
big opportunity---cspan is showing tech whistleblower for govt spying on telcom 10:58:40
Christian Science Monitor 10:56:35
Spend the money now 10:56:24
Ron Paul on the issues 10:53:16
How they poll for Ron Paul 10:47:15
ronpaul graphs claims 12M goal possible by Nov 30/Early Dec 10:42:25
download - Michael Smerconish Interview - T O D A Y 10:37:08
Ron Paul on TV 10:36:33
LA Times: Ron Paul celebrates an online fundraising coup 10:35:06
Police officer fatally shot 10:29:41
Students Going Nuts for Dr. Paul 10:21:02
Lew Rockwell Interview: The RP Revolution & the Revolutionaries 10:17:23
PAUL`S VICE PRESIDENT? MIKE GRAVEL. What do you think? 10:03:40
Digital Graffiti for the Ron Paul Revolution 09:41:18
Wonderful Interview - NH Telegraph 09:31:56
We're Angry, Right! MSNBC 09:13:17
I believe it is time for a new forum. 08:39:13
Richard Russll - Fiat Greatest Fraud Ever 08:27:45
A little help to contact 07:02:39
Superb article for Paulites to read 06:29:34
MUST READ. RED ALERT!!! CBS: STOLEN CreditCards Pay for Ron Paul Campaign!!! neoCONs are LOSING IT! 05:24:07
What Is More Important Than Money, Polls and Press??? VOTER REGISTRATION!!! 04:57:15
CNN interview- Ron Paul Support Pours in 04:36:10
Ron Paul's Army plots more bombs ABC NEWS on money bombs 04:32:03
A little help with On The Issues website 04:13:14
The Huffington Post, "Ron Paul the new Howard Dean 04:06:28
The Huffington Post interviews Reverend Paul 03:57:41
"Giuliani should apologize" 6 minutes of RP coverage !! 03:44:22 Not Responding 03:43:55
Heres a thought. Lets work to start our own major T.V. network. 03:38:53
politicallore - NEW RON PAUL ARTICLE VERY POSITIVE!!!! 03:36:16
Some reasons why I will vote for Ron Paul. 03:22:21
Register Republicans For Your State's Presidential Primary 03:05:59
CNN (CNN!) Admits Media Unfairly Ignored Ron Paul! 03:01:31
Vote in straw poll 02:53:58
Good RP Interview at Retirement Living TV 02:35:49
Creating our own 30 or 60 second TV or Radio commercials 02:35:48
Idea for Promoting the Tea Party donation day. 02:23:34
South Dakotans for Ron Paul Need your Help. 02:16:24
Can we STOP please? 02:09:37
Lou Dobbs has Amnesia 02:08:50
Sums of Liberty. 01:44:58
Ok, This isn't good. 01:37:35
Did Ron Paul Actually Beat Obama and Clinton in Fundraising? 01:34:52
The Ultimate Ron Paul “Buck the Vote" Campaign 01:32:07
"Vote for Ron Paul and win a free country!" 01:30:16
Dallas TV Calls Fundraising "Scam" 01:28:15
And we are the ones painted as ignorant... 01:22:44
Investors Want RON PAUL!! Monster article!! 01:19:16
Sowing the Seeds of Freedom 01:12:40
Who is Ron Paul? - 1" pinback buttons 00:55:58
CNN on the side of the angels? 00:52:48
Rally at UNH this friday?? 00:48:05
Google Trends endorses Ron Paul :) 00:44:30
Great New Idea for Getting New Voters on Black Friday! Read pls! 00:33:09
Great New Idea for Getting New Voters on Black Friday! Read pls! 00:33:09
Great New Idea for Getting New Voters on Black Friday! Read pls! 00:33:08
Great New Idea for Getting New Voters on Black Friday! Read pls! 00:33:03
Everyone big news..spread the word... 00:12:50
Lets Order our OWN Polls !!! 00:07:48
IMPORTANT! 10K signatures needed to get on Virginia Ballot 00:01:48