Posted on December 6, 2007

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SHOTGUN NEWS Full Page Ad! Please Donate 19:53:20
Ron Paul Being Censored In Telephone Polls 00:15:14
Must Read! Ron Paul Bears an Empty Pot for Americans 15:31:04
Let's See That Blimp Fly! 14:55:24
A New Strategy For Straw Polls 14:45:06
RON PAUL DVD BOMB!- Please support this project! 13:45:03
Ron Paul Wants to See the Blimp! 13:22:35
Rhode Island: Ballot Deadline Tomorrow | No Ron Paul 13:06:33
Ron Paul fires back at NEWSWEEK article! 13:05:09
SAFE Act: Here Come the Feds, Trying to Regulate the Internet Again 11:19:00
MP3 | RP Interview Stephanie Miller Show 10:33:43
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Inside Beck's Mind 23:52:52
So I just e-mailed the Romney campaign... 23:51:57
Long Live the R3VO_|UTION? YES! 23:50:44
Liberty Dollar back in business? Digital accounts back online. 23:47:48
Ron Paul YouTube area down?? 23:39:31
Elijah the Ron Paul Blimp dude is on Ron Paul Radion right now 23:37:34
GOD OF THE RAVE 23:34:29
Best Article I have seen in a long while.. "Ron Paul brings an empty pot to Americans", 23:33:26
Blimp on Politico 23:32:09
Clintons camp worried about Ron Paul. 23:30:59
Free flight ticket to New Hampshire 23:30:51
The Athens Messenger - Ron Paul is no longer a dark horse 23:29:23
FOX 26 HOUSTON - Clay Kitchens' RON PAUL CAR 23:28:59
Hillary Clinton's friends haven't done anything! 23:28:46
When I hear our campaign invoke the name of Reagan 23:23:00
re: media consolidation - 23:18:20
Fascism in America - 10 easy steps 22:53:57
Ron Paul first in West Virginia Delegate Count 22:52:58
Video Responses to 16 Blimp Questions. Very Good Explanations 22:49:56
OFF TOPIC friendly bet ---Thompson 22:46:47
CIA Destroys Torture Videos 22:46:04
Lets Get Over This Next Hump! Woo-hoo! 22:45:12
A blimp would be perfect for Air Force One 22:38:55
Rasmussen: RP UP Another Point to 8% Nationally! 22:37:28
Bunker Busting Mission 22:36:55
Ron Paul wins NC young republican Straw Poll 53.7% 22:31:48
Lew Rockwell Blog 22:23:41
HIghway to Hell 22:20:41
Picking apart Huckabee on MSNBC now 22:20:09
This is why we fight for him... 22:19:25
John McCain Keating Five 22:09:22
TELL 50,000 PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK ABOUT THE TEAPARTY: Help me! It takes 60 seconds!!!!! 21:59:12
Paul Broun as Ron Paul's running mate - thoughts anyone? 21:57:21
GOP Delegate Count Update 21:55:19
Ron Paul and National Defense 21:53:06
Slanderous MySpace Page 21:42:55
Newsweek Hit- Piece on Ron 21:29:23
Donate Inert Gas in Honor of Atvdude to Fly the Blimp 21:20:09
The Federal Reserve - Educate Yourself (and others) 21:20:05
To anybody near Columbus, Ohio 21:18:59
Empirical Proof "The View" Was Good For Ron Paul 21:18:57
Ron Paul First Place in West Viginia delegates 21:15:47
Interview with Elijah Lynn 21:12:58
Call to action..flood the air waves in iowa and nh with tv adds!!! 21:11:09
Straw Polls-What Good Are They 21:06:08
Proof that media phone polls are rigged against Ron Paul! 21:01:20
Washington Post - Ron Paul Gives History Lesson to McCain 21:01:20
China's trying to use the UN. to steal US technology 20:59:46
The most uneducated article of the year! 20:59:25
Mike Huckabee website down 20:46:46
Thoughts on The Blimp 20:44:24
Largest Sign In The Nation's History - Anyone want to contribute .... 20:22:04
New blimp article in 20:19:43
Take FIVE minutes and see this one through 20:03:42
The Blimp Cannot Fail! 19:55:16
Billy Joel??? 19:50:02
Jim Rogers says Impeach Bernanke and that Ron Paul's competitors are clowns 19:47:58
$45 grand gets the blimp in the air 19:36:09
Ask not what Ron Paul can do for us. . . . 19:36:09
The Blimp: Although I did not sign-up to give I will because... 19:34:15
I love the blimp and the Tea Party, so what's next? 19:34:02
WHAT??? Blimp business will later "support other candidates" 19:33:24
It is Time to Move Out and Engage! Canvassing No. 1 Strategy 19:30:54
Maxed out or can't afford donations! 19:28:56
deleted 19:21:22
Recall and Impeach Senators 19:21:07
Ron Paul: Class Act 19:19:00
Politico Article: Ron Paul blimp charts unprecedented course!!! 19:17:34
NAFTA Super Highway In Prophecy ? 19:12:35
