Posted on December 5, 2007

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Brand new Great Article in the Washington Post 23:23:40 update 22:47:13
Volunteer in Iowa - Letter from the Campaign 22:05:42
Video: Ron Paul on the View 21:04:16
This is a very important poll. Every vote for Ron is vital! 18:19:23
California: Independents Can't Vote in Republican Primary 15:49:30
On the NAU - Yes, it is real 15:35:40
Patriot's Brew: Sam Adams / Ron Paul Boston Lager 08:12:38
Become a Delegate or we DON'T Win 09:57:19
Vijay's Operation: Today is the 5th - it's time! 09:38:46
Veterans and Active Duty for Ron Paul -- Show your support! 08:12:37
GOP Group Cancels Straw Poll After Ron Paul Supporters Pour In 02:54:46
How to Raise Poll Numbers in NH 15:49:35
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Why is the HQ aiming for 3rd place in Iowa? 23:56:31
The Revolution Begins : New Video 23:54:06
Rudy Gets the Ron Paul Welcome in Louisville 23:50:58
Little Pink Houses 23:35:55
Support the blimp at all costs! 23:32:26
The Strawpoll scandal in SF is FINALLY hitting the MSM *VIDEO* 23:27:47
discussing Huckabee on 360 up next 23:26:49
The End of America? 23:19:24 December 2007 Straw Poll 23:18:22
Glenn Beck??? 23:15:59
I'm gonna make some signs 23:15:10
Dave Leip's Election Atlas 23:12:41
Paul's Economics Versus Bernanke's Economics 23:10:24
Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH! 23:08:51
Frank Gaffney - these types are getting out of control 23:08:24
New Ron Paul video Ideas! 23:05:52
Great article on Iraq and War on Terror... and WHY RON PAUL IS RIGHT! 23:02:12
FAUX News will NOT Run this Pro-Constitution Ad 22:55:01
Cabinet 22:50:25
Starbucks Tea Party Tour 22:49:24
Erie Pa and Marietta Ga. RP's Power Observed in a Road Trip. 22:49:10
Brand New Ron Paul Interview from today on Newsweek 22:47:57
Tea Party Phishing/Scam Alert 22:45:47
Freeport, Texas Ron Paul Tea Party 22:41:03
Very Important Please Vote 22:35:34
Awesome military letter in support of Ron Paul! 22:35:06
How to keep the heat on Huckabee with the murder/rapist tragedy? One idea. 22:34:44
A gallon of gas for 35 cents? what? 22:33:04
Here is 3 more to enjoy 22:29:59
Pro-war Republicans need to see this... 22:27:17
Ron Paul Love! 22:23:09
Endorsement: Academics for Ron Paul 22:21:22
Señor Paul, en vivo este Domingo! (Univison debate on Sunday evening) 22:19:13
Poll in Ron Paul's Hometown Newspaper 22:17:59
Ron paul on Stephanie Miller 22:07:28
Primary strategy 22:05:58
Abolish the Fed - Jim Rogers 22:03:11
Charles Goyette interviews Pat Buchannan 21:56:38
The CFR's Bio Page on Ron Paul (No, he's not a member) 21:35:53
Ron Paul -- or His Supporters -- Not a Botmaster 21:33:29
Blimp fundraising status 21:23:49
$10,700,000.00 21:21:35
Start at Home 21:09:05
Blog of the Month award. 20:53:39
What if Ron Paul won! 20:47:47
The "Hate Hannity" Hotline 20:45:51
diebold voting machines suck 20:40:50
New Straw Poll Strategy is Needed 20:39:55
Thisis what they went for..... 20:38:29
General election debates question? 20:36:56
This is way cool from Yahoo 20:35:28
Bush State of The Union Speech 20:30:23 Presidential straw poll 20:27:18
Decentralized Intelligence Agency 20:17:00
I thought the view was a flop, until..... 20:14:27
Online polls strategy 20:04:21
WeeklyStandard Article on Ron Paul Songs 19:58:43
