Posted on November 9, 2007

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Ron Paul in local NH (really local) newspaper 23:49:20
Ron Paul talks with U.S. News & World Report 23:08:49
Bernanke Starting to Look Dumb 16:48:41
Financial Community Supports Ron Paul 15:02:01
Remember, remember the 5th of November. 14:04:28
My Response to the Call of "The Loft" at to be Civil. 16:48:42
Junk Mail for Ron Paul 12:54:38
Ron Paul on Abortion and Stem Cell Research 12:02:44
Ron Paul talking Paulitics on Kudlow & Company 10:35:58
Ron Paul NH TV Ad #3 02:02:09
Ron Paul Gives Fed's Ben Bernanke a Schooling 02:03:09
Today: Ron Paul Philly Rally 11/10/2007 12:03:44
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C-span campaign economic advisors forum 23:40:19
Ron Paul People Need To Get Out And Vote In Their Particular Caucus 23:38:40
Educating an Empire 23:33:34
March For America - Los Angeles - November 17th 23:28:03
Hillary just can't get a break Busted again... Source: FAUX News 23:21:32
High turnout = winning the primary 23:18:44
Iowa gop/Faux stills want 5% ? 23:18:29
***Its Official Ron paul has raised 5 million dollars this week! *** 23:17:58
Regardless of Your Position on Medical Marijuana 23:14:07
RP 2008 23:12:45
Double Down on Ron Paul 23:01:50
Great idea someone in my meetup had 23:00:58
Tea Party Sites: Someone Explain 22:52:54
Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan 22:47:23
The Money Talks 22:44:30
Can we settle on ONE December 16th site? 22:41:28
The Wall Street Journal just called me for an interview about Ron Paul 22:40:13
ADMIN Idea here!! 22:37:00
YAP (Yet Another Poll) 22:33:34
Dennis Kucinich saw UFO! Cool. 22:33:00
Big Car Rally in Florida upcoming 22:32:56
Ron Paul Will be on Face The Nation 22:25:31
UFO's: CNN throws a curveball. 22:24:16
Attract the Christian vote – stand outside a church on Sunday morning with a RP sign 22:23:54
need volunteers to start working on project for our own polls 22:21:12
November 11th Record 22:12:28
Do you want the Christians' donations?? Stop making the big donation days on Sunday 22:11:21
No More Dollars Say The French 22:10:17
Paul's Lapel Pin? 22:10:17
Has anyone else noticed... ? 21:48:44
A List of Evangelical Leaders' Presidential Endorsements 21:46:46
A few more 21:45:17
Does your ride have window decals or a bumber sticker on it??? Maximize it's effect 21:44:46
Yard sign 2.0 21:33:00
This guy is gone 21:29:24
Newsmax just a bit late on this story... 21:27:09
Who's online? There are currently 130 users and 388 guests online. 21:17:52
Ron Paul YouTube Bomb 21:02:28
Money Doesn't Speak!! People Do!! - Dec 16th 20:26:37
11/10/07- Rock for Ron Paul Concert - NW Arkansas 20:01:54
Campaign Spending the money!!! 19:58:44
The ForeCast Calls For Rain 19:56:57
MittBomb, HuckleBomb, FredBomb HAHA!!! 19:51:49
Poll: Do you Approve or Disapprove of how George Bush is handling his job as President? 19:47:49
way to go lou dobbs 19:45:11
Ron Paul on Face the Nation! 19:37:54
11/10/09- Rock for Ron Paul Concert - NW Arkansas 19:31:25
crazy idea to 'fix' Fox News? 19:23:24
Where is all the money coming from? 19:18:01
Res State Update! 19:10:22
ONE SOLDIERS Letter....Please Read! 18:57:43
$10 Donation Server STRESS TEST on November 11th from 7:00 to 8:00 PM Eastern Time 18:55:17
Addressing Voter's REAL PROBLEMS---great article/advice 18:42:12
What to do when a telemarketer calls? 18:41:14
Funny cartoon about the media 18:41:04
Ron Paul Will Have a Hard Time Winning Anything: Poll 18:40:51
Can someone buy some domain names wth the common misspellings of 18:34:17
Send This to Your Mormon Friends 18:32:19
Financial Pundit Offers Brilliant Tactic for Dr. Paul 18:29:29
Locks of Love 18:25:59
Show The MSM that Ron Paul Supports and is Supported by the Troops 18:24:01
Google bomb (LONG OVERDUE) 18:20:49
Help Ron Paul blow by the 8 million dollar mark by this Nov. 11th 18:18:19
free Ron Paul Yardsigns 18:10:13
Paulunteer 17:57:53
DC Lobbyists Can't Stand Ron Paul 17:56:32
Springfield MO needs $800 more - TODAY! 17:50:58
Google Adwords For Ron Paul 17:47:03
Soft Money Fundraising Projections from 17:46:49
Getting the Labor Vote 17:40:01
Dr. Paul Gets Endorsement From Top New Jersey Assemblyman !!! 17:10:31
Michigan 17:10:07
Let's get Willie Nelson to endorse Ron Paul! 17:02:40
Ron Paul Art 16:47:30
Ron Paul Infomercial On The Way??? 16:45:32
NJ GOP State Senator Endorsement of Ron Paul! 16:44:38
Path to Victory 16:41:24
Stop UN Ocean grab - Stop LOST Treaty! 16:39:09
Ron Paul to get endorsed by New Jersey’s top Conservative Assemblyman 16:38:21
Enough Crap About Civility 16:33:51
Contact Ron Paul's Campaign and Tell Them to Grow Some 16:31:26