New Attack On An Old Topic - Fighting the Racist Perception 19:06:59
Time to Go On the Offensive! 19:06:46
RONPAULIA - The Ron Paul Planet 19:06:09
Original Ron Paul Song Posted to YouTube: "Can't You See?" 19:00:27
Third Party Help ? 18:59:18
Interesting National Ledger article 18:50:52
The Economy, the Dollar, or Both? 18:45:47
Dangers of Interventionism DIGG and share with friends that do not believe!!! 18:36:32
Graph showing Ron Paul's online popularity vs. media coverage 18:36:15
New Ron Paul Fan Club. Help Spead The Revolution! 18:34:47
RON PAUL DVDs!! Now I'm not trying to undermine a good cause....but.... 18:33:23
Ron Paul : State of the Union Address. 18:27:19
How Can the Government Get Involved with Mortgages? 18:24:14
Even the Dutch Are Talking About the Blimp Already 18:18:16
Daily Paul Surges Past Redstate 18:08:23
Another GREAT article in Washington Post Paul v. McCain 18:04:31
Ron Paul vs. A Nation Of Suckers: Why We Won't Listen To One Man's Common Sense About Terrorism 17:54:35
Vote for Ron Paul in the Independent Primary - Ends December 18 17:51:52
Media Outlet 17:50:55
STAY POSITIVE!! 17:42:21
It's Crunch Time! 17:40:46
Ron Paul fires back at Newsweek 17:40:38
Help Ron Paul in new tv poll 17:40:10
Ron Paul vid re: Israel and Palestine on 17:38:39
Christian Evangelical Conservatives Needed for Victory 17:36:21
Boston Globe writes about the Ron Paul Blimp 17:33:55
600 Ron Paul Bumper Stickers on one car got him on the news 17:25:30
Conservative-Grassfire Poll Analysis for September 2007 17:20:51
The Doctor on G4TV's AOTS/TheDailyFeed w. Layla Kayleigh 17:15:38
Ron Paul now First in West Virginia 17:13:59
Does anyone have a chart/graph of unique donors? 17:13:32
Insane Meetup Stats! 17:12:11
Ron Paul Roots 17:09:24
Inform the people!!! (this is genius if I do say so myself) 17:07:31
New Year's Eve Money Bomb 17:07:21
Proof National "Polls" are fake!!!! 17:05:33
Need a little help from diggers.... 16:59:37
RP at 8%! Nationally - Holy Cowbell! 16:50:47
Boston Globe Picks up on Blimp 16:49:49
Boston Globe talks about Ron Paul Blimp 16:46:25
Ron Paul In Las Vegas 16:45:02
RELIGIOUS RIGHT CRUCIFIES WHAT'S LEFT OF AMERICA (all about Huckabee's fakiness) 16:43:25
What will they think of next 16:42:49
Waitstaff for Ron Paul 16:39:44
Peace Action West Internet Poll - Vote 16:29:21
Romney to be on Glenn Beck tonight. 16:10:20
Blimp website down 16:03:37
Howard Dean's Scream 16:01:51
Easy EXTRA Cash for RON PAUL!! 15:48:19
Why Paul Should Go On Beck Now! 15:47:43
The Blimp Must Fly 15:43:44
Rasmussen Report now at 8% 15:28:04
Notice to all Gen. Lyman's volunteers 15:26:36
"Who Can Beat Hillary" Needs to BE THE focus of RP literature 15:24:22
Switching to Republican? 15:16:18
The Rise and Fall of Huckabee 14:59:50
Ron Paul expected to surge in Iowa 14:57:39
Find Senate Joint Resolution 22 Oklahoma send copies to newsweek 14:51:42
Good News From HQ 14:49:32
MSM trying to set us up for failure on Dec. 16th 14:48:13
Kucinich/Gravel Factor 14:46:11
3 HOURS of Air TIME!!!! (Read, and TELL the campaign) 14:45:03
A bold prediction on Iowa... 14:38:15
Ronald Reagan Sounds like Ron Paul (awesome clip) 14:29:41
Anything missing? 14:18:32
Letter from Norm Coleman. Double talk? 14:15:22
great news about Iowa! 14:04:18
Delegate info for Texans 14:02:46
Great Article for our Revolution 13:59:37
Video and Audio from Retired Military Personnel Needed 13:55:25
Help Iowa from Home 13:50:03
$66,000 to get the blimp airborne for TeaParty07! 13:46:48
Rights Rally '07 13:41:27
Five for Freedom Totals 13:41:12
Phone Poll removes you from the call list if you pick *other! 13:40:46
TEA PARTY '07 13:32:05
deleted 13:30:28
Pledge your vote for Ron Paul 13:22:24
Paul on Scooter Libby 13:21:10
SAFE bill passed by House 13:16:30
$71225 to go on the Blimp Minus 13:06:05
Operation Front Door 13:05:59
Please chip in a couple bucks. 12:39:46
Non-partisan Insider Advantage predicts shock in Iowa! 12:37:47
Please chip in a couple bucks. 12:32:08
Hanging Trevor Out to Dry 12:27:12
How many bumper stickers do we need? 12:21:24
Huckabee spin blames Clinton and Govenor Guy Tucker 12:19:18
$200,000 for blimp needed by midnight Friday 12:07:20
Mitt Romney this morning, HAHAHHA 12:04:53