James 1:25 19:56:31
Whose going to see Oprah? 19:52:24
What have you done for Ron Paul lately? 19:47:38
Catching a Wild Pig 19:46:25
Upcoming straw poll in Carthage MO this week 19:39:50
NPR commentary just criticized Paul on gold standard 19:37:19
Huckabee is a conspiracy theorist 19:31:37
Lil help please. 19:29:13 layout change -- No more R.P.? 19:28:52
Operation CALL 4 PAUL - Steve Dore Endorsed!! 19:22:22
RP silver dollar CHEAP 19:21:14
How about a Daily Paul convention? a solution to irritating posters 19:18:30
Huckabee is finished 19:09:37
Seriously watch this Video with Bad Ass new RP graphic! 19:03:42
I don't know what I think about this RP coverage.... 19:01:19
Debt as money, good video 18:56:40
Cheney openly gives pro-war voters a reason to vote for Ron Paul 18:53:51
Pick Me Up Video... 18:51:44
Help - I need an interpreter 18:45:27
Media Conglomerate - TIME WARNER 18:42:26
Great news from Illinois! 18:39:38
Better Idea? Ron Paul supporters converge on D.C. 18:39:01
Ron Wins 2nd In SF *Democratic* Straw Poll 18:36:35
Dec 16th Boston Tea Party--Blimp Style! 18:35:51
Could Ron Paul be South Carolina's perfect candidate? 18:31:37
Huckabee released rapist who raped and murdered after release 18:30:13 spotlights Ron Paul -- Pimpin for Paul 18:29:59
The Power of Being NICE to non-paul supporters 18:22:52
Dec 16th Boston Tea Party Blimp Style! 18:21:12
TeaParty 07 over ALL OTHER FUNDRAISING PROJECTS!! 18:10:37
I think we should stop refering to MSM 18:04:31
Why the military supports Dr. Paul 17:58:01
Let's Shake It Up-----Paul/ Edwards 17:57:03
Ron Paul Rose Parade 17:51:55
Online Poll! 17:49:26
ROn Paul being Cheated by AOL??? 17:45:50
Campaign Press Release on Iran (digg it!) 17:30:16
DONALD TRUMP thinks Ron Paul will WIN IOWA! 17:16:15
Why Women should love Dr. Paul 17:13:14
Let's get the good Dr. some more votes! 16:45:04
Who has the "dirt" on the MSM 16:42:12
This is a real man with real solutions who needs our prayers. 16:39:39
Newsweek video interview with Ron Paul 12/05/07 16:32:01
Unfair Paul article @ Rational(sic) 16:20:32
The New Revolution Ron Paul Star Spangled Banner Video 16:17:13
Hillary on Closing Bell 12:12 PM Pacific Time 16:12:41
Article - Addendum to the Revolution: An Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters 16:08:16
Please vote in the Bloomberg Poll: RP friend or foe. 16:04:19
Huckabee just got Willie Hortoned 15:58:43
Blimp now accepts $10 contributions 15:53:57
Can Anyone Say "price controls?" 15:47:16
Another online 15:46:25
Well, Bush is at it again. 15:33:28
National GOP Telephone Poll 15:32:46
Another Polling Scam/scandal 15:29:18
Bloomberg Poll; Paul Friend or Foe...Please vote 15:25:15
Debate scheduled for SUNDAY, Coral Gables Florida. 15:21:19
Bill Kuchman think Ron Paul hijacks politics and debate, wasting the time of the real candidates! 15:20:28
So, I WROTE the NRA today... 15:08:10
Ron Paul's worst nightmare comes true? NAFTA Superhighway a reality 15:06:02
Did I miss an email? 15:04:50
TN Meetup: Bristol and Elizabethton Parades 14:53:12
Article: Ten Reasons Why Ron Paul Can't Win (BUT HE WILL) 14:51:03
Newsweek Article 14:45:23
NAU video 14:43:58
Perfect Video For YouTube Front Page Today: "Ending The IRS: Mike Huckabee vs. Ron Paul" - Rate it please! 14:41:58
Young GOP voters largely undecided, poll shows 14:39:46