Phone Numbers and E-mail Contacts Re: Excluding Ron Paul from the Poll 16:27:33
Media control of debates 16:27:32
Counterpunch needs funds 16:20:12
Critical re Dec 16th - Pls Read 16:09:10
TODAY: Ralph Fucetola, Health Freedom Expert, Guest on "The Freedom Message" 16:07:05
TODAY: Ralph Fucetola, Health Freedom Expert, Guest on "The Freedom Message" 16:06:47
Weekly online poll 16:04:20
Good Ron Paul Article from Montana 16:03:57
Ron Paul Headquarters - Creates Poll 15:57:56
Teaparty07 -- Let's do it! 15:52:00
Ron Paul Lowell Massachusetts Meetup Group 15:51:25
Excellent Ron Paul Interview in US News & World Report 15:48:29
CLICK HERE: If you've been polled this year. 15:47:22
List of recommendations for Ron Paul 15:44:19
Professional Revolutionairy response to Iowa rule 4 on debates 15:33:19
Behind the scenes 15:01:35
RP up to 6% 14:57:35
ONE TIME CHANCE coming!! Must read!! 14:45:51
Paul has arrived in the top tier 14:44:04
Good article on problems associated with central banking today 14:43:22
The Books That Shaped Ron Paul 14:42:14
$44 DONATION TO RON PAUL NOV 11TH.... 14:39:28
Mayor Rudy G & Friends 14:30:33
Has anyone read this article? 14:28:47
Philly Rally - Are you invited to the Private Meeting with Dr. Paul? 14:06:36
Ron Paul's name not listed on poll, again... 13:55:58
How important is MSM Coverage? 13:48:03
What do you consider the biggest peril we face today in America? 13:30:10
Finding info at Daily Paul 13:29:56
Lets get Ron Paul supporters elected to Congress! 13:28:11 and 13:27:26
A truly patriotic speech! 13:18:46
Great article from The Bulletin In Philly! 13:16:58
Iowa Pastor weighs in after meeting 13:12:59
Q's re radio ad PAC 13:11:26
Seth Godin refers to Paul in latest blog post 13:11:23
USA Today: Iowa GOP inundated by irate calls from Ron Paul fans 13:09:44
Reality Check 13:04:09
John Mayer 12:59:22
Should Ron be in Iowa and NH more? 12:52:24 12:51:08
Ron Paul on Mike Gallagher NOW! 12:50:05
GW Visits Wounded Troops 12:38:50
Poll on 12:33:33
Doug Stephan Good Day show pledges support to Ron Paul 2008 12:26:26
Reason Magazine editor disses RP on Wisconsin Public Radio 12:25:33
Ron Paul discusses Mitt Romney 12:14:07
Any Press is [fill in the blank] Press 12:13:42
Drexel University student newspaper editorial 12:10:04
Wall Street Support ? 11:57:31
Josh's t-shirt (Updated with pics!!) 11:55:44
How Ron Paul will win the primary, and what YOU need to do 11:50:37
Inspiration for the revolution 11:42:51
Good Video Intro to Ron Paul by Ron Paul 11:39:25
What we need.... 11:12:44
Minimum wage 11:01:18
Front Page - Philadelphia Inquirer 10:59:28
Back To Basics.... NOW! 10:58:53
Tea Party – Picture Worth a Thousand Words 10:50:10
G.O.P. to Punish 5 States for Early Votes 10:46:45
Anarchy on December 16th? 10:35:50
Be careful when giving to Veterans Chairities! Ron Paul Nov 11th! 10:34:40
Latest AP / IPSOS poll does not include Ron Paul 10:21:45
Post publicity for Remember the 5th 10:16:27
Iowa Debate - Get to work! 10:01:47
Double Down on Dec.16 09:31:35
Drexel University newspapper SLAMS Dr. Paul 09:14:49
Been reading Roland Martin's column 09:06:47
Is the campaign reneging and giving winning Philly Meetup volunteers the SHAFT? 08:23:36
How do you track the value of currency? 08:16:22
Want to see the kind of guy that endorses Rudy G. ? 07:54:42
Custom tea bags 07:37:34
Can they actually do this? 06:02:13
How the Markets really work 05:28:05
Wanta Scandal 05:13:24
Meetup Maps Contrast shows who REALLY has supporters! 04:02:57
Ron Paul - Nashua Telegraph interview 03:46:59
DEADLY DOLLAR CONFLUENCE (scary predictions) 02:58:11
Why we attacked Iraq, why we will attack Iran, and why the dollar is declining 02:52:28
Don't only preach to the converted. REACH THE UNDECIDED (Promotional FREE TEA) 02:51:26
If electric voting machines are a problem, how did Ron Paul get in congress? 02:50:05
Lou Dobbs & Situation room roundtable just talked about Ron Paul being the best Candidate running! 02:38:22
Donald Luskin 02:35:38
Nov 11Th video 02:35:03
Great Editorial 02:28:34
"Media can't figure out Ron Paul's support" article 02:22:52
MUST SEE!! Warning - Conspiracy Theories 02:09:24
Updates about TeaParty07.COM and concerns about .ORG and other sites 01:48:54
What if we really pushed the book? 01:24:48
Why is this site down?? 01:24:09
Question about Ron Paul makes Obama dodge....... 01:22:59
When Ron Paul becomes president... 01:15:33
Ron Paul Rant video 01:15:21
LA Times article 00:40:45
Peter Schiff discusses why we need Ron Paul on his show 00:24:20
Campaign commercial idea 00:22:33
good vs evil 00:20:52
A Ron Paul Experience! WoW!! 00:19:48
RON PAULS 3rd ad for NH 00:14:00
Registration Bomb!!!!! 00:05:21