deleted 12:04:13
Press 6 For Other 11:56:04
Meetup Numbers Starting to go Exponential 11:55:53
Wait.. A Blimp in the Winter, does that make sense? 11:52:41
Tennessee State Senator Jerry Cooper to retire early 11:50:11
MUST READ Ron Paul Tribute 11:41:02
The Fake Ben Bernanke 11:38:45
Addendum to the Revolution (A must read) 11:31:06
How 2 Petition U-tube video's.... 11:29:36
The People running for president. 11:15:36
Digg This, 11:11:34
Article: Ron Paul Turnout May Shock the Iowa Primary 10:59:13
Today's the day... 10:55:02
NASCO FUD 10:52:56
Huck issued more pardons than all 6 neighboring states COMBINED 10:46:18
Louisville, KY Ron Paul Meet-up welcomes Rudy! 10:37:50
Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Bears Empty Pot For Americans 10:36:43
An article to make everyone proud 10:24:02
The Blimp must fly 10:18:14
Terrible Newsweek Article! 10:12:40
Ron Paul in Greenville S.C. this Saturday!!!!!!!!! 10:10:02
Maryland is shining star on getting delegates and candidates on ballot! 09:37:38
Rate the Media 09:33:34
Lewrockwell article on youth for Ron Paul..... 09:02:57
Canvassing tools and basics 09:00:32
Huck Claims on Morning Joe money can't buy White House 08:56:44
Round of applause for West Virginia: Paul 2nd in number of Delegates! 08:32:38
GET him to call the Ed Schultz show. 08:21:21
Radio Spots 07:56:51
New artical on TMZ 07:35:19
Attention Californians 07:12:55
Brave Heart gives Ron Paul Freedom Speech!! 05:38:37
Good History: Delegates and Brokered Conventions 05:38:16
Propaganda! 05:35:44
The "Just Call for Paul" Campaign! December 13-14-15 05:14:24
An artical, By Rick Ruffin 05:07:29
From the campaign: Ron Paul will be on the Glenn Beck Show (probably)! 04:52:24
Beat Mit Romney on his own mormom poll 04:49:16
New Party 04:34:13
CNN says white supports of Ron Paul not deverse enough to ask questions 04:28:54
I just heard Hillary 04:01:30
Some Iowa "Insiders" Predicting Ron Paul Will be the "Big Story" 04:00:45
We need this Congressman in the RP camp. 03:55:08
CBS tries to spin SF straw poll against Paul supporters 03:52:09
Shameless Plug 03:48:16
Get tickets into the Des Moines Register Presidential Debate, submit questions too 03:46:03
Challenge for all ron paul supporters 03:40:24
Rock Hill, SC Dec. 8, 11am EST 03:32:29
Firearms Refresher Course 03:29:51
The Polls are Just Propoganda! 03:29:05
Good Morning America on Bin Laden 03:20:19
Ron Paul's foreign policy on Iran is starting to catch in the media 02:58:18
Odd Bush informs America about Irans nuke plan yesterday 02:52:21
Encouraging thoughts 02:50:55
FINALLY: Ron Paul Is the Media's "Go To" Candidate! 02:39:23
You have to watch this 12 Days of Christmas video 02:36:30
Seems we are more concerned then the staff? 02:30:27
Are You Kidding Me??? 02:24:47
Blimp ain't Gonna Fly - Let's put it on Wheels 02:24:04
The 12 Days of Christmas Campaign 02:20:30
Organized Attendance to Every Candidates Pep Rally? 02:14:59
Why did RP cancel events in NH? 02:13:11
Christmas Cards 01:57:38
Remote-Control Ron Paul BLIMP for sale on Ebay - just 30 minutes left~! 01:53:23
re-distribution of wealth? Please help me understand this someone... 01:33:17
16 Reasons to support the BLIMP!!!!! You Decide!!!!!!! 01:29:16
Walter Cronkite says "Our Troops Must Leave Iraq" 01:25:47
Ron Paul Blimp needs $81k in 48 hours. 01:18:17
Official Press Release 01:17:10
Remember National Republican Caucus starts tomorrow 01:14:55
TOP 10 ANTI-WAR SONGS 01:12:56
Protect the December 16th Tea Party from sabotoge! Post Ideas here 01:07:25
If you are not registered properly - Register Republican NOW!! 01:07:03
Watch This...Ron Paul wins staw poll and they cancell it in SF!!! 01:06:17
deleted 01:06:07
Important Straw Poll 01:04:24
Clint Eastwood, Drew Carey, Kurt Russel, Dwight Yoakam are Libertarians 01:03:13
***Coming soon*** Ron Paul Blimp-YouTube Contest!!!!! 01:01:10 is the 807th most popular site in the US & the 8,221 most popular site on the entire net! 00:40:17
DEMOCRATS FOR RON PAUL... dont discount *US* YOU NEED US!! 00:33:11
A serious question about the Income Tax. 00:25:57
Is anyone thanking the MSM for positive RP coverage? 00:15:21
Blimp: Question for Katherine 00:05:02