So I called the NRA today about ron paul 14:35:25
Good explanation of gold and competing currency from Downsizer Dispatch 14:29:33
Blimp Video Almost To YouTube Front Page!! Ratings Needed! 14:28:02
Fund Raising Idea - Textbooks for Liberty 14:24:43
Before everyone goes spaz about San Francisco 14:20:14
Ron Paul 'Just Come Home' Ringtone 14:19:21
FREE Ron Paul Bumper Stickers On Craigslist CENSORSHIP!! 14:18:49
Academics for Ron Paul 14:14:43
What in happening in Wyoming? 14:09:56
SF Straw Poll cancelled..too many RP supporters 14:09:44
Food for Thought - RP >> changing Bush 14:08:28
Poll on young GOP voters ...they're for Rudy?????? 14:07:40
Going After Tancredo Supporters 14:03:08
My wife and I are expecting!!! Dec 23 14:01:37
Ron Paul @ 12% in Colorado! 13:52:22
Researcher: Ukrainian botnet sent Ron Paul spam 13:50:56
Troops say f*** McCain and f*** Iraq -- VIDEO 13:46:19
Please Double your Support for the Blimp 13:37:22
What the "Hannitized" need to realize 13:37:07
The blimp thing is cool...check this out. 13:34:06
Charley Reese:Candidates talk change, walk more of the same 13:33:34
Some vids from the SF straw poll cancellation 13:24:22
What if Ron Paul doesn't win? 13:24:16
Ron paul battle wagon! 13:23:28
Huckleberry #1 Peekster But Has Zero (0) Delegates in Illinois 13:20:35
Tea is becoming a national craze! DIGG IT 13:18:53
ATTN California Indys 13:16:15
Iraq veterans against the war 13:13:09
Great article on Ron Paul, Benanke, and Inflation 13:06:56
MUST WATCH! If Ron Paul goes on for 2 hours on Glenn Beck, he will win... 12:56:48
NAFTA Super Highway Confimation Link 12:53:11
Is he a rock star? 12:52:06
[Idea] Teaparty Platinum 12:46:39
Vote Drive idea, got (respectful) input? 12:40:47
Ron Paul on The View yesterday... high hopes, poor outcome 12:31:29
San Fran Straw Poll CANCELLED due to TOO MANY RON PAUL SUPPORTERS 12:24:14
This article should cure any apathy you might have been having lately. 12:19:13
Vijay and Trevor promoted at Huffpo! 12:13:02
Ron Paul is the only one who can beat Hillary 12:09:28
Washington Post /ABC Poll Ron Paul about to catch Huckabee 12:08:51
Any Students Here Going to Spend Christmas in Iowa with Ron Paul? 12:06:45
Ron Paul Supporters at the primaries 12:01:31
80,000+ Meetup members, but only 25,000 Dec 16-16 donors 11:58:36
SF Strawpoll Cancelation ON DRUDGEREPORT.COM NOW! 11:58:18
Ukrainian botnet sent Ron Paul spam 11:55:29
Essential read (Austrian economics vs. Bernanke's Economics.) 11:39:42
Latest NH Poll & Questions asked from December 3rd. 11:37:28
Pat Buchanan does not "endorse" RP... 11:33:14
San Francisco Democrats had a straw poll 11:32:57
Walid Shoebat Speech Last Night 11:31:46
What About Keyes? 11:17:42
They're on the run... :) 11:12:14
NH Poll 11:10:59
DIGG video of SF Straw Poll Cancelled 11:10:06
Help get the USA Today Ron Paul ad in the Southern Illinoisan! 11:00:13
Is there a private investigator in the house? 10:58:57
Iowa Most Important State? 10:58:10's politicall correct "TruthoMeter" 10:57:22
New Chip In. 10:57:10
Huckabee BOMBSHELL! Hackmeister campaigned to release Rapist! 10:54:56
Costa Mesa (Cali.)mayor says he’ll endorse Ron Paul 10:54:26
Barry Goldwater Sr. "Prophecy" 10:48:55
Pragmatists, take heart, we're still entirely in this thing 10:32:37
Don't forget MICHIGAN please! 10:25:14
Jack Hunter (The Southern Avenger) RP speaks the truth about foreign policy 10:18:10
Ron Paul leads in Military Donations again - McCain 3rd! 10:14:29
No "Huckaboom" in NH! 10:09:25
MSNCB 09:52:30
ABCNEWS.COM Ron Paul Article 09:51:41
Academics For Ron Paul 09:42:38
December 12, 2007, Iowa ** Republican Debates** 09:02:50
Imus 08:57:20
Ron Paul Blimp Wikipedia Article 08:53:02
New Documents expose Hucksters role in serial rapist release 08:48:15
If NH is RPs best chance of winning then SC is 2nd 08:14:38
Anyone live in Costa Mesa? 08:02:17
Ron Paul left out of GOP Overall Straw Poll results 07:43:56
Ron Paul botnet:DEBUNKED 05:46:15
We have one and only one money bomb right now. 05:38:02
Academics endorse Ron Paul 05:24:14
Bad news for Huck. May be troublesome to some. 04:50:42
Boat owners - Join the Ron Paul Navy! 04:47:35 omits/censors Ron Paul from Social Security article 04:45:33
I'm 35 with 3 kids and play World of Warcraft for Ron Paul! 04:38:32
Huckabee is at it again, "borrowing' Ron Paul idea(s). 04:05:38
New Term for politics: the "Chuck Norris Effect" 03:47:27
Libertea is Brewing poster/flyer Idea 03:36:01
Whomever Tancredo endorses will have the best odds of becoming the nominee 03:31:56
Radio (no rp) 03:21:12
Tea is becoming a national craze NEEDS YOUR DIGG (It is on front Page!!!) 03:14:57
How Ron Paul cured my Apathy 03:08:41
2 Great articles from Reason magazine 03:04:39
SF Straw Poll Cancelled - too many Ron Paul supporters 02:57:00
Southern California Mayor Endorses Ron Paul!!! 02:52:01
WE need an Open Letter to Tom Tancredo. 02:50:33
"A picture is worth a thousand words" 02:39:55
Ron Paul Meets Supporters In New Hampshire video 02:31:32
Could Ron Paul be South Carolina's perfect candidate? 02:13:57
Huckabee EwwTube Comments 01:59:33
The Blimp Is Already Getting Coverage 01:59:05
PC World: Ron Paul Spam Traced to Ukrainian Botnet 01:42:13
#1 Ron Paul YouTube 01:39:07
Question on Isolationism & WW2. 01:37:57
Chuck Hagel: Thoughts and Opinions 01:28:01
Ron Paul on CBS 60 Minutes? 01:16:52
A Way To Help Lower Gas Prices... Very Good Idea 01:16:43
Random Digg Milestone 01:12:55 Book Reviews 01:11:02
A Graph Showing Amount Taken From Lobbyists 01:10:50
Florida for Ron Paul-site needed 01:02:34
Global Canada series on NAFTA Superhighway aimed at RP 00:58:52
Wolf mentions Dec 16th!!! 00:58:27
Albert Government site on NAFTA Superhighway 00:56:59
Mom: 'Carol Sue Would Be Alive Today' If Not for Huckabee 00:54:28
I Called the NRA today 00:52:10
Academics support Ron Paul 00:51:58
It's very simple.. 00:50:36
Please join the National Rights Rally on Dec. 15th 00:49:02
Ron Paul Vs. Huckabee (New Video) 00:45:12
Testimonies For Paul 00:39:10
Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Ron is on! 00:35:45
Flight Plan Posted. Let's get the blimp off the ground. 00:34:32
Supposed Ron Paul BotNet,wasn't....It was a Ukranian BotNet 00:28:59
A left field VP for RP - Barbara Lee - what do you think? 00:25:56
Ghouliani drowned by ron paul....hahahahaha 00:23:26
Please Digg this news release by the Ron Paul campaign 00:17:24
I recommend that Ron Paul go on the offensive and Attack Bush and others 00:11:00
"No chance.." 00:10:23
Botnet busted, Paul supporters were not involved 00:08:31
How about instead of arguing, we educate? 00:04:02
Ron Paul vindicated on Iran 00:03:40
Academics for Ron Paul 00:01:59